7 Days To Die | Tier 4 Stand Tower And Water Works

I am rather digging these shorter POI sites at the tier 4 range. While some Tier 4 sites I’ve run can be a bit longer like that last one I did. Others are a bit shorter where I could almost run two in the same amount of time.

Stand Tower

walking inside the Stand Tower 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

While this building did not look that impressive from the outside. It has some depth to it that you can’t see just facing the building from one direction. It was quite a rubble-filled building with lots of areas you had to be careful to not fall off down to your death.

The Stand Tower looks like it lost some height at some point. Also connected to a building that would have otherwise been across a small alleyway. That was however now blocked in rubble as well.

This place felt like it was trying to be a higher end than it could afford. You had a wood backdrop and fancy counter space at the check-in desk at the front. It however did not take long to notice it was a bit lower quality. Even more so once you looked at the flooring.

Almost right away I ended up finding a stairwell up to the next floor. I however had explored so little of the ground floor I took a mental note the best I could of where it was in the building. Thankfully this place was quite small.

It did not take too much further exploration before I hit a giant pile of rubble. It ended up being rather close to the stairwell I had just left. To the point, I could have just saved some time and gone up to the next floor.

There was a giant crack in a wall that I could have just shot down from. Clearing out any zombies I had missed if I would have gone for the stairs. Despite that, I noticed I still had one little area left to explore. That ended up having a yellow ladder taking me up to the next part of the building. It looks like using those stairs would have to wait.

using a choke point to clear out zombies Stand Tower 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

This leads me into the office space of the building. I ended up running into quite a few zombies in business suits. It seems that did not help them any from getting turned into zombies anyways. I took a bit of shelter in one of the office rooms and used that as a choke point to lure zombies into.

After clearing out that space I found myself in the stairwell that I could have taken. I used it to get up the rooftop of the building. From there I had some interesting catwalks to cross to get over to the bigger section of the site.

catwalks to get to the next building Stand Tower 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

The second building I was heading into looked to be quite a rougher shape than the one I was leaving. Oddly enough you can even see a tier 5 site I’ve run in the past called Higashi. I think that is even the one I’ve run but it could have been in another town as well.

Despite how massive this second building looked. It did not take long to finish clearing out. It was however quite a confusing place to run around.

sideways room Stand Tower 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

I had many situations like this where it felt like I was walking sidewalks along the walls. This section of the building fell over. Despite that and how the couch is just sitting there leaving feeling rather strange. I did end up finding the supplies I needed to collect.

From there it was not long till I was up on the roof to collect the final loot of the building. I then ran back to collect my reward for the mission and start the next one.

Water Works Tier 4

water works Stand Tower 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

I’m rather shocked I have not had more utility-like sites to run. When I noticed one of my options was to run the Water Works I knew I did not need to check out my other options. That sounded found enough.

Around the base of the larger building was quite fortified. It did not look like I had any easy way to get in that way. This left me taking a closer look at the water tower. It had a ladder I could access so I climbed my way up it.

I then followed another ladder into the water tower itself. Outside of some water in the tower and one thing to loot. It was not worth my time to have gone down in it. At the very least I can use the water tower to cross a catwalk and get to the main building.

I then did a little bit exploring of the roof. There happened to be an unlocked hatch that I used to gain entry into the Water Works building itself. The zombies were less than thrilled I had found my way into the building.

taking out the zombie cleaning crew in the Water Works 7 Days To Die tier 4.jpg

It was quite industrial looking inside. Nothing fancy here just lots of zombies everywhere I looked. The ones in this room must have been the night cleaning team. It’s a shame I did not leave anyone behind to clean up the massive mess of zombie's guts I was leaving behind.
Since this was a rarer mission of just having to clear out the site it was not that much longer till I was done. I was a bit shocked by how huge the place from the outside looked and it did not take me much longer to clear out.

It was at least fun and a bit different of a site to run. It’s not every day you find yourself exploring the waterworks of a town. I still had a couple more missions to go till I would reach tier 5 with the current trader I’m working with.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.