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While hunting Atrax was fun they are just not the same as Atrox themselves. So it’s only natural that I felt a need after such a long grind to head over to my favorite Atrox spot out in Jurra Plateau. A place that I’ve learned I enjoy hunting some other local creatures as well.

Atrox is just one of those creatures I find myself hunting at least once a week if not more as long as I’m on the Planet Calypso. As such this grind to rank 10 ended up being quite a few scatters of time frames across perhaps months in time. It seems I was not as well organized as I should have been in taking some screenshots of those hunts.

working on rank 7 of atrox codex Entropia Universe.jpg

Regardless I was already well on my way to rank 10 by the time I decided I wanted to get a bunch of different codex up to that point. While Atrox is a bit more of the high-health creature then I’ll usually be hunting for my goals. With myself already working on rank 7 it was not going to be too bad of a grind to finish.

One thing quite a few people don’t know about this game is you can loot drops that are used by landowners to spawn certain types of creatures on their lands. This usually requires things like bones and whatnot that drop from individual creatures themselves.

Over the years the game has lost some creatures due to land owners overriding limited spawns and no one having enough materials to bring them back from the dead. While nowadays most parts used in such things that are still around are not worth much and hardly ever sell. There are still some things that.

Looted DNA Fragment A.jpg

I happened to loot a DNA Fragment A while out hunting Atrox during one of my hunts. Just having one won’t be quite worth trying to sell since they tend to be worth only 120% markup nowadays. You can see in the decade data they use to be worth a lot more and over 22k of them have sold. That is quite crazy.

While I’ll more than likely just TT it at some point for the 1 PED since I rarely get these. For now, I’ll just hold into it as a fun reminder of this hunt. I tend to try and keep a lot of odd little things in storage till a rainy day comes along and I decided it's time to sell some junk I have like busting open a piggy bank.

Atrox Young 64 PED.jpg

That was sadly the most interesting loot I ended up getting here. While I did get a couple of global they all had nothing that interesting in them.

I do miss the old days of going out and hunting Atrox. Looting an ESI and that more than covers the cost of the hunt and then some. I have still yet to get a single one of them let alone any of the other cool stuff Atrox can drop allegedly.

Sometimes do what can drop if anything these days. Perhaps at some point, I just need to do a much higher level of the hunt on these things. These lower-level ones have gotten to be quite easy for me over the years.

health increase.jpg

During one of these hunts, I even managed to get a health point increase. Some of the top players in this game are walking around with such an insane amount of health. While the amount I have is not a lot. It’s quite rare these days for what I hunt to get one shot although a well-placed hit followed by a critical on certain creatures is more than enough to finish me off.

This is why I always love seeing my health go up reducing that chance even further of occurring. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been taken to a single point of health in this game. Thankfully I can usually heal myself quickly enough along with my evade skill that I survive near death.

As far as how many hunts or even Atrox I’ve killed that even to me remains quite unknown. I rather mindlessly hunt these things I’m shocked they have not gone fully extinct. It is also rather shocking I’m not a lot higher in the codex as well.

rank 7 atrox codex Entropia Universe.jpg

The codex rewards even on the lower ranks for these are not that bad either. Rank 7 netted me a nice 6.18 PED of dexterity. These are nothing like the lower-level creatures I’ve been mostly hunting as of late.

I ended up having a bit of a long rut hunting Atrox. For whatever reason, they seemed to be rather tired of me showing up to hunt them. I guess I can’t blame them they have not killed me in quite some time. Just no fun in it for them at the levels I hunt.

atrox provider.jpg

This is also going to be a creature I’m taking past rank 10. That is however going to be quite a long journey. I even put in a little bit towards working on rank 11 at some point. Each kill however at that point barely gives much progress.

I don’t even want to think how much PED worth of ammo I’ll need to cycle through these things just to get up to rank 20 let alone rank 25. Perhaps in the future, I’ll go try some higher-level ones. I do have ghost armor I should be able to tackle some bigger stuff.

I should also in the coming months have high enough skills to have an ArMatrix LR 50 (L) maxed out. Sadly from what I’ve seen for laser guns that are where they start to get rather pricey for markup. I don’t even want to know the gun amp markup at the level to get the most out of it.

Perhaps one of these days I’ll luck out and loot a nice TWEN event UL gun. Granted it will more than likely be a rather low-level one. I however don’t play enough let alone want to spend the kind of money to just buy a UL weapon off another player.

I’ll have to loot one if I want one. So far the only ones I’ve ever looted are really old ones with low efficiency and terrible damage per pec. Not worth holding onto. Not to mention some of them require level 100 in laser skills to have fully maxed out. Which I am nowhere near having even if I play this game for many more years to come.

Final Thoughts

rank 10 atrox.jpg

All in all, I always have an amazing time hunting Atrox even if the loot is as cold as they look. Jurra Plateau is always so crowded with people. It almost reminds me of the old days. Back then of course you would see nothing but Atrox globals from other players all day long. People grinned their brains out at these things.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.