Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 Final

While the Summer Migration event for 2023 would be going on for a bit longer. I always find it’s best to be the one to call it and not try to grind it out to the end. Things kept going great for me to the point it felt like it was time to call it for the season.

It is tempting to want to keep showing up once in a while through August for this event. I hate to just call it this early into an event. However, I just got too many things on my plate and stuff going on in other games. Chances are I’m not going to be making it back for further grinds while this event is going on. I still have a bunch of other content for this game anyways that keeps getting interrupted by events anyways.

61 global.jpg

The first sign it was kind of time to call it is I have been doing amazing. The next couple of hunts I had however were anything but that. A single tiny 61 PED global on one run that was already filled with horrible loot was not helping anything.

I also started to notice just how empty the hunting area was. For all I know everyone was moving on to hunting a different maturity. At some points during my hunting, I would notice quite a massive uptick in globals on something else. What I was hunting was still overall still holding the bulk of loot people were getting.

There were times I’d come out and I’d be the only one there for the first time since the event started. I was not used to having this place all to myself. That was also a rather red flag to me that players were staying away for one reason or another.

Many players have some insane analytics of the game and use those solely to base when to hunt or do anything else. While I do look at quite a few different things. I’m not one of those who have kept metrics on things. If I want to hunt I’ll hunt even if the place is empty.

Over time a couple of players would show up but they never stayed long. I was kind of half expecting with how bad one of the rounds went for there to be some massive global or something. Even when I looked at the numbers it was some time since another player got an uber off a Longtooth. While someone did it would be hours later long after I went on another break.

A couple of days would then pass by before I’d log back in and check things out. To my shock, the place was not as full as I was expecting it to be. There were at least a couple of players. It seemed I could just take one of the corners of the mountain and be left alone. Everyone for the most part was just staying on their little sections.

Yet again another session without a single global. At least I was not that cornered. Despite nothing big, I was looting what looked like above-average loot which kept that run almost at break even. Not quite there but it could have been much worse.

Longtooth Guardian 83 PED.jpg

A couple of hunts later and it finally came down to the final hunt. I was expecting another loss which it was since I had quite a few amazing runs over the past week before this one. I did at least get a single global of 83 PED but that still felt rather on the cheap side of things.

While it would have been nice to try and push to finish off Codex rank 13 I just did not feel the momentum for doing so. On top of that, I became quite busy with a lot of things outside of the game.

Entropia Universe is one of those games I’ll play for a bit and then take a break for a bit if not longer. While I doubt I’ll be gone for months at a time there are a lot of other things than hunting I want to share that I’ve been up to.
One other thing I noticed is despite the massive amount of ammo I went through during hunting on these Longtooth I did not loot a single Unreal Token. I was rather expecting to loot at least a couple by now. Yet none at all. I have no idea if they were missing from the loot table or if I was just that unlucky.

Final Thoughts

the final kill.jpg

All in all my run on this event was amazing. Before including decay and markup I was up a tiny amount of 101.129%. While that might not sound like a lot it’s all about the economics of scale and I did an insane amount of hunting on these Longtooth.

I also looted quite a few Summer Strongboxes. In total, they have a markup of 101 PED. While not amazing that helps cover some of the decay and other costs. It is also a tiny part of the entire picture.

On the remaining markup of the loot, there is an extra 154.97 PED to add to things. While that is not a lot in terms of a lot of things I’ve hunted in the past between the markup on items and the strongboxes I looted that is a lot better than most things.

This is all before I get to the real winner here and that is the skill gains. While I was running a 10% skill increase for most of my hunts. I as in the past did not keep track of those numbers. Back in the day, there used to be a free tool to do so. Now that tool costs money and I’m being rather cheap.

What I did keep track of was all the skill gains from codex gains. That again like in other events I’ve done takes the take. In total, I earned 48.12 TT of skills which have an estimated value of 681 PED if I were to go out and buy them myself.

That all included made this quite worthwhile to go out and do. While it is so tempting to keep going. I’d rather just cut things off here. This year is expected to be filled with all kinds of extras since they have the yearlong anniversary event going on.

For all, I know they could have something extra planned for Summer Migration 2023 later into the event at the end. If that ends up being the case if I have the time I’ll be back going at it again. If not I’m happy with the way things went.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.