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As I was making my rounds on Calypso of all the different creatures I wanted to hunt I went off to my Feffox spot to get a few hunting sessions in. Once you are in the middle of the spawn you can teleport out to an outpost for repairs and resupplying. I ended up logging in over a couple of nights there.

Since these were looting well for me yet again I decided I wanted to get 2 more ranks on my codex for them. I’m tempted to swap out any Atrox hunting I’ll do in the future and move up to these guys instead.

36 PED Feffox.jpg

I have had quite a few great runs in their past and this again would be a trend I’d keep seeing. These are also the kind of creatures you can have a profitable or low-loss hunt without getting any globals. It just depends on how they are looting. You can still however have a bad run like anything else in this game.

In the past, I’ve tried clearing just Feffox young in my adjusted pixie gear with 2A plates. Then I would switch over to my gremlin for old and mature. This time around since I was hunting them real late my time I decided I would be lazy and just stay in my gremlin.

The armor decay was not all that bad and my healing decay was almost nothing. These might be something I’ll hut more regularly once I gain enough skills to move up from an ArMatrix LR-35. While it’s more than enough to get the job done I would prefer a bit more DPS.

For the most part, I ended up clearing out a ways from the little outpost I tend to use for resupplying. You do need to be careful the turrets at that outpost seem to have a bit more range than I’m used to dealing with. I did lose a kill I was 50% into with it one shooting it.

Since that incident, I’ve learned to go up a bit further. There tend to be quite a few areas where you have some running around space if you are someone who needs it. There are also some nice spots where they are quite dense that you can just sit there and pull from.

not bad markup Feffox And Even More Profit.jpg

As far as creatures' health wise I would not say Feffox are my favorite creature to hunt if I wanted to target trying to get some Tier 5 Components. During my hunts, I don’t tend to get a lot of it. It is however nice to loot something that has a monthly markup of 350% at the time this hunt took place.

You can also look at that early price along with all that volume and get a real sense if you are someone who can hold onto the thing for quite some time that could be the route to go. I am not and while selling it for 400% early in the year was nice I’ll take 340% on loot more times than not depending on what it is.

Feffox Young 115 PED Entropia Universe.jpg

Not even 30% into one of my hunts I ended up getting a global with a Microdot Majere BFK (L) knife. It’s a shame it did not drop full TT but a 115 PED global more than put me into the profit zone for the remaining of this hunt.

The rest of that hunt was quite uneventful other than a 32 PED looter that was mostly oils. It ended up being a decent little hunt regardless. I have been hunting for some bigger things as of late I seem to be holding my own.

317 Feffox.jpg

On another hunt where I was just following down the coastline, I ended up getting a 317 PED of shrapnel. While I would have loved to see an item or something in the loot window. I was getting low on ammo anyways and there are a lot of things that could have dropped that would not have been worth trying to sell for a markup over 101% anyways.

After that the globals I was getting sure dried up but the loot kept flowing. I was up more than that I ended up finishing off rank 5 on my codex. For both of the codex levels I got, I ended up picking whatever skill would have counted towards looting professions for creatures. Some of these codex rewards are giving me a massive amount of skill gains.

My big focus now is getting to level 30 in any creature looting profession. That way I can unlock the hidden skill Xenobiology and Animal Looter for instance at level 30 also has an unlock called Butchering Skill. While Xenobiology only has a 2% effect on the profession something like Butchering for Animal Looter has a 10% effect.

Final Thoughts

31 PED  Feffox Entropia Universe.jpg

All in all an amazing few runs I had on Feffox. For whatever reason, I was far too lazy to write down on those runs were going. I just had a running total in my head so I would guess I was up by around 20%+.

These are quickly becoming one of my favorite creatures to hunt. Perhaps at some point, I’ll start to see some of that Polaris (L) gear they can drop. While the gear is lacking impact it has some high stab, cut, cold, and other protections. That I would not mind having for myself for some future hunts.

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