Might & Magic VI | Temple Of The Snake

Nothing like looting an artifact to make a dungeon run worthwhile. Temple Of The Snake in Blackshire is found on this tiny little island. I ended up having a rescue quest which was one of the reasons I decided to run this dungeon.

Mining In 7 Days To Die

While exploring and shooting zombies in 7 Days To Die can be a blast. What I love to do more than most other things is to go down a dark deep mining shaft and just mine for hours. Mining is quite an important part of my player economy in bui

Might & Magic VI | Lair Of The Wolf

Blackshire in Might & Magic VI has quite the issue on their hands with the town being cursed into being werewolves. You get tasked with going into Lair Of The Wolf to resolve this. The dungeon itself while featuring a cool layout at firs

Entropia Universe | Atrax My New Favorite Creature

One of the fun things about going around and grinding out a bunch of lower-level codexes is finding out you might have a new favorite creature to hunt. While I’ve hunted a lot of Atrox over the years I’ve rarely hunted any Atrax. I’ve always

Might & Magic VI | Warlord’s Fortress

After clearing out some rather quick dungeons I was hungry for something a bit more substantial. Warlord’s Fortress in Silver Cove would provide what I was looking for. There was also some quest I wanted to complete from going here.

Pokémon Go | A Plan Slowly Coming Together

You might be wondering what pizza has to do with Pokémon Go? The answer is everything and nothing. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this game and it’s not because I’ve stopped playing. Things are starting to heat up. Pokémon Go is

The Acceptance Of Dark Magic

While this game claims there is no moral system there is just something about accepting to learn unforgivable curses that change things forever. I organically was not going learn any of them during my first playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy I h

7 Days To Die | Day 35 Blood Moon

The blood moon that occurred on the 35th day of the game ended up showing up a lot about what was working for my defenses and some weak areas I had not realized just yet. Things did get a bit spicy at times. I however never felt like I was i

Might & Magic VI | The Monolith

The druids in The Monolith have been holding out on me. They were found to be loaded with gold. Everywhere I searched the more I found.

Entropia Universe | The Triple Spot Codex Farming

I ended up finding a rather unusual spot that ended up working to my advantage. Usually, I prefer an area to just have lots of a single creature. So that way I’m not killing a bunch of stuff I don’t want to. This area instead has clusters of

Might & Magic VI | Clearing Silver Helm Stronghold

With Silver Cove cleared out now it was time to hit up one of the dungeons in their Silver Helm Stronghold. I’ve been wanting to hit this place for a while now. So I’m rather thrilled to do so now.

Diablo IV Server Slam Weekend

I was not shocked to find Hydra was nerfed into the ground. Despite that, I went with Sorcerer anyways and found that despite the expected 60% nerf to Hydra it was still good enough. It was nothing like before but that would have been way OP