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While I was playing Hogwarts Legacy there was this feeling that I was somewhat cut off from a large chunk of the map. There is this massive no-fly zone that you have to walk through to get to the other side before you can pick up some Flame Floos to get to that side of the map. This adventure to do so also lead to running a dungeon.

It’s not any shock at this point that I had yet another mission with Sebastian. At this point, he is starting to become more like my sidekick than anything else. I was to meet him along the coast before we both end up heading into a dungeon.

While I have since long unlocked the part of the region I felt cut off from. This was quite a fun adventure regardless to think back to now. It required a lot more work than usual to get to the dungeon.

Journey To The Dungeon

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Just getting to the dungeon itself ended up being its little adventure. I lacked any quick way to get right next to the starting location. As such, I would take a bit of a flight on the broom and walk to see what trouble I could find myself getting into.

It was not long before I found myself face to face with a troll while just going along the road in the general direction I needed to head. Since I needed troll loot anyways I engaged in combat.

Oddly enough the troll was already a bit busy once I noticed it. There were a few loyalists in the area it was not happy about. I however was not going to let them have all the fun. So I took them on along with the troll.

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There was then a bit of a walk-in to get into the tunnel. The main reason I picked to start walking once I got within a certain range of this place is the annoying no-fly zones set up. You can see them on the mini radar on the left.

They made getting to this spot a bit tricky by trying to fly right to it. It was a lot easier and fun to get into some trouble along the way on foot. It can become easy to get spoiled by things like flying and Foo network in games like Hogwarts Legacy. The real adventures are on the ground after all.

Once inside the tunnel network, there were quite a few Loyalists that needed to be defeated. There was even a named one called Ogbert the Odd. A more fitting name would have been the Ugly Goblin Of The Tunnel. I’ll spare your eyes by not including a screenshot of him.

After a while, I made it through the tunnel and unlocked the north coast Floo flame. This would make getting to the region a lot easier in the future. It was also quite far out on the map so I’m glad I found a point I could teleport to without getting further into this adventure.

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Along the way, I got sidetracked as I usually do. I found an interesting map showing a hidden passage of sorts. I did some exploring around and further looked at the clues I discovered before making it to my final destination of meeting back up with Sebastian.

Naturally, I got sidetracked again since we were not at the starting point for the dungeon. It was still a bit of a walk away. There were also no-fly zones all around me. So I decided I’d just go on foot. I was quite tired at this point hitting no-fly zones on the broom.

Tower Tunnel


From an environment standpoint, I love it when I get to run another dungeon in a cave. There are just so many cool little things going on my eyes dart all over the room. I however was not here for sightseeing. There were many spiders to be slain or be slain by and I quickly refocused my efforts back on them as I made my way deeper into the cave itself.

Along the way of clearing this place out, there were some ambushes by spiders. Since they can drop down from the ceiling and pop out of other areas. It makes a cave filled with them quite fun if you don’t jump out of your chair at the sight of spiders.

Along the way, I also picked up any moonstone and other things I could find in the cave. It was quite a resourceful place to pick stuff up. At this point, I still needed lots of moonstones and was looking for spider ingredients as well.

fighting a matriarch spider.jpg

This place did try tossing some challenges my way. A level 35 Matriarch was one of them. The room however had some objects I could pick up with magic and toss at the spider. I was a little disappointed the spider being made at a higher level than the player was not bigger.

Don’t get me wrong this thing was already a monster compared to a normal spider. One would just expect however with how large of a chamber for an arena I fought this thing in. That it would be bigger.

Regardless a few spells later and it crumbled into a ball like the rest. I did burn through a couple of healing potions in the process. I was a bit sloppy for what could have been a fight that resulted in death.

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While here I did go around to any side area I could break into. I was in search of treasure and trinkets. I happened to notice some on the map that was quite easy to get to.

Despite trying to not get distracted by just enjoying the marvel of this place. I’ll admit there were a couple of places once I cleared out everything I just could not help myself. Some of the environment work in the sets in this dungeon is just amazing for different reasons.

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This was perhaps the room that stood out the most for me. Just so much decay from damage and being worn down over time. So many little details that gave this room quite the abandoned by-time feeling to it.

The banners across the room also caught my eye. We were getting quite close to our objective of finding the third triptych segment at this point.

In the end, I did find it. There was a portal that took us back to the Undercroft and a bit of a cut sense unfolding further things in tiny drips that you don’t always understand why it’s showing you what it is.

Final Thoughts

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One thing that can be easy to overlook in a game like Hogwarts Legacy is the adventure of getting somewhere for the first time. While the dungeon itself was not bad and perhaps even a bit longer than many I have run before it. I feel I enjoyed the journey to getting to it over running it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.