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Before I could head off for Castle Alamos I had two things I needed to do first. One was to confront the traitor. Next was to speak to someone. Then I could head off to Castle Alamos in search of an item.

traitor dealt with on the high council.png

Since I could just town portal to Free Haven where the high council is I could confront the traitor. He ended up vanishing once called out leaving me free now with the approval of the rest of the council to speak with the Oracle.

This is where this game goes off the rails. Up till this point, you were enjoying a nice medieval RPG game. With dragons, magic, and swords. Once you step down into the dungeon the Oracle you realize something else is going on.

control panel.png

This place not only has electricity but control panels and some other advanced technology. I can almost recall my first time discovering this part of the game and thinking WTF? It was nothing like anything else in the game.

When I went down into the chamber further to speak with the Oracle an almost black screen raised from the round that had stars on it. When you click on it you are taken into a room and told to awaken the oracle you need to collect four memory crystals.

Up till this point, I had already come across two of the four crystals needed. They are also in some of the hardest dungeons in the game and many of them that I dislike as well.

All that suffering I had done in Darkmoor Castle got me the Crystal of Delta. I also found the Crystal of Epsilon in Castle Kriegspire. This just left me two other dungeons I had to raid to get the needed crystals.

doorway Castle Alamos.png

decided for my third crystal I would head off for Crystal of Beta in Castle Alamos. The castle itself is located in a zone called Eel-infested Waters which can be a bit of a journey to get to I however already had a beacon there from the time I was working on getting enough reputation for light mastery. So I just had to fly over the ocean to the dungeon that was in a different part of the zone.

The doorway into this dungeon makes you feel like there is a lot of wealth here. I did certainly find some of it while inside as well. This was yet another dungeon that took a lot of time to clear and many trips to heal for mana.

As soon as I got inside I dropped a beacon at the entryway. I then started to attack some Magyar Soldiers I ran into just looking a bit around the place.

From the entryway there ended up being two different ways I could go. I ended up rotating which side I was working on every couple of trips to the healers for mana. This was mostly to keep me sane and feel like I was making some progress while working on a rather large number of creatures I had run into.

using ring of fire to clear things out behind walls Castle Alamos.png

I ended up using the spell ring of fire a lot in this dungeon. There are some massive amounts of Magyar, Druids, and other things to take out.

This castle also featured a lot of spots that looked like you could shoot from to try and thin things out. You however usually found those areas after clearing out the room you were needing to get past. I’m not sure if I was supposed to run past everything up into those certain spots. All I do know is Ring of Fire worked more than well enough for me. Just a lot of mana breaks back to town.

This place was also rather complex to get through. It had many different floors and quite a lot of different pathways. I would often be running back from a mana break to where I was and discover along the way I had missed something.

I would also run into many enchanted trees down in this dungeon. They gave me a word puzzle that I would need to solve later on in the dungeon.

clearing two areas with ring of fire.png

On one of my return trips to the dungeon after getting further mana it was time to hit the other side. Most of it had closed doors into smaller side rooms. I noticed I could sometimes get aggression through the door to both sides of the hallways. Getting a lot more kills than I was expecting.

Just spamming ring of fire only before opening the doors after everything was dead to loot did get a bit boring. At least on the other side of the dungeon, I would get a bit more action. As such, I’d use up my full mana bars on my two casters before heading back to town for mana and then switch to the other side for a bit.

At one point I came across a bridge going over a large room. It was so high up that ring of fire could not damage what was below me. I did however get the smart idea of switching over to sparks. Only one of my characters has air magic but they bounce off walls.

using sparks from above to deal damage Castle Alamos.png

Sparks also last long enough before they explode to hit the bottom where all the creatures were trying to attack me. Once one of the many sparks I shot off per attack made contact with the swarm of Magyar down there they cussed some damage.

I know a few of the tactics I’m deploying in this dungeon are a bit cheesy. This place however just had so many creatures in a single room it was the best. Despite going this way I ended up making over two dozen trips to town for mana.

large area i cleared out Castle Alamos.png

This was one such large area I had already cleared out and looted. I ended up finding a spot that looks like it was set up to shoot down from. The funny thing about such spots however is a lot of the creatures would run to the wall making it so you could not shoot at them! Something like sparks would also miss them.

You might also notice on the map there are two blue icons for loot on the ground. I at first thought I was never going to find the spot they were located on as if I was missing some hidden passageway or something. Turns out nope. I could reach them from the first floor I just never checked far enough that way as I always went down a different path to get back to where I was clearing out.

I also ran into a few dead-end walls that were shifting around and glowing slightly. When I clicked on one of them they teleport me to a different part of the dungeon. Making me get even more turned around and lost in this place.

At least such things allowed me to get some damage to different parts of large packs of creatures through walls when I could. This helped soften up many areas where I had to charge into a room and deal what damage I could before needing to retreat to heal and recover.

Memory Crystal Beta Castle Alamos.png

At one point while going up a ramp I was asked for a password. It had finally come to the hints the enchanted trees were giving me about the password to be used. After entering the correct password I was allowed up into the room holding the Memory Crystal Beta I was looking for.

Final Thoughts

chest in the treasure room.png

I was rather tempted once I had the crystal looted to just bail out of this place. I had acquired what I came for. I however decided I wanted to make it to the end to see if there was anything else to be found.

Thankfully there was not much more of the dungeon itself. After clearing out some rather nasty areas I ended up finding a treasure key in a chest. That allowed me access to a room that had eight or so chests between two different sections in it.

Just in raw gold alone, I ended up almost collecting 30k out of the treasure room. There was also a lot of loot to be had. I found chests filled with spell books that I no longer needed to a chest with a bunch of gems in it.

Besides getting the crystal I was looking for. I also made around 210k gold after I sold everything. I did not find any upgrades worth keeping for my party, however. That is a bit of a shame for how long this place took to clear I was hoping for some upgrades.

It was now time for me to go off and find the final crystal I would need to progress along the main story of the game. While I still have quite a few adventures to get up to in this game the main storyline is getting closer to an ending. I always find it crazy just how many hours of gameplay I get out of this game.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.