Entropia Universe | Digging In On Longtooth For Summer Migration 2023

While not all events this year I have plans to go bigger than I did last year. Summer Migration is one of those I’ve decided to go for. I was rather pleased with how things went in my first hunts out taking a look around. The biggest drawback to this event is just how crowded the Longtooth areas get since this is a non-instance event.

One thing I’ll be doing for sure this year is getting Longtooth Codex to rank 10. Since I’m closing in on finishing off rank 8 that one seems to be quite an easy goal to reach.

The other goal is to get my gun skills to the next tier of guns. That is another one I’m getting close on. The only downside is LR-50 which would be the next gun I can use to have a massive jump in markup. However, with my gun skills, I might just have to shop around and see what other options are out there.

looted a L gun.jpg

Speaking of guns not that far into this hunt of many I ended up looting my first item of the event. It was just a Wildman's Fury (L). Nothing special at all. I don’t have a lot of hope it will sell but I put it up on the auction house just to see if I could get a 104% markup.

That loot was so close to being global. It however was not. It would at least help things along. On each single hunting trip, I take out I’m using quite a lot more ammo than my normal hunting.

As far as the location I’ve hunted at I returned at L2. For the moment this has the creature maturity I want to hunt. At some point, as I grind these out the herd will start to migrate. Some of these places however become so packed with players I would just log out and check back later.

Longtooth Provider 191 PED.jpg

After a while, I ran out of ammo. I looked at how loot was going and decided it was good enough that I’d put in a little bit more before taking my next break. I’m rather glad I did as I ended up getting my biggest global so far on Longtooth for this event a 191 PED global.

It happened to be a Longtooth Provider which is the higher maturity of what I was usually hunting in this area. These things appear to get some decent globals when and if they do. While it was mostly just shrapnel that will keep me going.

That loot also had Kidney Oil drop. Due to this event, the markup on that stuff has dropped to almost nothing. At least since they have added in the ability to recycle items like these I’ll be turning them into nanocubes and getting a little better about 101.07%-101.56% markup. Most importantly it won’t take long to sell.

rank 8 of longtooth codex.jpg

Shortly after that, I ended up getting rank 8 of Longtooth for 6.09 PED of perception. While at this point not my favorite reward choice from the codex. It was a least a little something.

The loot ended up being decent enough I decided to convert a little bit extra into ammo to keep doing. At one point, however, it was well past 2 AM my time and time for some needed rest. This however would just be the start of my grinding for that day.

I ended up leaving that hunt up about 15%. I was decently now into the green for this event. Nothing crazy but it would help along the way. Since I was getting low on liquidity since I bought a new ring not long ago. My stockpile of guns and amps was almost nonexistent.

flying back.jpg

After some sleep and other IRL stuff, I later returned quite late at night to finish off the day. I just hoped since it was a new day with the time zone they use in-game that the migration of what I wanted to hunt would still be there.

It amazes me just how packed this place is. It’s like they need a lot more spawns of Providers and Guardians. While there was one other spot I knew about. I decided I’d stick it out here.

After a little bit of walking around, I found a few that I could get to in between respawns. One of the benefits of having a longer-range weapon in an event like this I don’t need to move around a lot unless I don’t have a line of sight.

I do however need to be mindful of lower attack ranged players. I don’t want to be pulling anything it appears someone is attempting to run close enough to tag. That would be a bit rude. You don’t always see people running from every angle so I’m sure it happened.

Longtooth Guardian 56 PED.jpg

Not that far in I got myself a smaller than my last global. It was off a Longtooth Guardian for 56 PED. Nothing interesting in the loot. It was however quite needed since it seemed loot was not as great as it was before.

About twenty minutes later I got my final global for the day a 50.90. That was not the kind of loot I was looking to get. It was however getting late again so I used up the rest of the ammo I had on me.

I did not get any further globals or anything that decent. That other hunt of the day ended up being a bit of a loss. With how much I’m up, however, that was fine me with. I was still up overall for the day. It was however time to wait for things to sell at the auction house so I could buy some new guns.

I teleported out to make some armor repairs. So far I’ve yet to need to repair the healing device that I use for out-of-combat healing. As I’ve been using a bunch of ones I’ve been sitting on from missions and other things. They are that great so I never use them. I thought since I’m in no rush to heal during this event hunting this maturity why not use them up now.

I would however need to shortly replace my Vivo T20 (L). As it was about to break. I noticed there were a few up on the auction house. So that would be another thing I’ll be looking to buy after some things sell.

Final Thoughts

50 ped global.jpg

Overall, this was a great couple of hunts. Other than that one not-so-great (L) gun I looted nothing interesting loot-wise. At least I did get a decent global that helped cover the costs for the day of the hunt. That is always a good day.

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