Entropia Universe | Migration On The Move Summer 2023

I knew at some point the migration would start to move on. Sometimes you lose a good spot and have to wait sometime before you found another. On top of that another creature that I’ve yet to hunt starts to take over.

Thankfully I still had some time left on L2. This was a place that has treated me well so far. Despite how packed it gets I have almost always found enough of the maturity I want to hunt to want to stick around. Even when not there are always plenty of Longtooth Young to hunt as well.

It seemed however the tides were starting to turn a bit. I almost went through the first amount of ammo I bring along for these longer hunts before hitting something decent. The 82 PED global that I hit and used as a cover for this post was not going to make this a break-even run. It was at least going to help.

That global was also the only one I got for that day. It was still at least on a guardian. This is however when I noticed the herd in the local area was starting to change. I was starting to see very few of the levels I wanted to hunt.

So I put a few markers down on the map and went out scouting for a new location. Some of these spots are not that far away from where I started. Even if you don’t know the exact locations of things once you find the migration you tend to be able to follow it without much of an issue as long as there are still spawns up in different areas.

switching locations.jpg

I ended up deciding to hunt some Longtooth Young for a bit. As nothing else seemed to be looting much. While I did not get any globals they were at least dropping some decent amounts once in a while. The spots I however scouted out at least at the moment were not what I was looking for. However as they the Longtooth over time migration will change.

After I ran out of ammo I was slightly down on that run. That did not matter too much to me since I was already doing quite decent. I had the kind of start you always hope you have. It would be nice to have gotten some insane loot. At least I was in the green and would be for quite some time before any markup is taken into consideration.

I would later return to the L2 location as it was still the better choice at least for the moment. Sometimes the guardians and providers would be up. Other times there just young. Sometimes you get a nice dense spawn. Other times it was quite lackluster with far too many people hunting.

level 55 ranged laser damage.jpg

I then ended up hitting one of my goals. I got to level 55 Ranged Laser (Dmg) profession. While I have loved using the ArMatrix series of weapons. They are getting a bit too pricy at the higher end for me to want to use.

I’ve considered grinding some dailies on this planet and getting myself an (L) low decay gun from the tokens. It will however be quite a while before I have enough tokens to do so. The other option would be to look at what other kinds of guns I can buy on the market. I’m still weighing these options.

At least for now, I don’t need a bigger gun. My kill rate is decent enough on the size of the creature I’m hunting. It’s already a struggle to have enough to hunt before having to wait for respawns due to how many players are hunting in these areas for the time being.

Loot again was not that great and it was finally time to try switching to a different location. This time I moved into the area that is supposed to be the static spawn for providers and guardians. This spot rather fell short. It was covered in Mulmun Hunters which I tend to skip over hunting during Summer Migration.

The Mulmun here while they have lower health than the Longtooth I’ve been hunting. They have quite high damage. At least with my range, I could get them quite low on health before they made it to me. It still would require a fair amount of healing afterward. I’m just not set up gear-wise to deal with them.

Longtooth Guardian 73 PED.jpg

I at least got myself another global. It was however yet again the only one for that day. With how much hunting I’ve been doing. I was kind of expecting a lot more globals. Then again sometimes Longtooth would be looting in a way it was not needed.

While this was not a great spot. My other location was not doing it anymore for me. It seems I’d have to wait for the migration a bit to get the spawn I wanted. I had an idea where it was. It was however required clearing a lot of young just to get the occasional spawn of what I wanted.

ELM edition melee blade drop.jpg

A little later after getting some further ammo, I looted another item. I got my first E.L.M (L) weapon drop from this event. It’s a shame it was a melee weapon. If It would be a gun some of those have crazy insane markup on them.

Still despite the weapon which they drop with a max of 1 TT. I later sold for 10 PED at a 1000% markup. Now if only I could get a couple of these or better each hunting trip. At least I got my first one. I recall in past Migrations once you see one you start to get a lot more soon enough.

looting a pheromone glad.jpg

I would later go out on another hunt and start getting some Pheromone Glands to drop. While they only have a base value of 0.1 they tend to go for over 300%. This is an item I’ll be holding onto hoping for more. There will be a point in the year I’ll sell what I have them. Now is not the time.

There is even a chance I’ll use it myself instead. I know where to use them. The glades are however just something you need to plan out for using and be ready to spend some time.

Final Thoughts

longtooth rank 9.jpg

I ended up finishing off this hunt and a couple of bad days getting to rank 8 in the codex for Longtooth. Overall I’m still in the green so far for this event. Perhaps I’ll find some better item drops soon that will more than make up for things. There are some nice things even (L) items with nice markup that you can get.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.