Path of Exile | Sentinel League Slowly But Surely

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It was time to get down to some business. I have not been going that fast I was able to take the time to enjoy things. Like playing around more with sentinels, clearing expeditions, and slaying some gods along the way.

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Now that I’ve gained some levels I’ve started to notice different Sentinel types dropping. While I have a couple of points now to spend on the Sentinel page I have yet to unlock other types. For now, I have just been focusing on the type you start with.

New belt.jpg

The items I have been looting along the way have not been that amazing. They however will get me by for now. I ended up finding this belt with a decent amount of life on it. A little bit of reflection at this stage of the game is quite nice as well. It also helped shore up my fire resistance which I found quite handy.

I did start to get a bit lazy when it comes to keeping up with my skill gems. A few of my sockets don’t have anything in them at all. I have been keeping my eye out for upgrades that have the right color sockets. I just have not been finding any.

I even tried a few times rolling my sockets. I am still quite light on the right currencies to do so. I also don’t want to spend all that I have so I have some for later when I need to make some massive improvements to run maps.

It comes down to what I absolutely need right now to get by. It turns out not a lot. If this was hardcore I would be putting a lot more effort into leveling up and having the right gear. In softcore, you can get away with a lot of things.

Slaying another god.jpg

I have also been picking up the speed that I’ve been going through zones. The advantages I had at being over-leveled are slowly fading away. I just have that itch to get into maps and do so many other things in the game.


One thing I did make time for was all the Expedition sites I keep finding. I swear at one point I ran into them 5 times in a row. While they do slow me down a bit. I just enjoy setting up explosives over nodes I want to open up and have those modifiers and clear out the encounter.

I did get about 10 Chaos worth of the Expedition currencies to drop. Some of them I might spend myself and others I have plans to sell once I’m happy with the price they are going for. While that is not a lot of currencies it is for being this far into the game.

Brine King.jpg

The Act 6 boss fight took me some time to defeat. My build is just not there yet for damage. Thankfully you can use the trick of teleporting back to town than jumping back to get short-time protection if you don’t move. That way you can survive the phase where he can’t be damaged and there is a bunch of lighting damage doing on.

black venom drop.jpg

Act 7 for me is always a bit of a blur. I usually end up running it late into the night or early morning. It just seems like I’m running around doing almost mindless tasks such as fighting one person for some black venom. There are several collection quests in this act.

Trials of ascendancy.jpg

Throughout this journey, I have done my best to run all the mini-trials of ascendancy you need to unlock the different labyrinths. The only exceptions have been if I needed to go to a zone out of the way that the main storyline is not going to take me into.

Those I’ll quickly pick up later on. Each mini trail showcases different kinds of traps that you need to get around. This one for instance had a bunch of spinning blades. Thankfully there was not a puzzle of unlocking doors. Each level just opened a door for a quicker route through the maze if you ended up getting killed.

Hunting Gruthkul.jpg

I slew several gods in act 7. For whatever reason, these along with the acts boss always seem quite easy compared to all the rest. I don’t even recall getting killed on any of them.

The hardest part is just waiting for my totem damage to take them down. I was at least nearing close to picking up a nice damage boost on the passive skill tree. I just needed a couple more levels. That would help a long way to finish zones faster.

Fighting Arakaali.jpg

After wandering around some dark and damp places I found myself at the Act 7 boss. I have always found this fight to be easy and enjoyable at the same time. The giant spider you fight appears in different corners of the room.

avoiding the purple beams.jpg

You then have different phases of purple beams shooting in patterns around the room that you can avoid. I had enough resistance I could face tank things if I wanted. Out of habit though I did my best to avoid taking any damage I did not need to.

Final Thoughts

Getting more contracts for heist.jpg

At the end of act 7, it was time for a bit of a break from the game. In this league, I just do not see the reason to push myself hard to get somewhere fast. Sometimes taking things slowly allows you to enjoy a game a lot more and see it differently. I can only hope the later stages of this league are a lot more fun than what I understand so far about Sentinel.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from Path of Exile.