Entropia Universe | Leviathan And The Accidental Global

Leviathan is not usually something I hunt in Entropia Universe. They are a creature that is a bit too big for me health and damage-wise. I was however in the mood to hunt some in a couple of different hunting sessions.

Sometimes a mistake of all things ends up leading to greatness. This story happens to be one of those cases. I usually aim for Leviathan young to mature when I can. If I have to I might clear out some old ones. Anything beyond that I have not attempted till this day and they are quite a challenge for the gear I have.

I was going through my codex to see if I was getting somewhat close on anything and should finish it off before I leave Calypso for a while. I noticed I had Leviathan which is something I don’t hunt much over 60% into the first rank. I thought why not finish it off? It had been a while since I’ve hunted some anyways.

Leviathan mature Entropia Universe.jpg

Leviathan for my group of friends back in the day use to mean a lot. They were what some of them got their biggest globals ever in the game on. Just Leviathan Young alone has 2,650 health and something like a Provider has 3,860. While I have not had that kind of thing happen to me they can be quite thrilling to hunt.

I choose to hunt them in an area that has a lot of swimming around space so I can swim backward. That gives me enough distance that I can get a fair amount of damage done before one of them gets into damage range.

The only issue is you got to be careful to not run into landmasses or get stuck on something. Between the shoreline that sticks out a bit in some of the areas here. As long as I line myself correctly I’ll have some decent space.

The only issue then remains if they get stuck in the ground. You only have so long before they can no longer be damaged if they are unable to move. Resulting in you having to run up to take damage. Thankfully I can tank them if needed however my Vivo T20 (L) was getting quite close to being broken and it’s quite slow to keep up with the damage output of Leviathan

63 ped leviathan young Entropia Universe.jpg

Not that far into one of my hunts I got a global right a couple of kills in. For me at least if you are not getting a few globals off them the run will tend to be a 50% loss. These things are quite pricy compared to what I normally hunt and if they are not looting it goes bad quickly.

For this particular hunt, I was going late into the night. I was beyond tired and not paying as much attention as I should have been. Towards the end of the hunt with just a couple more kills worth of ammo left before calling it a night. I moved up to my next target to pull.

There was a Leviathan provider and a young right next to each other. I went to click on the young while I was underwater and shoot a few shots at it. I then started to swim backward and kept my eyes locked on the red dot on my radar.

I looked up at how much life it had remaining compared to how close it was getting to me on the radar and I noticed it still had a lot of life left. It also seemed to be moving quite faster than other Leviathan I usually pulled.

I then realized the level was wrong. What I had pulled by mistake was a level 40 Leviathan Provider. I had yet to kill one of these before. Since I had already put quite a lot of ammo into it I thought why not do my best to finish it off?

Worse case I would end up getting killed. I then would just fly back and try to finish it off if I could. I was expecting it to loot poorly and for this to be a lesson for not paying better attention to what I was pulling.

This thing hit like a truck. Sometimes I was just barely keeping up healing the damage it was doing just hoping it would get a few misses. That way I could heal back up to full and get a few more shots at it.

I also had another problem. My Vivo T20 (L) was about to break. I had no idea how many uses I had left before I would get the dreaded spam of red text that it was broken. I would surely be dead within an instant after that.

After quite a fair amount of time and a lot of back and forth between being almost dead and getting a few more shots in. It was just down to a couple of hits left before I would kill it. I decided to just go for it. Thankfully it missed the next two hits on me and I was able to finish it off with another 3 or so hits.

Hunting something with 3860 health was no joke. Thankfully I was able to tank the damage in my gremlin gear. Granted it was a close call quite a few times. I would go on in other hunts to try these again. Sometimes I would do it without getting killed and other times it would kill me.

Leviathan Provider 366 PED Entropia Universe.jpg

After it was dead I went to loot and got a global. Not only was it a 366 PED loot but I managed to get a Polaris Helmet (M, L) at full TT. Since it is a male version and I would not mind having a full set one day I’ll be holding onto the helmet. About the time I looted some armor I could wear one day.

Final Thoughts

loot from my one run on Leviathan in Entropia Universe.jpg

Nothing like pulling the wrong creature and getting a decent global like that off it. I did go on to do two more hunts on Leviathan. The loot was quite poor and they had the expected returns I was expecting. Thankfully that one run more than covered those losses and still put me into the green.

While that was a fun and surprising moment. I don't have a big enough gun to be hunting something like this on the regular. I’ll have to save further working on the codex and mission for a future time on Leviathan.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.