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Despite all the time I’ve played Entropia Universe I still spend time wondering around like a lost person. I’m always out exploring, looking for something new to try, and just wandering around. Most times I don’t even know what the day is going to be like in the game for me.

Case in point this was one rather random day of mine.

Leviathan hunt.jpg

I logged in where I was in the middle of the ocean with some Leviathans. I had to log out early the day before and never finished off my hunting round on them. Nothing loot-wise happened and I only had a couple of kills remaining anyways.

Hunting some scipulor young.jpg

One thing I rather like doing is seeking out new creatures I’ve yet to hunt and seeing what they are all about. I ended up searching a couple of areas for Scipulor. I ended up finding this spot in some non-lootable PvP.

While the area was not on taxed land which was something I was looking for. It was quite hilly and rather hard to get the ranged I wanted to have before attacking any Scipulor I would find.

On top of that, the area was quite mixed in with another creature I’ve not hunted before called Formidon. When I’m hunting for a certain creature I prefer a more pure spawn of them. I kept bumping into them at just as high a rate as I was Scipulor.

The area was also quite dense with creatures. Making it a bit hard with my gear level and weapons to set myself up in a way I felt confirmable hunting in that area as well.

All was not lost as I ended up discovering a land area that had a teleport I have yet to unlock. It was also a place with some dense spawns of Hogglo. I have talked about randomly walking in and finding that spot in a different post.

This entire region however seemed just covered with slopes, hills, and mountains. Making it difficult terrain for someone who likes to use range to his advantage to hunt in. If I was a more short-ranged attack perhaps I would have liked this area better.

araneatrox young Entropia Universe.jpg

Next up I wanted to try out some Araneatrox. While I usually try and stay away from high-health regeneration creatures I did want to try them out. While the area I found them in was quite in the middle of nowhere there were a lot of great spots to pull them from.

The loot returns were however quite dreadful. With the size of gun I have, they regenerate just too many hit points increasing my overall cost to kill them by quite a lot. A much higher-level player could kill them at a much cheaper cost. That it felt like it was not worth doing more than a hunting session on them.

fort found.jpg
I did end up getting killed three times. The spawn point was quite an interesting area. I want to say this building used to be used for PvP competition back in the day if I’m not mistaken. That however was before my time.

Since I was in the middle of nowhere and wanted to see if I could find a closer teleport. I flew a decent distance away from the area and then I pressed T to see where it would bring me. A couple of times I would end up at different random outposts.

During this time I was also randomly dropping some probes to see what kind of claims for mining resources I could find. This was not an area of the map I found myself ever in. I’m not sure why I don’t venture down this way.

feffoid outcast Entropia Universe.jpg

This led me to find an outpost that was mostly covered in Feffoid. I of course love hunting Feffoid and have not in some time. So I thought why not and went for it? While the area was not as pure as I would have liked with other creatures there as well. Those other creatures were at least easy to avoid.

Since this was also in the middle of nowhere and I never did find a closer teleport than the ones I already had on the map. I would say I do prefer my other hunting locations for Feffoid in general. I have no idea when the last time someone was even here to hunt them in the first place.

size 7 crude oil find in Entropia Universe.jpg

I also took this as an opportunity to do a fair bit of mining around the area. In one of my probe drops, I ended up finding a size 7 crude oil claim and a size 5 Lysterium stone. The area ended up being quite heavy in resources. I naturally liberated the area of said resources.

Since I was not having any luck after flying to a couple more random locations and seeing where I would end up by pressing T (after 60 seconds it sends you to the nearest revival station.) I decided it was time to head back to a known teleport. Along with working out something else to do before the end of the day.

Traeskeron Entropia Universe.jpg

I was looking through my missions and noticed I had some missions to kill Traeskerons. Since I could work on some kill counts for a couple of different things I felt that would be a good place to end it. I did one final hunting session on them.

I was not that thrilled with this spawn location for them. The area is covered with two other creatures. One of them is a flying insect that I could not avoid running into since it was quite a high aggression creature. It also did not have a lot of health so wasting ammo overkilling it just to get it out of my way happened on occasion.

Traeskerons in general were not that hard to kill. While their loot table looks quite boring as far as I could tell with no real thing if I ended up getting a rare drop that I would care about. I have included them on a list of things I’d like to grind out and work on in the future. I just need to find a much better location to hunt them.

Final Thoughts

Another Traeskeron Entropia Universe.jpg

Sometimes my random days turn into some amazing adventures and tales. Other times they end up as mashups of nothing amazing but still a lot of fun being had. This was just one of the countless random wandering days I’ve had in Entropia Universe. It also would not be the last either.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.