Entropia Universe | Revisiting My Old Hunting Grounds

I thought it would be nothing but a memory I had with the screenshot of it is long gone. It turns out I had uploaded a screenshot shared below of quite an insane moment I had in Entropia Universe to a site I once visited.

I was browsing over a couple of old Entropia Universe websites resetting some passwords and updating some profiles. I was updating them with things like my website and some other information that I was back playing Entropia Universe. Along with seeing if there were any old friends still stalking those places.

On one of those sites, they allowed you to create a gallery. People usually used it as a place to upload and share screenshots of their Hall of Fame (HoF) and other crazy moments they had in the game. Sure enough, I had a gallery labeled HoFs.

I took a moment and uploaded a few more screenshots to that gallery. As a way to somewhat preserve some of the past moments, I’ve had over the last few months. You always think you will hold onto a bunch of old screenshots when you move on from a game.

Then one day you end up losing track as I did where you were saving that screenshot. Out into the recycle bin, it goes one day. As hey you are clearing up a bunch of old files to clear some hard drive space. I frankly have so many screenshots from video games that it becomes rather unreasonable to save the bulk of them.

The year was 2012 and it was mid-December. As a bit of an early Christmas gift to myself, I thought I would deposit some funds back into Entropia Universe and have a bit of fun messing around. I had taken if I recall a few months' breaks and was looking for a game I knew that I could unwind a bit in.

atrox dominant hunting.jpg

As I tend to do one of the first things I did was get myself set up to hunt some Atrox. I use to love hunting them on Amethera Outback Land #02. While it was a taxed land I have had some amazing hunts in the past there. It was also mostly young to old Atrox which at the time was as best as I could handle in a bad situation.


After a couple of hunts is where I ended up in the situation I found myself in the screenshot. I had three adds at the time on me. I had managed to finish off the first one an Atrox Mature and went to loot it while I pulled out a healing device to heal myself.

My entire screen lit up like a Christmas tree. I had just looted to this day the biggest HoF I would get in Entropia Universe-- 4,870 PED. While the bulk of it was oil and not worth much. What had yet to load when I took the screenshot was a piece of (L) armor. I don’t quite recall what it was but I ended up selling it for a bit of markup on top of everything. It might have been Rutuba (L) armor piece. There might have even been an ESI hiding behind some objects in the loot window as well my memory is a bit foggy on that part. So this ended up over 5k PED worth of loot I had acquired.

Over the next few months after that, I went on quite an insane adventure with that HoF paying the way. Everything I always wanted to do I now had the money to do. At least in the short term for the level of skills and gear, I could acquire at the time.

my old spot.jpg

In honor of that time, I thought I would revisit Amethera Outback Land #02 and go to around the exact spot. Well, the best I could. The waypoint I set is above the location and as you can tell things have changed somewhat.

The biggest change is that there appears to be a lot higher maturity of Atrox here. While you can still find some lower maturity to hunt here like young Atrox. The bulk of this place is now guardian to old alpha. While back in the day you might have run into some provider maturity if not careful. It is now a much harder place to hunt at.

Atrox also has a decent aggression range. So you need to be careful. For this hunt, I ended up putting on my best gear which for now is Gremlin with 5B plating. There was no way I could be hunting mostly guardian maturity and up in the adjusted pixie, I would wear for just young Atrox.

atrox dominant Entropia Universe.jpg

Since my old spot, you can barely pull anything anymore with the overgrown flowers in the way. I ended up doing a bit of wandering around the area. Being somewhat careful like I did back in the day. This time however it was not young to old maturity I had to worry about. There were some nasty Old Alpha Atrox with almost double the health and three and a half times the damage of a young Atrox.

getting killed hunting atrox.jpg

It had been a while since I’d been killed by an Atrox. Almost reminds me of the good old days were these things at the lower mature were quite the struggle. Now I can kill ones almost twice as hard and die a lot less.

The hunt for the most part went as I would expect. I did not get a global so it was a rather disappointing hunt. Despite how many Atrox if must have killed over my lifetime there is still so much of their loot I’ve never gotten to drop.

Back in the day, people use to hunt the daylights out of Atrox. It ended up being one of the reasons why I wanted to give them a try as well. Almost a tall hours of the day people would be getting a global on the darn things! While quite a few people still hunt them it’s nothing like it was back then.

hunting on Amethera Outback Land 02.jpg

As far as Amethera Outback Land #02 goes one of the reasons I use to love this place was you had to fly there. It was a bit of a trip that most tended to be too lazy to take. The land area itself lacks a teleport and I would usually never run into anyone else there. Anyone who did hunt there kept their distance from others.

Once you needed repairs or ran out of ammo. You would have to make the trip back to a teleporter. Then go to another location that had the necessary facilities you needed. Making it a bit of a pain as well.

Nowadays I have a non-tax area I prefer to hunt Atrox on. They are also Young to Provider maturity that I can all kill while wearing adjusted Pixie armor. Along with not needing to do a lot of healing which also helps to keep my costs on the lower side. Unlike this larger Atrox that chewed the daylights out of my gear and required a fair bit of healing.

Final Thoughts

hunting more atrox.jpg

It was still quite a bit of fun to revisit this old spot. It is however a place I’ve moved on from. I am also not a fan of how often I was getting multiple adds while just trying to find a place to hunt in. While I’ve found better it is forever an area that will live in my mind.

my old jacket.png

There was also another added benefit of finding some old screenshots I uploaded to a website back in the day. The coat I use to wear that I regret selling and have no clue what pattern would make it or the type of coat it was. I have a mining HoF from FOMA that you can see on the backside of it. It was so much better than the one I have and perhaps one day I’ll be able to get something like it again.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.