Games You Played Over The Weekend #6


What games did you play over the weekend? Feel free to leave a comment below or write a post about it sharing that game you played.

With how active the gaming tags can be often times they're not a lot of engagement going on and this is an attempt to help foster that. There are so many amazing and fun games out there along with amazing content creators.

Path Of Exile

This weekend I played mostly Path of Exile. It has become the game I look forward to playing over the weekends as of late. While new leagues like Betrayal are always fun to try out. Often times they feel a bit lackluster as they are still trying to find the balance for them. That so far has felt like the case as the amount of loot and just useful drops I’m getting out of doing them has been rather boring. As such, I’ve only spent my time above ground dealing with them to get enough Sulphite randomly in zones so I can go down into the Delve Mines.

Delve was a league we had back in 2018. They have since included it along with this league as well and I’m hoping it will now be part of the core game moving forward. I feel they have finally nailed it where it really is fun to go and do. I just wish I had a faster way to get more consistent Sulphite as that is what your crawler burns to keep exploring the dark and unlocking new areas.


This is my map so far after putting a few screenshots together of it. Each node is an area I traveled to and unlocked. I’ve yet to struggle clearing out any new area so I think I can go at least a few more depths deeper. I just need a lot more Sulphite to do so. The deeper you go the more it costs.


I also looted my first Exalted Orb down in the mines which I was very happy to see one to the point I almost woke some people up out of excitement. Most time’s I’m lucky to just get one during an entire league. I still plan to play a fair amount so maybe I’ll find another one. At the time of looting it, it was worth around 170 Chaos Orbs.

Ruined Chambers


I came across some areas I don’t really recall exploring before called Ruined Chambers. They seem to come in the cluster and so far have been worth the cost to explore and get to. Each one takes you down into a temple and you have to move around trying to keep the light on to not die from the darkness while looting chests and fighting off never-ending swarms of monsters.


Needless to say, it was well worth it! I was just drowning in loot from currency drops to amulets to turn in along with other stuff needed for the Chaos recipe. If the only Betrayal was more like this I’d be up there dealing with the syndicate instead of hiding down in this mine! I look forward to finding more of these chambers.

Random Areas


There are quite a few different nodes once you get to them you have to clear them out to be able to travel back to that point again. If you die or fail to do so then you have to explore all the way back there. This one had a strange alter you had to click on that started the encounter you had to defeat. Afterward, I got the reward of a bunch of jewelry in the form of amulets, rings, and belts. After one trip down in the mines, I had a dozen rare amulets. This has always been harder to find an item to finish off an entire rare set and sell it to a vendor for 2 Chaos Orbs each. I made a lot of raw currency just from that run alone!


Here I am just me following the crawler as it goes towards the next spot I have selected. It can leave you behind in the darkness to die if you are not quick enough. As such I never stopped to take to many screenshots of this process. Most times I used my movement skill Whirling Blades to try and get ahead of it for a second or two and clear out what is coming next. It then would speed up to keep up with me and we just keep leapfrogging like that until I got to another area.


This area contained Azurite noted by all the blue crystals and glow. That stuff is used to upgrade your darkness resistance, how far the light from your crawler and other source shine and upgrading torch capacity to explore off into the dark without the crawler. The deeper you go the lower your resistance and all that becomes. It’s never wise to just ignore farming Azurite and getting the needed upgrades. This can lead from time to time traveling sideways to collect it instead of just going down as deep as you can.


One of the areas I love to clear towards regardless if it takes me deeper or not are currency areas. They have chests just full of raw currency to loot. While you always hope for exalted or better many times you are finding a few Chaos orbs which more than makes up for the time in getting to them. In this screenshot, we can see I open up one of the chests but I still have one Abandoned Riches chest left to open. Nothing amazing drop from that other one but still are an enjoyment to open. You never know what could drop!

I look forward to exploring more and getting deeper! Here hoping I find a bunch of Sulphite on the surface in maps without too much of an issue.

Games You Played Over The Weekend

What game(s) did you play over the weekend?


Screenshots were taken and content written by @enjar. Screenshots are from the game Path of Exile.