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I had three that I enjoyed over the weekend: Warframe, Wurm Unlimited and Splinterlands.



I spent a bulk of that time in warframe enjoying the Fortuna expansion that came out not too long ago.

I mostly worked on crafting a new kitgun. This involved some mining, fishing, and reputation grinding for the blueprints. Will be spending some time tonight to get that new kitgun level up so I can gild it and see how that goes. While it’s only semi-automatic it packs quite the punch and is already annihilating anything that it hits.


We had a bit of a chat the other night in our Warframe channel in discord about how amazing Catchmoon is at the present time. Which made me want to get it as well. So glad I gave it a try myself and can’t wait till I get a couple of Forma into it. My mods are no that great since I’m not a veteran player of the game or anything like that. Still, it will be amazing to have.

Wurm Unlimited


I fired up a fresh solo game the other weekend. So far I’ve managed to dig a massive tunnel in a temp area before I go off exploring. I mostly wanted to craft up some better gear and some tools. The entrance to the mine was a little too steep to get a cart into there so I spent some time dropping dirt to make a quick ramp into. Not that great but it works.


Along with getting a large craft built. My starting little area I just drop stuff down where ever when I needed need it.


This might be my new area to start building a house at. I’m not running any mods so not quite sure if there enough of an “ok” flat spot to level out the remaining area around. The last thing I want to do is spend an entire weekend or longer just moving dirt around.



For this game, I just did my dailies over the weekend. The current conflict of melee and ranged always hit is nice as I don’t tend to run dodge/flying setups so it has little effect on me.


My last two have been death splinter. I’ve managed to pick up quite a few death cards now just from opening packs to make it a decent little team. I’m just chilling in gold I at this time.

Since we are waiting on further details about season 3 I see no need to try and push ranking or anything else. Key is to not become bored of the game before it's even out of beta. Many are pushing quite hard 24/7 it seems. I’m just here to enjoy the game mostly and if I can make a little as well that is great.

You find anything fun to play over the weekend?

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