Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 Further Decent Hunting

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These next couple of days of hunting during the Summer Migration 2023 event were decent. In a game like Entropia Universe, I’ll take decent days over bad ones. This for sure helped sustain my grind during this long-term event.

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I went out to my usual spot and the first couple of kills went quite amazing. While I didn’t get a global right away I got a couple of minis including this almost 25 PED of shrapnel. Sometimes all you need are a few loots like that and you don’t need a global for the run to be decent.

While it looked like it was quite a packed place when I was flying towards this location. I ended up finding a couple of open areas where I mostly got to clear out the pocket of Guardians and whatnot without another player also fighting for those creatures.

At least one of the players here was hunting the lower maturity that was now at this current location along with the static spawn of what I was hunting. It’s always great when things like that work out. I’m clearing the higher-level stuff they lack the gear for or simply don’t want. They are clearing out the stuff I don’t want to waste my time on.

That pocket eventually dried up. This area has kind of a rotating spawn of extra creatures. Sometimes if I don’t feel like standing in one spot with far too many people fighting for so few Longtooth. I’ll just move around looking for where the next large spawn is in the area.

Longtooth Guardian 104 PED.jpg

Over halfway through the first of many further hunts in this area, I noticed I got a perception check. I’ve not been lucking out on finding out if any of the creatures in the area were about to global. Thankfully this time I did not need to find it. I was already shooting it and got a global when I went to loot for 104 PED.

Usually a single global like that along with a few decent mini loots is enough to make each of my hunting cycle rounds on these break evens. So I ‘m always thrilled when it’s breaking the 100 mark. Naturally, I’m greedy and am always hoping for something a lot bigger. I will not turn down something like that.

Outside of looting quite a few Summer Stronghold boxes by now. Any of the other loot I was looking for has been rather dry. I was hoping to at least get an (L) gun by now that can have some insane markup on them. They are usually what covers my markup costs when doing this event. That however was just not happening.

After a while, the place started to dry up on players. I don’t know if the loot was going that bad for them or if they just like I were getting low on ammo. A few kills later I was out of ammo and decided it was a good time to take a break.

Getting that global loot was dreadful. It was so bad in fact to my shock I took a small loss on that round despite what I looted. It however was just a small percent and along with some of the markup in items I did loot it would be even smaller.

I later returned a few hours later after repairing my armor, and healing device, and picking up some further ammo. My guns were also getting low and I’d need to replace them soon enough.

So far I’ve been rather thrilled I picked a higher level pistol gun to use as a finisher. Sometimes I do get a bit lazy and just finish things off with my rifle. It’s kind of easy to do in these long grinding events that last for over a month.

I however made it more of an effort to reduce my overkill final shot when I can. I don’t think it was that bad at all. Sometimes even when using the pistol I’d need to take a second shot when a single shot from the rifle would have finished things off just fine. So most times it works out and sometimes it does not.

Longtooth Provider 124 PED.jpg

A decent chunk into the next run I looted a 124 Longtooth Provider. All just shrapnel again. Leaving me a bit disappointed. I was however getting low on shrapnel to convert over to ammo so I’ll take it.

As far as all the other loot I’ve been getting. None of it is moving or it’s selling for lower markup than 101%. So I’ve just been enjoying the recycling system of converting it over to nanocubes for the crafters to use.

It is tempting to do the same with shrapnel. I however just don’t hunt in large enough amounts that I’d be selling it at a point that tiny amount of extra profit I’d be taking would be worth it. Not to mention I’m getting slightly better markup than the big hunters since I’m selling nanocubes in much smaller stacks. The downside is the auction house fees which cut into that bottom line narrowing my profit over the larger stacks selling for a lower amount as far as the markup is concerned.

Like a lot of hunts, nothing else that interesting happened for the next round. I ended up just teleporting out to the revival spot that has a repair, storage, and some other things and calling it a night. Another almost breakeven but not quite hunt. Thankfully after you count markup it was slightly in the green run.

Sometimes in between these hunts I’d run off to Port Atlantis and go work on a daily for a token there. There is a bigger (L) gun I want to pick out of the daily token vendor. It would save me quite a bit on markup and those guns while they will break and can’t be repaired would last me a while. It’s perhaps a gun I’ll want to take up to crystal palace with me for quite an extended hunt at some point.

guns are low.jpg

While I was off doing that I should have stopped at Twin Peaks Mall and picked myself up some new guns. I only looked once I got back to my hunting spot where these guns were about to break. Thankfully they lasted about to the end.

I had a slightly lower-damage weapon on standby when my main gun broke. So I could finish off the last couple of kills before I ran out of ammo.

Longtooth Provider 130 PED.jpg

Thankfully for me before needing to tie up again a chunk of money this run was decent. Only a couple of kills in I got a 130 PED global. The kidney Oil I’d quickly offload for some PED to help cover the towards another gun.

91 PED global.jpg

Towards the second half of that hunt, I landed one final global for the run an ok 92 PED global. When hunting these Longtooth I’m always looking for at least 100 PED or more off a global. I was also kind of wondering if I would happen to find a third global.

Final Thoughts

BLP sniper increase.jpg

The rest of the hunt however went off without another global. I was however still thrilled since this run was quite up wiping out any of the smaller losses or near break-evens I had on a few earlier runs.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.