Entropia Universe | Atrax My New Favorite Creature

One of the fun things about going around and grinding out a bunch of lower-level codexes is finding out you might have a new favorite creature to hunt. While I’ve hunted a lot of Atrox over the years I’ve rarely hunted any Atrax. I’ve always seen them as these low-level creatures I just never cared much for.

One hard thing about creating content about a real cash economy game like Entropia Universe is deciding what to share and what not to share. I kind of greedily wanted to not share what ended up being quite a few hunts on these on Atrax for codex gains.

atrax young Entropia Universe.jpg

While there are some reasons I won’t get into it. As is often the case I don’t always share everything and even choose at least for now leave out many other activities I engage with in the game. I decided I just won’t be sharing the location of these.

They are not that hard to find. I ended up traveling to a few different spots. This exact spot works amazingly if you are the only one around. On top of that, there are some nasty things nearby that can get into this amazing spot if you are not paying enough attention.

Since I have also not grinned a lot of Atrax in the past. I ended up getting a nice 9 ranks of codex spread out over 12 separate hunting sessions on these. It is also a bit of a flight out to an outpost let alone a teleport making this area quite nice and out of the way.

hunting further atrax Entropia Universe.jpg

I did not see a single person here as I went on quite a massive grind throughout a couple of days. While this game is an MMORPG I do prefer being left alone most of the time. It was just me and around the 1,932 Atrax, I eliminated.

Outside of being far away which I see as a plus for this spot. I could also just do a circle around the spawn and by the time I got back around they would start to re-spawning again. This meant I had very little downtime at the rate I was clearing this place out.

not a global.jpg

While I do admit there is a bit of a thrill to get a global when hunting in Entropia Universe. It did take a little use to go almost 2k kills without a single one. I also looked up any further data and noticed there where no one getting any globals on them for the entire week as well. That I felt was just so odd.

They however on occasion did give some decent nonglobal loot. It is more than helping to keep a few runs in the green. I rather lucked out after all the hunts I’ve been on that this one seemed to pull me out of the red on quite a few of my codex grinds I’ve done in the past. All without a single global!

I did rather enjoy that most of the level of Atrax here was around the provider. While you might run into the occasion young or so. For the most part, it was higher levels.

repair after a run.jpg

I found them to be rather perfect for wearing adjusted pixie with 2 A plating. I only needed to heal on occasion. I feel if I ever return to this spot one day with a lot higher evade I might just get away with even lower-level armor or perhaps none at all.

My armor repair bills were however already quite low. You tend to come to a point where trying to go with less armor ends up yielding a lot higher healing costs unless you have some amazing healing devices which I do not.

One of the reasons I ended up hunting these other than the codex was for the skin they drop. I don’t want them for selling as they don’t have a lot of volumes either. I however one day might want the texture to be used on some clothing items. That however requires I have enough. So a lot more hunts on these will be needed in the future if I choose to go further for that.

up on a hill.jpg

I also got to say I loved the slight terrain change here. You can be in a little swamp down below or up on this little ridge. There is even a small hill passage you can go through. A couple of Atrax love spawning up on the top so I would get a couple on me at once when I made my rounds.

down in the valley again.jpg

After a couple of kills then you be back down into this, not quite-a swamp. Maybe a marsh kind of landscape even though I’m not quite sure that is the correct term either. The nights here were rather breathtaking.

While here I even managed to finish off a daily for a single daily token. I must have been sitting in this daily for months now. Since I have this location if I get one for Atrax again I’ll just head on over here so I can work on it.

Final Thoughts

atrax rank 10.jpg

Between the location I found to hunt these at. Along with some loot, I’d like to get to drop one day off these. There is a good chance these have made the sort list of something I would not mind this year getting to codex level 25. That would require quite an insane amount of grinding to accomplish. I dare say I enjoyed them more than Atrox.

For now, however, I have quite a lot of other things to hunt and places to explore. Hopefully, in a few months, I’ll have some time to come back here and get some grinding sessions in.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.