Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 The Hot Streak Continues

cover Longtooth Guardian 176 PED.jpg

I was back with some fresh guns I was ready to go. I’m not even sure if a single person so far during this event had looted one of the items I’m after. Yes, that item is that rare. I’m not even sure if it can drop off the maturity I’m hunting. What I do know is I was ready to take on more Providers and Guardians.

88 ped global.jpg

Almost the entire hunting round was a dud. I was expecting to write this one off as a decent loss that would be getting any kind of highlight of the hunting session. Then I looted a Kicak Kwel (L) blade. Sadly there is not a lot markup on them and not one of the types of weapons I’m looking for as drops.

I did end up putting it on the auction house for like 105% markup. It failed to sell within a week. It also looked like a few other people looted one. Some players might just put it into storage and try selling it again months later. The overall markup and sales volume on these things was not worth me hanging on so I recycled it and sold it for slightly above 101% markup as nanotubes along with a few other things I looted.

After a while the area cleared out enough I decided to turn this into a double hunt. I made a quick trip back to the revival terminal for repairs and to get more ammo. I then flew back quickly. The area seemed even emptier the further I went into the hunt.

Longtooth Provider 111 PED.jpg

I’m however glad I decided to stick around. Another global was not that far off. A decent little one for 111 PED. I was also hoping now would be a time other (L) items might start to drop. It appeared however not to be the case.

That was not the only reason I stuck around. I was getting close to my next rank in the codex and I just felt like finishing it off before calling it a night. I made a guess I might have been able to finish it off on this hunting round. Only time would tell as it slowly ticked towards 100% as my ammo went lower and lower.

Longtooth Guardian 106 PED.jpg

A couple of kills later I ended up landing yet another global. This time for 106. At this point, I felt like this place was hot. I also kind of found it funny just how few people were around. They were missing all the action!
50 ped global.jpg

To my shock a kill or two later I got yet another global. This one ended up being quite small at just 50 PED. While usually I’d be a bit disappointed at this point with how this hunt was going it was just tossing extra profit on top of things.

rank 12 of longtooth codex.jpg

I was also closing in on finishing off rank 12 of the Longtooth Codex. When I did I picked up a juicy 16.25 PED of Dexterity. That alone would have made staying for a bit longer more than worth it.

level 52 laser pisloleer.jpg

As if that was not enough excitant right down to my last three kills for that hunt I hit level 52 Laser Pistoleer (hit). While pistols are not my main weapon of choice I would not mind getting it to level 55 and it’s a longer-term goal I’m slowly working on.

While it’s tempting to just switch over to a pistol gun once anything is in range and grind it out to level 55. I know it would take quite a long time with the way I hunt to get another level up let alone three for that global.

I did do a little bit of grinding on the pistol I was using. Mostly to get a good chunk of the TT out of it while saving me quite a few shots left for finishing with it before it breaks. While many prefer using pistols I still enjoy a longer-range gun in general.

It was then time to call it for the night as it was getting late. That double round I ended up in the green a bit on them. I double-checked that I had enough guns left to do a few more hunts and then teleported to the revival area.

I was tempted to go over to the daily I sometimes grind and log out at. It was however already quite late and I was feeling lazy. Besides I knew the daily was already up so I’d have to go do it and then when I logged in next run it again before heading back here. While that would be the smarter play for reaching my one goal quicker. I was just not going to do it.

It was then a couple of days before I logged back in to do some further hunting. Things have been going well enough that I was trying my best to skip over being on during the player peaks as that place would have just too many people in it.

another 50 ped global.jpg

Despite that it can be hard to beat the crowds of players for the tiny spawn area we get for the mature I’m after hunting. The next run just was going dreadful despite how packed the place was. It didn’t feel any better either with this tiny 50 PED global that was not even coming close to how bad the loot was at the time.

That however was quickly made up by a 176 PED of shrapnel global. I always do hope when I start seeing a number like that I got some kind of item that might have a little bit of markup on it.

It did not matter that much as I was down to my last couple of kills before leaving and got 66 PED global followed up by a decent min loot before calling it an evening.

Final Thoughts

flying back.jpg

It seems like I’ve been on quite the lucky street as of late. While not every hunt has been coming away as a massive profit. All of this just keeps me going longer hoping I get something decent in the end. For now, it was time for a short break as I went off to do some other things.

I also needed to go restock and run some dailies as well. So I flew back to the teleporter and logged out at a daily where I could just log in and run it before logging back out till I had more time to play.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.