Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 Final

While the Summer Migration event for 2023 would be going on for a bit longer. I always find it’s best to be the one to call it and not try to grind it out to the end. Things kept going great for me to the point it felt like it was time to ca

Chronicon | Act II: Unstable Dimension And Some Back Tracking

I did not make it as far as I thought I would into Act II before deciding to backtrack a bit. Since I was not in any hurry anyways it did not matter that much. The start of act two was at least a blast.

Might & Magic VI | Tomb Of VARN

Tomb Of VARN in Dragonsands is a massive and difficult dunge

Hogwarts Legacy | Further Working With A Goblin

I have found it strange working when working with the goblin name

Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 The Hot Streak Continues

I was back with some fresh guns I was r

Chronicon| Finishing The First Act

While there are certainly quite a few things to

Might & Magic VI | Supreme Temple Of Baa

For the final memory crystal, I need it was time to

RIP My Graphics Card R9 380 4Gig

Many have been wondering why I have not joined Diablo IV’s

Hogwarts Legacy | Tower Tunnel

While I was playing Hogwarts Legacy there was this feeli

Entropia Universe | Summer Migration 2023 Further Decent Hunting

These next couple of days of hunting during the Summer Migration 2023 even

Chronicon| A Fresh Start

It has been a few years now since I’ve played

Might & Magic VI | Castle Alamos

Before I could head off for Castle Alamos I had two things