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I have found it strange working when working with the goblin named Lodgok in Hogwarts Legacy. It ended up having quite an interesting twist in the end. One that I did not expect at this point of the storyline when interacting with him.

Quite a few of the encounters with the goblin were rather short. Often in-between other major story parts of the game. Our work with each other however is not something to be ignored, however. As we went on quite a few adventures. That alone made it quite fun whenever I would end up bumping back into him.

The Coastal Mine Lodgok’s Loyalty

Looking for Lodgok Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

In one short adventure things went deeper quite quickly with Lodgok. I am off looking for him in The Coastal Mine. That however went sideways quickly.

After some killing, exploring, and riding a cart around. I end up running into Ranrok. Turns out Ranrok and Lodgok are brothers. That was not unexpected but it was not the way I would have expected them to be so against each other about different things. It however does give way to understanding why Lodgok was always trying to get back into Ranrok's good book. Even though was never going to happen.

The book Lodgok was brought to me was taken by Ranrok who was rather pissed as it had the information he’s been looking for this whole time. His brother was keeping it from me. This put as you can imagen in an even worse position with his brother.

At first, I thought this was where Lodgok was going to cross me. I had in the back of my mind somewhat that he was going to end up being a traitor. Turns out he was a traitor just not to me. It also explains why he kept asking for my help such as getting that helmet I’ve written about in the past to try and get back into Ranrok’s good side. It seems such a fate is just never meant to be.

As a player, this was also enough of a moment for me to realize despite my expectation of getting backstabbed. That I no longer needed to keep that in the back of my mind. This was like the ultimate proof that Lodgok despite any mistrust I had towards him at the start never deserved it. It almost made me feel bad for my mistrust of him from the start.

The Mine’s Eye


In quite a different adventure, I needed to go into a mine called The Mine’s Eye. For this adventure, Amit Thakkar who I met in astronomy class was invited along since he could speak the language that we needed. At least that was his claim.

Thankfully the goblin after getting a good laugh out of Amit Thakkar trying to speak the language. Ask if he was better and read it. I only really needed someone who could read it. As the goblin, he could not get cough lurking around with us in the mine.

I was also not shocked by Amit Thakkar's lack of performance. The short amount of time I spent with Amit Thakkar up at the school lead me close to the conclusion I was expecting of him. At least he was useful enough to be allowed to move ahead. I was rather expecting I’d have to fully ditch him right away and be off alone on this adventure.

This encounter also highlights just how brief of engagement I sometimes had with the goblin. He was not always there by my side. After all, he needed to not be caught doing things that this brother would see as going against him.

lighting a fire under a boiler The Mine’s Eye Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Once inside the mine, we found some massive steam boilers. If you lit them with fire magic they would create pressure. That pressure in many instances could be used for such things as making a lift work or getting a door open.

While little puzzles like these were never meant to be any kind of challenge. I always find it fun to see how the game developers would incorporate the use of magic with solving something to move forward in the storyline or even in this case the dungeon itself.

While sometimes once you are deceived about how something worked as a player. You would keep seeing such a type of puzzle repeat itself much later in the game. There were quite a few things like the boilers might get a little bit more useful but otherwise could have been a once-and-throw-away type of thing.

This helped keep you a little more on your toes than you might expect in a game like Hogwarts Legacy. Things slowly built up over time. While some things might feel somewhat similar to something you had encountered before. There was always a slight twist to make you think for a very short amount of time before adding whatever new way of looking at something to a growing knowledge bank about this game in general.

sneaking around in The Mine’s Eye Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

While I don’t usually choose to sneak around in a dungeon. This was a tactic I went with for a while trying to find the evidence we needed. It’s often like these where you don’t have much of a choice. Everyone knows I’d rather go in wands blazing burning the place down to the ground. I rarely settle for the quiet sneaking around option unless there seemed to be a good reason to do so.

Outside of a couple of kills. This dungeon was quite uneventful. We ended up finding the plans that will make a giant drill. I think I could have learned that myself without needing the help of Amit Thakkar.

The Mine’s Eye Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Thankfully this was the last time I had to go on an adventure with Amit Thakkar. Not only was he not cut out for it. I swear I almost wasted more time trying to get his help than if I would have just quickly run the dungeon by myself.

Final Thoughts


If you felt this article was all over the place. All I got to say is welcome to Hogwarts Legacy. It's rare for you just to focus on working with one NPC all the down their storyline. Instead, you find yourself entwined in a dozen other things all going on around the same time.

I swear I need to play this game several times more to sometimes understand what is going on sometimes. It gets confusing when you feel like you are being pulled in a million directions. Even trying to attempt to pull quite a few pieces together into something like this only helps so much.

Even far after I’ve “beaten” the game and returned to enjoy moments like these. It’s quite interesting just how much was going on if you are not trying to rush the game. Even then it would seem things are not so in a line as someone might expect.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.