Entropia Universe | Summer Migration The Upswing 2023

While things have been in a bit of a spiral for quite a few hunts. I could tell based on my numbers the tides were starting to turn a bit. They also added something back into the loot pool for the summer event which is a shame did not start dropping sooner than now. It makes me wonder what else they might have in store for later in the event.

This time around instead of trying out quite a few different locations I stayed at what is referred to as L2. I’ve done a decent amount of hunting here already and since this is the static spawn for providers and guardian Longtooth it’s where I want to be.

back at my normal spot.jpg

It still is a shame we don’t get a much wider area to hunt in for this range. From all the exploration and data I’ve seen in what maturity of Longtooth people are hunting. It seems like a massive amount of focus is on these providers and guardians.

This also means this place is packed at almost all times of the day. On weekends it can be an absolute madhouse and even on weekdays where quite a few of my hunts took place, it was still jammed back. There would however be strange hours of the day when it seemed to clear out for about half an hour or so. Then it was back to being packed with player's hunting.

Based on my data I could see since starting this event my last hunting trip was my biggest loss yet. I was coming back fresh the next day with a good chunk of ammo.

I had also bought myself a pistol and some attachments for it as well. My biggest fear is the gun I use become out of stock or the price sky rocking on it if everyone is out grinding this event for over a month like crazy people.

Despite not buying up a decent chunk of guns as a stockpile since I only own (L) and they break after so many shots fired. Prices were remaining rather decent. I would even notice I could pick up an extra gun cheaper than the moving price average. Saving myself a little bit.

Not that far into that hunt I hit one of my goals for Summer Migration 2023. After this, the codex skill reward goes up a decent chunk. It will however require a lot of grinding, ammo, and PED to get to the next rank.

back at my normal spot.jpg

I ended up picking up 4.06 PED of Alertness. I would be happy with almost any of these skills for rewards. I still however am pushing hard on trying to increase my looting professions.

This was yet another hunt where I did not get a single global. I was as you could imagen a bit disappointed. Nothing special was looted either. At least after running the numbers the loss on that hunt was half as bad as the run before it. I was hoping loot would be going back up soon in my current cycle.

I ended up finishing off near the end of that hunt with a massive Longtooth Matriarch that I used as the cover for this post. The loot was not worth the amount of ammo and decay it took to take it down. It was however fun to hunt something that massive in size before calling it for the day.

Longtooth Provider 66 PED.jpg

The next day early into that hunt I got a single 66 Ped global. It would end up being the only global I got for that hunt and the day as well. Yet another disappointment. I decided after I ran out of ammo to not restock and head back out.

Instead, I called it for that day. While I am attempting to play a little each day when possible. Some days I just don’t feel it. This tends to be true for any game. It was all just filled with players and I was a bit tired of having to pay so much attention to spawns and the people around me.

The good news this hunt was even a smaller loss than the one before it. It seemed like my losses were starting to break down like I was expecting. I was not down so much that I felt like calling it either. I just wish things were going a bit better.

looting summer strongbox.jpg

There was however some good news at least. I had been looting Summer Strongboxes. These had not been dropping on other days of hunting. Despite them saying they were not dropping this year they appear to have been added back in.

I was also kind of shocked I have not looted any Unreal Tokens from all the hunting I have been doing. I have no idea if anyone else has gotten any. It’s also not that shocking to see the Strongboxes back in since I started to notice a lot of players hunting anything but Summer Migration creatures.

I would not be shocked if these boxes dropping again sent a shockwave through the Universe as item flippers panic. Many went on a buying spree when they thought these were never going to drop again.

Along the way on occasion, I have been looting some further Pheromone glands as well. The one thing I’m shocked by the lack of me getting as loot is the special (L) weapons that can drop during Summer Migration. They tend to be what I make a decent chunk of markup off.

My next hunting trip was again a non-global one. Loot however was decent enough I was only down 1.6 PED after it. I did get a few 20-30 PED looters. Things also seemed to be during that time just looting above average for me.

Longtooth Guardian 118 PED.jpg

Things then started to heat up for me. During one hunting trip, I hit a 118 Longtooth Guardian. While it was mostly shrapnel in loot. I was about out of shrapnel to convert into ammo anyways. Hence, why I was buying ammo from the vendor. So while one would have hoped for better it was quite welcome.

Longtooth Guardian 76 PED.jpg

Shortly after that, I got a 76 PED loot. That hunting run was now for sure going to be into the green. Not even six minutes later I ended up getting another global of 53. This run alone helped wipe out quite a few losing hunts I’ve had. Not enough to wipe them all out but it helped me a decent in the losses.

Things were going well enough I later returned a few hours later and got myself quite early into that hunt a 112 PED looter. It was all just shrapnel. At this point I went from not having any shrapnel left to almost a big enough stack of it I would not need to buy further ammo from the vendor after I convert the shrapnel into ammo.

level 35 animal looter.jpg

That however was not the biggest thing that happened during that hunt. A few kills later I hit level 35 of the Animal Looter profession. This skill has become quite an insane grind to level up. A couple of hunts later and I would only be like 2% into the next professional level.

At the very least I was running some 10% skilling pills to help things along. I have so many of them at this point just sitting in my storage. I thought why not use them during this event? The creature level I’ll be hunting is decent enough.

What must have been a kill or two later I finished off rank 11 of the Longtooth codex. Netting myself a juicy 14.62 PED of Dexterity. That alone more than makes the losses I was not at for the event worth it.

Just including all the codex gains I’ve had so far from doing this event those skills gained after markup are worth 450+ PED. Granted that would not be my profit if I picked to extract them out since it’s a pricy process. It would however help. For now, however, I still want those skills so I’ll be keeping them.

Final Thoughts

end with a nice view.jpg

The views if nothing else at this location are quite breathtaking. I also managed to find some times of the day when it is less crowded enough that I get to enjoy myself a bit more. While there are still quite a few green dots on my radar in the screenshot above. I was shocked some of them were there for the lower level maturity that was spawning. That works out great for me as I get to just focus on the bigger stuff.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.