Entropia Universe | The Final Longu For Now

This was yet another one I was rather close to already having finished codex rank 10 on. Even better I already know a spot I love to hunt Longu at. So I thought why not get this one out of the way? As I had a few other creatures at the time I was not having any luck finding a spot I liked.

I think it might have been over a year since I’ve talked about hunting Longu. Back then I was hunting them to see if I could get any of the Gremlin armor pieces I needed at the time.

They also happen to be the creature that is right outside where I tend to afk and check the auction house. As such sometimes like a few others players. I’ll just wander out of the outpost and shoot a couple.

hunting longu provider.jpg

While I’ve gained a couple more codex rankings since that post a year ago. I still was not quite up to finishing rank 10. It should however end up being a decently quick one to finish off. At least that is what I thought.

I still ended up having just a little over 5 hunting sessions on them. Since I’ve hunted them a bit in the past and I’ve written down some data. Looking at my numbers I noticed a bit of a strange pattern regarding when I hunted them and how I was doing.

I thought why not stick to that pattern I noticed of time of day and only hunt them during that time frame. That ended up working out better than I was expecting. I ended up being up over just 10% for the final runs I needed.

hunting longu old Entropia Universe.jpg

While I started off these runs wearing Adjusted Pixel with 2A plating. I decided in the end since I noticed most players were wearing Ghost armor to test that out. It turns out I ended up having a slighter higher repair bill but I was healing a lot less to the point it was cheaper decay-wise to go with higher-tier armor for more protection.

If I recall 75% of armor decay is expected to be returned. When it comes to healing I don’t recall the amount or the theoretical number of people who have worked on it. I just recall it was not that great. Now if I had spent $200-300 on some better healing devices as they would have been more than eco enough that going with the lower-tier armor and healing a bit more would have been the better option.

While the savings overall and the slight change to how loot would be for me over the long run is not much. At least a lot of the time the difference in breaking even on TT before markup on things can be the difference of just a couple of percent.

Since these are also creatures that are right next to where I tend to hang out in the game. There is a good chance I’ll continue grinding these long after on occasion after I’m done finishing codex rank 10.

looting an Entropia Unreal Token longu Entropia Universe.jpg

During hunting these I lucked out and got myself another Entropia Unreal Token. While these are not expected to bring in a lot of ROI I would not mind having quite a few of them if I happen to luck out and loot them. They are just a nice bonus on top of everything else.

While I would have preferred some other harder-to-get loot from Longu. It is often hard to tell what could be remaining left in the loot pool for a certain creature. Everything that is expected to be “extremely rare” might not get dropped for years at a time and the maturity of the creature that dropped it is often left unknown to the general public.

It is however hunting something knowing there might just be an insanely low chance to get something quite rewarding. I have no idea if an A-3 Justifier Mk. 2 Improved can even drop off these anymore. Looting a gun that sold last year for $13k is a nice dream. One I don’t ever expect to happen.

Longu rank 9 Entropia Universe.jpg

I’ll admit finishing off rank 9 of the Longu codex took me a bit longer than I was expecting. At least I got a 1.69 PED of Perception skill gain for doing so. I guess it makes a bit of sense since the lowest maturity has 310 health. Many creatures I hunt tend to have lowest below 100 health.

The other nice thing about hunting an area as well as I have is finding that one area all the players tend to want to fight over. For some reason, I kept running into one area where all the good loot was at. Everywhere else it would be rather disappointing and losses.

I move up a little bit and focus on hunting in a certain area and I’m suddenly having five profitable hunts in a row. A lot of the time it was just because I’d get a couple of decent 20-30 PED loots during a hunt. That put things over into the green.

looting a longu plate in Entropia Universe.jpg

I also ended up finding another item I’ve not seen drop before on Longu. A Longu Plate they are listed as uncommon. It seems it’s just used for making the Longu DNA Sample. No one seemed that interested in buying these nowadays. For the short term, I’ll just hold onto it.

I always find it rather amusing how rare uncommon drops tend to be. While I’ve not always hunted Longu there are many other creatures I have and I still have uncommon drops from them that I’ve never seen. It makes you wander the insane amount of kills needed just for a single extremely rare item to drop.

Rank 10 codex longu Entropia Universe.jpg

I ended up finishing off rank 10 as I wanted. I picked up 0.986 of Alertness. While that is not a lot and these days I’m so tempted to pick up evade. I’m sticking to my longer-term plan for the year.

Final Thoughts

another decent loot.jpg

Longu is yet another creature I get to add to reaching my goal in codex rank for the year on. Decent chance this one will make it on my shortlist to perhaps grind up to rank 25 one day. This location is so close to an outpost and as long as there are not many players there is always something up to hunt.

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