Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 Longtooth

It’s that time of year again for the Summer Migration to take place in Entropia Universe. It’s where all the uber players are out farming these massive creatures called Eomon looking for insane loot drops. While the other players like me go and enjoy ourselves hunting some Longtooth.

Perhaps one of these years I’ll be ready to give Eomon a try and see how hunting one of them goes. With my current gear and damage, however. I’d just be roadkill without much of a chance. As if getting through their 5k health was not enough. Once they would get in range of me they eat my armor with their 139 reported damage at the lower end like it was nothing.

What I can however do which I find quite fun. Is go out and see how much I’ve improved over last year regarding the maturity of the Longtooth I can hunt. I’ve recently bought myself a new ring which increases my damage by a decent amount by increasing my reload speed and critical damage. I can also use a bigger gun than last year.

So I checked the player-created Summer Migration map on the forums to see where the current migration of Longtooth where at. While there are static spawn locations as well. I find it kind of fun to see where everything is at.

fighting a higher longtooth.jpg

I decided I’d head over to the location dubbed L11. It at the time was reported to have Longtooth Dominant. These suckers are going to have almost 4k health and hit for estimated 70 damage before gear is taken into account.

Thankfully Longtooth doesn’t hit quite as hard as Eomon. Even with a bigger gun and all the reload speed I now got from the new ring. I maybe got a Dominant maturity down to 50% health depending on how things went before it started to hit me.

It also helps I have slightly better armor than I did last year as well. I still however just have a Vivo T20 (L)s for healing and despite it’s not amazing it was more than enough when I needed to in combat heal.

Last year trying to take one of these out at this maturity level was quite a struggle. I recall I avoided anything this large and higher on purpose. I might have fought one and things did not go so well.

hunting more dominant.jpg

While it took me way longer than I would have liked. These are more than possible now for me to farm. Even more so if I ended up popping some reload and critical damage pills that I have saved up for some big creature hunts.

I however did not as loot here was horrific. I was easily down 60% and after a while, I decided I had tested out my new setup quite well enough. That alone was more than enough of a reason to leave as these are costly to kill compared to what I normally hunt.

no fly zone.jpg

There was however a much larger reason to go elsewhere. I ended up taking a nasty critical hit at about 40% health. That was more than enough to kill me. The respawn location was 2k away. I tried to fly back and I hit a massive no-fly zone between the two points. It was time to go find something a bit more reasonable for me.

I ended up heading over to L2 for providers and guardians. This year they were quite a cakewalk to take out. I could kill a couple of them before needing to stop to heal. I could even get some on me as adds and it would not be an issue at all.

new spot.jpg

This new spot with lower maturity Longtooth was covered in players. Mixed in somewhat with the ones I was after was along of the young well. Which I hunted when waiting on respawns for providers and guardians.

At least everyone here was rather chill. No one is out screaming at people if two people at the same time attempt to shoot at the same creature. Anytime that happens which it did I just stop shooting. If the other player walks away I start shooting again. No big deal.

The spot I landed in was not exactly where I ended up. It however did not take too far to find the area I stuck around in. It was just over a hills away I found there were enough spawns for me to be included and not a long respawn time if that.

There were usually some young to take out a well while waiting around. At this point in the hunt, I’m down a decent amount since I was going to include the first part. I was not expecting things to get much better.

hunting Longtooth provider.jpg

Oddly enough many of these were looting around or better than the bigger ones I was hunting at the other location. Even some of the worst loot I got here was around or better than the worst loot I was getting in the other location for the bigger stuff.

Now there are a couple of reasons I come out to hunt Longtooth every year when I’m actively playing this game and not taking some rest away from the game. I shall not name those items but just one of them and I’d be extremely thrilled.

So I was ready to sit here for a while and cycle some ammo and decay through these things. I’m sure at some point I’ll make some return trips. I’d love to hunt slightly higher or lower maturity once the migration heard has spread out a bit more if I don’t just go to a static spawn.

Longtooth Guardian 179 PED.jpg

While I did not get any cool items or anything of decent markup to drop in this hunt. I did get a single global for 179.79 PED of shrapnel. That ended up covering my losses from hunting the higher maturity levels of these.

I ended up sticking around for a bit and clearing out the area. I don’t know these creatures or this area well enough. I do know on some other creatures if you find one global you tend to find others quite close by. This place is however quite packed so I did not get to move around a lot.

57 laser sniper hit.jpg

I was just glad to get something. I also ended up hitting level 57 of the Laser Sniper (hit) profession on my last couple of kills before heading out for now. I’m also closing in on level 55 of damage soon. It’s a shame the next tier gun-up jumps in markup costs. Otherwise, I’d be getting a damage upgrade soon. It’s however just not worth it for me at those higher markup prices on the market to buy it.

Final Thoughts

the end.jpg

Always great to see how my character has increased over a year. It was also nice to take a run I was sure expecting to be a massive loss and not just breaking even but coming out slightly ahead as well. Perhaps I’ll hunt more of these during this event time permitting. I’m quite busy with many other games at this time.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.