Might & Magic VI | Supreme Temple Of Baa

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For the final memory crystal, I need it was time to head to the Supreme Temple Of Baa found on Hermit’s Isle. Trying to get to Hermit’s Isle is usually a long trip. Thankfully I still had a beacon in Paradise Valley so it was just a quick 5-day trip and some flying over a lot of nasty stuff.

doorway Supreme Temple Of Baa.png

Since this dungeon had a memory crystal in it I was expecting quite the challenge. Even more so since it was all the way out on Hermit’s Isle. I however found it not that bad only needing four mana breaks during my entire time clearing the dungeon itself.

The main entryway in this place was rather empty. I ended up having to walk a short distance into a side area till I found some creatures which ended up being Priest Of Baa. They are at this stage for me quite easy to take down.

I decided to save my mana and just take them down with arrows and melee combat. I then found a strange portal device that was not active at the time. I never went back to see what it did. Many of these later zones have a quick way back to a main town.

Perhaps if I had a group of all just melee characters such things would come quite in handy. I can however teleport to any town. It also took me a few rooms to realize I had forgotten to place down a beacon.

I ended up not needing to use the beacon to get back at all. I just ended up resting in the dungeon itself for the occasion that needed more mana. On top of not wanting to spend much of it on easy priest creatures. For much harder things like the demons and fire elements, my fire attacks were quite worthless.

lots of catwalks in Supreme Temple Of Baa.png

The center portion of this dungeon has quite a lot of catwalks. I was not quite certain what kind of madness I would be walking into at some point. There ended up being quite a few fire elements down there waiting to fly up and attack me.

fire room in Supreme Temple Of Baa.png

There ended up being several rooms that were dedicated to each of the different elements such as fire. They each had a single-use alter that gave elemental protection for the kind of room it was. So each of my characters got a small boost in different elements as they took turns using the alters.

The hardest creature I ended up facing in here was Devil Warriors. They had quite a lot of health and any magic I tried on them did not do any or very limited damage. They also had an area of effect attacks. Making them a bit dangerous if trying to deal with them in a large pack of devils.

There came a point where I could see the last crystal I needed. I however first had to play out a small mini-puzzle. There were some switches on the walls and moved the flooring in and out of the different chambers.

You then had to clear out anything that now could walk out of the rooms they were in. Then walk over to that side to press the switch to move the walkway again to the room I wanted to have a walkway towards.

switch moving walkway around to get to the crystal Supreme Temple Of Baa.png

I was half tempted to just use the jump spell and try to get into the room that way. I however did not want to get aggression on a bunch of stuff I could not see in the other rooms. Many of them did have range damage and some of them were elements. So it’s a good thing I did not try and rush this part.

Once I made it into the final room I now had the fourth and last memory crystal in my inventory. I would need to return to the oracle. Before I went and did that I wanted to clear out the rest of the dungeon.

I tried looking at what was below me and ended up finding out it was just lava and any creatures that fell off the walkway down below. So I left what was down there since it would be a rather quick death for me to try and get them.

While it was tempting to try and shoot sparks down at them to clear them out. Since I was not going to get down there alive to loot. That just seemed a bit of a waste to do.

I ended up finding a few rooms with crystals in them. My knight with a decent perception skill was able to loot most of them for different gems. My other characters simply looked at them as worthless crystals on the ground. So that was a nice find for some extra gold.

found a hidden chest Supreme Temple Of Baa.png

I even found a hidden chest behind some boxes. I was randomly clicking around as I do in dungeons trying to see if I can find anything hidden. When some boxes moved back like a hidden door. The chest itself did not have anything noteworthy in terms of loot in it.

I was rather shocked at how bad the loot ended up being here. I had a lot higher expectations for a dungeon being all the way out in Hermit’s Isle. It looks like I was not missing out on much by never coming here for the most part.

At some point, I might return to clear out and explore Hermit’s Isle better. For now, I got the crystal I needed out of the dungeon that is there. The outside zone other than some rather nasty creatures did not look that impressive like the dungeon.

Final Thoughts

fire beasts Supreme Temple Of Baa.png

This dungeon ended up being quite a low looting dungeon once everything was sold I made less than 30k gold. At least it was a rather easy one compared to the other dungeons that had memory crystals in them. I am also now done collecting them.

At least I did get some experience points out of it. Each of my characters was able to level up from running this dungeon. I do have quite a few unspent points I’ve been saving to use soon and having, even more, makes it tempting to spend some. Since each level up that character gets 11 points now.

It was now time to head back to Free Haven and move forward to see where that will take my party. I was not expecting such an easy time for the last crystal. This game gets even more strange beyond this point. That I have been saving up for starting a few levels ago to take advantage of some stuff about to happen. That will have to wait till the next post.


Other Content

Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.