Chronicon | Act II: Unstable Dimension And Some Back Tracking

I did not make it as far as I thought I would into Act II before deciding to backtrack a bit. Since I was not in any hurry anyways it did not matter that much. The start of act two was at least a blast.

unstable dimension.png

I noticed an Unstable Dimension had spawned in rather close to the start of the act. I’m not quite sure how rare or not they are. This was perhaps the first one I’ve seen up to this point and I could not help myself.

It was tempting to keep working on the act. I however jumped in to see what kind of insanity if any I would be greeted with. It was an experience that was for sure that I’d be willing to do again if I happen to find another.

crazy looking place.png

The unstable dimension was quite a crazy place filled with loot and a lot of higher-rarity creatures to clear out. I went to town slaying everything left and right while looting the abundance of chests that I found in the area.

The only thing I was disappointed about the place was how quickly I found myself at the portal taking me back to the part in Act II that I left from. I was hoping this would have gone on for quite some time. Regardless I got some needed upgrades out of running the unstable dimension.

Caleis Ranger Catpion.png

It would not be long before I found myself facing a boss in Act II. Cael’is Ranger Caption had a few ads to be taken out. It however hit the floor quite hard in a burst of flames like all before him.

For a while I found Act II to be quite the place I could create some massive kill streaks. It was almost more of a challenge to not have aggression toward something when trying to move into another section of the forest I found myself.

It also helped somewhat now had quite a few skill points toward my main damage skill and anything that would increase the damage. I even found some gear that increased my overall fire damage. So while I had hordes of creatures charging at me. I was taking them down almost as fast.

lots to clear out.png

The only thing that felt like I was getting behind on was the large amount of side quests I was not starting to stockpile. For whatever reason there are games out there I might not care about running a single side quest. Then you have stuff like Chronicon that I just can’t help myself.

I decided at first to try and pay a little more attention to what side areas I was needing to find to complete any new side quests I got. It was not long however before I found myself moving onto another zone and missing out on finishing another quest.

After quite a few kills every so often I’d as usual have to stop and take a look at what gear I had looted. It then would be time to purge my inventory of anything I did not care for and leave yet another massive heap of stuff on the ground.

seekers reach.png

I was starting to find some set pieces of gear as well. I did not care that much for anything I had found other than they had green stats and would be an upgrade. It is at least tempting however to want to hold onto this chest piece as collecting the rest of the set would grant me 50% magic find.

After finishing off yet another boss my eyes could no longer peel away from those side quests just sitting there to be finished. Since the creatures would be my level it did not matter where I grind at. As such I decided it was time to head back to Act I and try and finish off everything.

I was hoping doing side quests in the order I picked them up would be helpful. It turns out not so much. One of them requires you to go into one zone that you can’t ever use the main zone door to get into. That is because it’s “cursed.”

I was also somewhat unlucky as I had been in the zone I needed to be that the side zone. I however never found the waypoint to use the teleporter to get there. So I had to travel through quite a few zones to try and work out where I needed to go.

sealed camber gold piles.png

Along the way at least I did find some interesting side things to work on. On occasion, even I would find yet another side quest that I just never found.

One interesting side zone I found was filled with gold treasure piles on the ground. As you broke them open by casting at them they would spill out loot. I was kind of expecting it to be more rewarding. It was still rather fun of an area to clear out.

lots of chests.png

One thing ended up leading to another. I found myself in a side zone that had quite a lot of chests at the end of it. All of these chests required a key to open. Thankfully I’ve been picking up any I notice on the ground. I still had a few keys left over and my inventory filled twice over after this find.

Final Thoughts

side questing done.png

In the end, I ended up finding the location I needed. I doubt I’ll find a more annoying side quest to run as this one required quite a lot of running around trying to find its location. In the future, I’m going to try and be more on top of finding the areas and objectives to finish off side quests when I can.

While the experience and crystal rewards for most side quests are not that amazing. Sometimes they can drop quite a nice item. I have found myself getting a couple of upgrades out of clearing out most of my tracked quests at least regarding side quests.

Other Content

Other Content

Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Chronicon.