Chronicon| Finishing The First Act

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While there are certainly quite a few things to think about when it comes to games like Chronicon. Many times they also feel that other need if just mindless clearing and not much thought is put into it. After I got into the swing of things a bit I went through a couple of areas before much thought.

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Along the way, throughout the first act, I would come across several NPCs for quests. Most of the time they were continuing the main storyline. Something I admit did not catch a lot of my attention. Sometimes I’d read through them just to get an idea of what I needed to do. Other times I did not care enough.

With all the different stats gear can have it can require a bit to think about if something is worth upgrading into or not. With how quickly leveling is at the early levels there was no reason to be spending any resources rerolling stats or anything like that.

Most of the time at least at these early levels I’d just take anything that showed it was an increase in damage. Health at least for now is not so much of a struggle. Some items would have amazing effects on them that I was more willing to hold onto than other items. Outside of that expectation, it was quite a quick and dirty drop anything I loot on the ground that I did not see green increase stats on.

bonus kill count.png

I did however start to work on trying to move around with something always on aggression. Like a lot of ARPGs Chronicon has a bonus kill count for chain killing. It can work quite well in this game with how dense certain areas are.

Unlike other games, however, you get a lot more than just experience. You also earn some bonus crystals as well which you spend on a shop like gold and can use in many other places to spend money at.

While these bonuses are quite small it’s something long-term I’d like to just do naturally. So far I’ve managed to get up to 200 kills. Most times however if I could just surpass 100 I’d be thrilled. It’s little things like this that keep you from thinking about grinding any sort of game to level 100.

upgrading and clearing invenotry.png

Once in a while, I would just have to stop. Open up my bags since they got full. Take any quick upgrade I’d notice and then just dump everything else on the ground. While sure I could use a scroll and go back to town to sell. Most of this stuff was quite worthless.

It also rather helps that I have 8 million crystals left over from back when I use to play and had a level 100 character. I have not even needed to think about having money for any of my needs at this level. Granted most times I never even spent a single crystal for an entire level. So it’s not like it’s a big deal yet.

The good news is after a while I realized I had looted a bag. You can expand your inventory by placing bags in one of two slots. On one of my rare trips back to town I checked my shared bank and realized I had a lot better begs sitting in there for an alt to use. It would be a few levels before I ended up replacing them for even further inventory space.

guard barracks.png

Quite a few dungeons and zones are set up in a way if you like to skip over lots of creatures you can. I on the other hand want to turn each zone into a bloodbath. I’d go out of my way to clear out every cubby and hole I could find of anything that moved.

level up.png

One of the more stratifying things so far has been every time you level up. While a lot of games these days no longer make any kind of big deal out of it. Since you get a point to spend in the skill tree it’s nice the game makes some effort to let you know you gained a new level.

Other than a sound being made and some text above your head. You get this nice yellow-moving light around the floor of where your character is at. For whatever reason I find it quite alluring and I can’t wait till I get the next level up.

Leveling up, however, would soon no longer be the biggest thing I would forward to as I explored and dived deeper into an act of the game. There would be quite a few boss battles along the way. So far none of them I found to be hard.

caption Moore the vile.png

Those boss battles are at least fun. With all the damage my Warlock can do I tend to make quick work of most of the bosses I’ve run into so far on the difficulty I am on. There is a good chance that will be changing in the future as I get deeper into this game and more challenging content.

There is just something rather satisficing once you defeat one of these bosses and an insane amount of crystals just flood around the screen. Along with a fair bit of loot. Nothing that great as far as upgrades but I did not mind I was almost in the next zone before the thought fully realized itself that I got bad loot.

dumping items.png

After a fair bit more clearing it was time for another item dump. At some point, I’ll need to spend some time setting up the item filter and seeing what I can do about displaying items or not that I can’t even wear for Warlock. For now, however, I just can’t be bothered to do so.

At one point I ended up picking up a few size quests but never ran into the requirements to finish them off. I should have just stopped and read the quest to see what was needed. Instead, I left that for another day. It’s not a huge deal I could come back any time and still get amazing experience grinding towards those side quests getting finished off.

effects from skills and gear.png

At one point I ended up having gear with effects that can get triggered. Some of these effects get triggered when I deal or take damage. Others if I’m not mistaken like the orb that rotates around me deal damage to anything it comes in close contact with every so many seconds.

The results of those gear upgrades. Along with me spamming out my usual skills make for some amazing screenshots of effects going off and dealing massive amounts of damage.

Caretaker Mundus.png

A couple of zones later and it was time to face perhaps the ugliest thing in this game I’ve seen yet. Another boss fight. I have no idea what he was a caretaker of. I can only guess now an empty refrigerator that use to be filled with old Chinese takeout food.

I was exp3ecting the fight to be a bit harder than the last but it was not. I almost did not bother to move out of the way of all the attacks. It went down and thankfully I won’t be cleaning up bits of green goo for years to come.

Final Thoughts

high priestess medella.png

After having to take a long way around due to a cursed door that you never get to open. I made it to the end of the act’s boss fight. I was not expecting to need to tango with a vampire so soon. Thankfully my warlock’s fire magic burned as bright as the sun and I came out alive of that fight.

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