Might & Magic VI | Superior Temple Of Baa

The Ironfist king asked me to find proof regarding Slicker Silvertongue being a traitor on the council. He also gave me a cloak to allow me access to the Superior Temple Of Baa in Kriegspire. Since I have all other quests in the game done I quickly went to work on this one.

door into Superior Temple Of Baa.png

I had a beacon already set up in Kriegspire that was not too far away from the temple itself. I ended up arriving in the night. The creatures in this zone had re-spawned so I decided just to fly into the temple and avoid dealing with anything as much as I could.

needed perception to open doorways Superior Temple Of Baa.png

This dungeon is also a bit strange. I soon realized while attempting to open doors that the only party member of mine who could do so was my knight. I later found a content clue in the dungeon itself informing me that expert perception or higher was needed to do so.

Thankfully I already had the perception skill on my knight. I never thought it would come in as handy as right now when I needed it just to progress further along in a dungeon. However, not everything could be opened by my knight. I would need to find a key to get what I was after in this dungeon.

Once I got inside I had my druid drop a beacon so I could teleport back to this dungeon if I needed. Since I did not clear out the outside area of the dungeon it would not be safe to try and rest there if needed.

The wide and open starting area of the dungeon only had a couple of creatures to kill. Everything else was behind closed doors that my knight would have to open for the party. I ended up going west to what looked like a main door to the dungeon itself.

It took me down a short tunnel that then forked off in two different directions. I ended up taking the path heading south first. This lead me into another large room that had a chest filled with gongs in them. I would end up filling up most of the inventory of one of my party members with gongs throughout this dungeon run with how many I found.

Later on, would sell the gongs in Free Haven and make around an extra 24k gold. While at this point in the game that is not a lot. At this point, I am trying to break having 1 million gold in the bank. I also really wanted that inventory space back. As I’m starting to collect far too many things.

finding a huge room Superior Temple Of Baa.png

After a bit more clearing I ended up hitting an extremely large room in the temple. I discovered there would be many different paths leading to this room. It also had such a huge amount of creatures in it from Priests of Baa to Great Druids that I could not take them all on at once.

I decided the best course of action was to clear out the rest of the dungeon first. As I went around the dungeon when I ran into this room from different points of attack I would work on clearing out the creatures close to me. I then would move on to the next part of the dungeon.

There were also quite a few side rooms in this dungeon to explore. In one of them, I found my biggest piece of loot a ring. It was a Scarab Ring Of Earth Magic. Sadly earth magic is not something I put many points into in any of my parties so I decided just to sell the thing since it had a base value of 4k gold.

Throughout this dungeon clear my party members would sometimes get hit with the insanity spell. My cleric would cure them the best she could if she still had mana. Once you cure a party member of insanity however you also have to cure them of weakness.

I was also going quite heavily into using spell damage to clear this place as quickly as possible. On a few occasions, I would port back to a town to pay for healing from a temple. I would then use my beacon to get back to the dungeon. I can’t express enough how much I love that two-spell combo.

the large room again Superior Temple Of Baa.png

This was yet another chance I had to clear out a bit of the huge room I kept running into. You can see in this screenshot just how jam-packed they are in there with all the red dots and what you can see across the baloney I was on.

I ended up clearing out the best of what I could again before turning back and finding another spot to explore this dungeon. There were a few instances where I would find myself back in the main room of the dungeon that had all the closed doors. I would then pick a new door and go that route.

All but one of these doors ended up opening. The one that did while I did end up on the other side of it walking around the long way. I could never quite get it open. Everything else in this dungeon I seemed to have worked out.

Off in the north of the dungeon, I ended up finding a large rectangular room that was filled with a bunch of barrels that gave different stats. Once I had cleared out that room I took a moment and used my different party members to drink from the barrels depending on the color of the liquid that was inside. Increasing some main stat points for doing so across the four of them.

traps in the dungeon Superior Temple Of Baa.png

I also found some long winding tunnels that I explored. This spot of the dungeon ended up being filled with traps. Some shoot massive amounts of fireballs that I simply had to move to the other side of the tunnel to avoid.

There were also these spark traps that slowed me down quite a lot. This ended up being the main trap I found while in the tunnel. I would end up backing up so I was in the middle of both sides of the party being blocked by sparks. I would then wait for them to explode before running forward.

Running down this tunnel ended up being a huge waste of time. As it just took me to a part of the dungeon I could have gotten to with a lot less effort. I did not get anything else for going that way.

the letter of proof i needed Superior Temple Of Baa.png

At least before that tunnel, I had found all the keys I needed. I headed back to open a chest I had run into that was locked. It ended up having some gold, a gong, and the letter I could use as proof that Slicker Silvertongue was a traitor!

There came a point where I had explored all but the huge room I had been working on for quite a while. It was time to finally just go in and start nuking everything that moved the best I could. My reward for clearing the room itself was 50k points at a huge reputation expensive for speaking with the Head of Baa stature in that room for each party member.

Final Thoughts

7 turning in the letter Superior Temple Of Baa.png

With the letter in hand, I returned to Ironfist and spoke with the king Wilbur Humphrey. The letter was all he needed as proof of the traitor. It was then off to the high council to call out the traitor!

Always amazing despite how many dungeons I’ve now run into Might and Magic VI that they still manage to toss some kind of curveball with the way to open the doors in the temple. Not to mention the way they kept the player locked out of the dungeon so they could not discover the traitor early.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.