Games You Played Over The Weekend #5


Over the weekend I made some time to play Path of Exile and Steem Monsters. Otherwise, I just kept myself busy with in real life stuff. I’m always just grateful when I can set aside some time for gaming. It’s nice just to enjoy something else for a little while.

If you happened to play any games over the weekend feel free to share about them in the comments below or even make a post about it. There are just so many games these days and content creators on Steemit.

Path Of Exile


I’ve been falling rather behind where I wanted to be so far in this league. For all of it just ran tier 1 to tier 4 maps. For those who never played this game map is referring to an item that drops called a map that we can put into a mapping device and run the zone from there.

They come in all kinds of different difficulties, mods, and challenges. The harder they are the more experience and loot rewarding they can become. If they are too hard though you will lose more experience then they will yield and might even spend more in-game currency then it drops as well. Not to mention you only have six attempts.


One of my more favorite maps to run is called-- Beach. I’m always a big fan of outdoor maps where I can just go fast and not get caught up in doorways. On one side you have the ocean and on another jungle, rock face looking area that blocks off the other side. So it is a rather straightforward map without too many places for anything to hide. Making it easy to find all the monsters within the map and not miss out on any drops.

While it does not drop anything very exciting that I’m aware of. The fact that it is a tier 4 map this league makes it a great place to just farm up some experience and to hit up the syndicate members to progress that system as well.

I always try and make time to play this game on Sundays. I don’t know about you but for me in most games that is the day of the week players wants to do trading. I went from having 14 Chaos Orbs to 99 in just a few hours of heavy player trades! I could not finish a single map most of the time without at least person contacts me for a trade.


It got to such a degree at one point I spent over an hour just sitting in my hideout cleaning out my stash tab and waiting for people to contact me for trades. While I’ve not looted anything crazy this league yet my biggest sale was this Berek’s Grip Two-Stone Ring for 8 Chaos! Not a bad find I looted the other night.

While it does not drop anything very exciting that I’m aware of. The fact that it is a tier 4 map this league makes it a great place to just farm up some experience and to hit up the syndicate members to progress that system as well.



I did not play this game too long over the weekend. I mostly check in to get my daily questing done. This season my plan was to be in the gold league to farm for them instead of silver like I have done in the past. Most of my decks are just level 3 with my main one being level 5. To my shock, I’ve been able to finish my daily while in Diamond league.


I was not expecting my life deck to able to do diamond but with a few tries and sometimes getting lucky running into someone else trying to they're daily on even lower deck I managed without too much of an issue. This is a high enough league to start running to max level decks and I for sure meet the bitter end of a couple of those! I also luck out and had another daily for Death which I feel is my second strongest deck.

I always request a new quest whenever I get water or earth for the daily and hope its anything but that! Earth has to be my weakest as far as playable in cards and my own ability. I know I need to stop using Rexxie but I just like love how the card looks. It is also the tank I leveled up for that splinter. With it costing eight mana that was a mistake I made a while ago. Hoping over time to level up something better.


Someone went on a buying spree last night targeting one of the new quest reward cards the Sacred Unicorn and the price has skyrocketed to over $13 at one point -- holy smokes! I’ve had zero of those otherwise I would have started trying to sell at that price point. It stuff like that why I never try and race to the bottom when it comes to pricing. Everyone always trying cut each other by 1 cent here or 50 cents there. If someone wants to level up a card to a decent level they are going to buy more than just first couple. As such unless the market is already flooded at a certain price point I aim for some higher and it sells most times just takes a little longer.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Feel free to share what games you played over the weekend! It’s always great to meet new people and see what everyone has been up to. Have a wonderful week.

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Screenshots were taken and content written by @enjar. Screenshots are from the following games Path of Exile and Splinterlands