Entropia Universe | Migration Summer Slump 2023

There is always that part in the grind where things go into quite a slump. There is just no beating around it I got wrecked after what was otherwise a great few days. At the very least things are not as bad as they could be.

In the past, during this open-world event, I’ve done quite well. I was up till this point riding in the green slowly edging towards the red zone of losses and despair. Ultimately however it would not take much to turn things around. As long as this slump ends sooner than later.

hunting longtooth dominant.jpg

Since things were not working out so great loot-wise on what I was hunting. I decided to bump it up and go after some bigger Longtooth again. Their spot had moved and I got say I enjoyed this new area.

It is also hard to not want to go hunting some Longtooth Dominant. When you look at the data people are going crazy on these things. Some massive loot has also been taken off them. So I thought why not give them a try?

I popped the best pills I had to increase my reload to critical damage the best I could. I then went to town on these Longtooth dominants. While they took longer than I’d like to kill at least due to my range damage there was not a lot of healing needed per kill.

hunting longtooth dominant.jpg

These are however clearly not the most ideal for me. If I had a better healing device I think I’d view these things as a cakewalk that just took a little bit of time. I was able to clear them without getting killed.

While there is some elevation change that makes this area require a little thinking when trying to pull at max range and get all the damage I can on them before they can attack me. This was quite an amazing place.

I was not that shocked since I did not get any globals that I was down by over 50% once the ammo I had brought along for this ran out. They were not kind to me in terms of loot whatsoever. At this point, I was still however green overall on this event.

After that, I took a short break and went scouting around trying to find a place that was not so swarmed with people that I could get some kills in. That took a little while of flying around.

longtooth young.jpg

I decided to stop at a decent patch of Longtooth Young. Since hunting the bigger ones was not working out for me I was somewhat hoping just hunting the smaller ones would get me over this hump. For a while it was just me and one other person; but, over time, more and more people started to show up in the area.

67 ped global.jpg

The loot here for the most part was not that great. My biggest global was 67 PED. That however required several trips out here and a total of three globals in total. They were however quite small and nowhere near anything needed to save those runs let alone the disaster hunts before them.

While the place was mostly filled with Longtooth Young. On occasion, there would be a Dominant or even a Matriarch spawn. This place however was not that great for getting the full range I needed. So it required a lot more healing than it was worth. The loot off anything bigger here was even worse than the Dominant spot I had left.

Longtooth Mature 77 PED.jpg

After a much-needed break, I restock on ammo and guns and went back out. This time I ended up finding a decent spot with a few Longtooth Mature in it. This spot was void of people.

I also did some digging on what data I could. It looks like people hardly ever hunt Longtooth Mature. So it was a bit of a shock I even got a global off one at all. It was however the only one I would get on that hunting trip.

I also did not know it at the time but that would be the last global I’d see in quite some time. Loot went horrific for me in the following hunts. I decided after a while I was done playing with Longtooth Young or Mature. I was going to have to fight it out with the rest of them and try to bag me some Guardians and Providers.

fighting a longtooth prowler.jpg

A bit to my shock as I just read the first three letters of the name. I ended up pulling a massive level 35 Prowler. It was not the level 17 Provider I was expecting. I also did not have much range on the beast either.

The Prowlers have 4.4k health and it was quite an epic battle. A single blow from one could be half, equal, or double the amount if it’s a nasty critical hit that I can heal per cycle on my Vivo T20 (L) healing device. I also was not doing this with any reload or critical pills that I had up when I was doing battle with the Dominant that has ~3.9k health and hit for a bit less.

After a lot of near-deaths, I managed to down the beast. The loot was however quite disappointing. For some reason, I went and did this another two times to myself. Each time being disappointed by the resulting loot.

As the migration moves through this static spawn area you can get some nasty things that spawn in their wake. If I ever shall return here which is more than likely I’ll have to be a bit more careful in what I pull. At least anything bigger than the Prowler is not sharing the first three letters of its name so that should be easy to avoid making this kind of mistake again.

I was at least thrilled by the prospect that I could down a Longtooth Prowler in less-than-ideal situations. I however won’t be going out of my way to seek them anytime soon. It’s always good to find that edge of what you can and can not do in a game.

Final Thought

longtooth another provider.jpg

After that, I went back to clearing my usual Providers and Guardians. Loot remains quite the disappointment. Hopefully, things will turn around soon. Otherwise, I might have to call this a lot quicker than I was hoping.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.