Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem Annihilation Silver Stage 2 Completed

It was raining points once again like the game was trying to make up for my last session in Entropia Universe. I was getting quite close to finishing off the next stage of the Merry Mayhem Annihilation Silver mission. So I set my sights on c

Entropia Universe | The Hunt For A HOF Araneatrox Part 1

These nasty-looking spider things have been on my list of creatures to do some heavy hunting on for some time. They can be quite challenging and I never really had what was even needed to think about trying them. I’ve hunted them a bi

Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem And The Token Drop

I have always found it somewhat shocking when Entropia Universe players say they were just checking their inventory and found unexpected loot that they overlooked acquiring. That has seldom happened to me. I can think of maybe two occasions

Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem 2720 Points

Not every grinding session during Merry Mayhem will have something interesting or even worthwhile. Most times it’s just me grinding away late at night or at whatever odd hours I can. Other times you have instances like this that occur where

Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem Jul Snarg Hunt Mission

During Merry Mayhem there is a special one-time mission you can get to hunt 500 Merry Snarg. While that is a lot of kills they do count towards the Snarg codex and they can drop a lot of low-level (L) guns and calypso bones.

7 Days To Die | Raiding Crack A Book

In my explorations I ended up finding another high-level POI in 7 Days To Die—Crack A Book. This place has a few floors to it where you make you eventually make a way down to the basement. There are some amazing looting opportunities inside.

Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem To Global Was Not Enough

One thing I had been enjoying about Merry Mayhem in category 03 of the Merry Annihilation instance was the globals. As seen in my previous post many of them were

Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem 2022 Day 1

I had a decent first day during the Merry Mayhem. I got to make sure my setup works long-term for grinding out the creatures inside. I’m rather glad I made the investments into gear and equipment I did during the last major Mayhem. It’s all

Entropia Universe | Merry Mayhem 2022

It’s that wonderful time of the year for Merry Mayhem in Entropia Universe. This year it’s running from November 30th to January 10th. Leaving a considerable amount of time for grinding in Mayhem Annihilation and Free For All Mayhem.

Entropia Universe | 2022 Mini Mayhem Argonaut Elite Hunt Part 2

Not having much luck in Atlas Haven I decided it was time to switch over to Ashi. Ashi since the start of the event has had the majority of players who are hunting Argonaut Elite judging by the number of globals. The place was quite crowded.

Entropia Universe | 2022 Mini Mayhem Argonaut Elite Hunt Part 1

Guns and ammo at the ready I flew out to the location I picked to hunt some Elite Argonauts for the Mini Mayhem event. I was not sure how long I’d end up hunting these. So I brought a fair more amount of ammo than I usually do just in case I

7 Days To Die | Exploring Red Mesa Restricted Area

There are some locations in 7 Days To Die that are well worth an extremely long journey to get to. Red Mesa happens to be one of those places. Here I found a trove of loot, zombies, and perhaps a new place to set up in. Since I was a