Diablo IV | Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon For Torment Unlock

That exciting feeling when you are about to unlock world tier 4 in Diablo IV. I was honestly expecting far more of a challenge. I did however wait till I was 68 before diving into this. While Torment says 70+ you don’t need to be to enter or work on this.

Torment world tier 4.jpg

Getting to Torment difficulty is quite an important milestone. While sure the increased experience and gold are cool. It’s all about those ancestral drops and a wider pool of Unique. Granted some unique still can’t drop to much higher levels even once you are in Torment.

When I entered into the capstone dungeon I did have to face off against level 70 creatures. They were however no match for my fire magic. I sent the dungeon ablaze with the delight of wanting to unlock torment.

The first objective at hand was just getting to the Cursed Halls and investigating around. Sounds like a place I would not want to be caught dead in let alone spend a few nights at. So I quickly marched forward laying waste to anything that stood in my path.

Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon For Torment Unlock.jpg

There ended up being this strange Idol I found within the dungeon. Carpeting the ground with fire and some screaming from any witnesses that remained later. What strange idol? I don’t know what you are talking about. There is just this space on the ground.

It would not be a dungeon run without having to drag around some strange stone carving. You would think my character would at least care what they said about them. Nope. He was thinking we need a bar for celebrating after this dungeon was done.

I ended up having to do a little exploring around to find it. Every single person I ran into was just not helpful in any way of finding it. It’s their loss, not mine for not helping me. I would say perhaps they would make better decisions in the future but that is no longer possible.

This capstone dungeon requires a lot of investing in different things. I was perhaps not the best person to be given such a task. As my investigations always ended with lots of flames and no real answers as I’ve burned them all up for the most part.

demonic barrier.jpg

Next up I found a demonic barrier. That sounds exciting, right? Oh, it was. Without looking for any kind of warning labels I activated it. It sprung as I expected a bit of a trap I had to survive eliminating anything that spawned around the barrier.

I’m never that thrilled with having to backtrack through a dungeon. This place seemed to have a few areas that looped back onto themselves. I also always seemed to be hauling things for longer than one should be forced to. I guess that was the real challenge of this capstone.

I was then given the opportunity as they say to go spend some time with cannibals. Now I know what you are thinking. Did I return with all of my fingers and toes? Absolutely. Thankfully I did not have to spend time chatting with the cannibals or any of that nonsense.

collect animus.jpg

While some say my small chat is as bad as a cannibal. I say that is an insult. An insult to the cannibals or myself the world may never know. Even more so since I killed them all and collected the required amount of Animus that I was tasked with getting. A real shame some would say. Opportunity for advancement I’d say. It was however quite a strange thing to have to collect.

As I was slowly working towards the end of this place. I started to realize the further I got along the more cursed with negative effects I became. Thankfully to counteract this course I just had to keep killing like a serial killer.

map of the capstone dungeon Fallen Temple.jpg

After hauling even more things this time to a urn of all things. I was starting to feel the end was near. I just had no idea who the end was near for. Some say this was all just a trap to get me stuck in some dungeon and killed with hopes of unlocking torment. That the real torment would be me trapped in this dungeon forever.

It was then time to finally face Elias, Hatred Remnant. I was expecting that this is where I’d get swept along the floor. After all, I’m facing level 70 creatures and my gear was not even anything amazing.

elias hatred remnant.jpg

I was however quite wrong in that assumption. While there was a little requirement for me to dodge some nasty-looking attacks. For the most part, we both just sat around in the middle of the final room fighting it out.

further along the fight.jpg

I was expecting some kind of massive twist at the end. A kind of we got you moment. While some crazy effects were going on in that room. Along with all the fire, I was dropping. I was shocked it was this easy to finish off this capstone dungeon. Kind of disappointing actually.

It turns out the real challenge was not finishing the capstone dungeon to unlock Torment itself. It was going into torment with the kind of gear I have and expecting things to go well. Thankfully that did not last long and after some amazing upgrades, it was not so challenging anymore.

Final Thoughts

fallen temple completed.jpg

I’m rather blown away by how short and easy unlocking torment was. Perhaps if I had gone in there as soon as I could have it would be a different story. It was at least fun and won’t be something that held me back as a roadblock to advance along.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Diablo IV. This was during the early access beta. Things are subject to change.