Pokémon Go | A Plan Slowly Coming Together

You might be wondering what pizza has to do with Pokémon Go? The answer is everything and nothing. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this game and it’s not because I’ve stopped playing. Things are starting to heat up. Pokémon Go is working out the way I wanted it to in the first place.

The Daily Routine

daily field.jpg

While my progress in terms of levels has significantly slowed down I’ve been keeping at it daily. I have not missed a single day that I’m aware of as far as my daily routine goes. The plan is not to spend a lot of time with the game daily. It’s to be ready when I go out and have adventures elsewhere in the world.

This means I’m logging in daily and I’m catching one or a couple of Pokémon that are right where I am. Sometimes I have to check a couple of times a day since there are not many Pokémon here. Either way, I get my daily of that done.

I then go and work on anything further to get my daily field done. This sometimes means I’ll have to catch a couple of extra Pokémon or I’m doing something like transferring or leveling up. This is usually a rather quick task and I tend to have a couple stacked up just so anything like making 5 nice throws I can work on over a couple of days.

I then go and collect my daily free package from the shop. Usually, it’s nothing that great but on an average day I’m not using up a lot of supplies. It helps over the long run.

After that, I’m off trading gifts with some people I met online for the day to finish things off if there are any. This is more or less how I’ve been sustaining and trying to grow my stash of supplies. There are no Pokestops or gyms that are close enough nearby unless I’m off and on an adventure.

The only thing I’m not doing that would be beneficial is clicking on my daily adventure incense and that is because on the daily I’m not going much of anywhere. My inventory is also rather stockpiled so I would not be getting Pokémon balls anyways from doing so.

The Stockpile

pokeball stockpile.jpg

All the things I’ve been doing daily have allowed me to grow quite the stockpile of Pokémon balls among many other things as well. That is all because when I’m going out exploring in the real world I tend to stop every so often and start to burn through my supplies.

special rewards.jpg

Outside of trying to keep my bag nearly full, which I’m currently recovering from a recent adventure. I’ve also been stockpiling special rewards to claim at a later date. At some point, unless there are daily limits I’ll be blasting through quite a massive amount of progress in the special events tab.

I have quite an insane amount of Pokémon balls to claim when my bags start to empty. Sometimes to finish off my daily field mission I have to collect fruits and other stuff out of these rewards. For the most part, I’ve attempted to leave them alone.

Claiming all these things right as I’ve been going along would just leave me with an overflowing bag that on an average week I’d be losing out on the rewards for the daily things I do. Since there is just not much to do here and I’m not looking to spend hours a day on this game on a normal day.

Adding A New Weapon To My Arsenal

alltrails app.jpg

Screenshot from the Alltrails app

A big part of this game I wanted to take advantage of is when out I’m in the real world going on different adventures. I wanted to get back into nature and just have a lot of fun exploring. That comes with the added side benefit of finding new Pokémon, Pokestops, and quite the egg-hatching operation.

I’m currently testing out an app for hiking and backpacking called Alltrails. This on a surface level has nothing to do with Pokémon Go whatsoever. What it is allowing me to do is find amazing trails to explore and walk along. More importantly, free places to explore. They even let you know if something is private property and to stay clear unless you have permission. Along with if you need to pay to get into an area.

After a lot more time with the app, I might talk about it further. Just for demonstration purposes, I typed in a place I’m no were near. I found it fitting that there was a location with Hive in its name and it’s listed as hard.

trails to find.jpg

Screenshot from the Alltrails app

This app allows me to quickly find areas in places I’ve never been and even start to plot out far grander adventures. While having access to the internet in these more remote places is rarely ideal at least my steps and everything else are being counted and added to my progress in Pokémon Go for egg hatching.

eggs I’m working on.jpg

As it stands I’m one decent hike away from hatching quite a few further eggs all on the same day. I have hatched a couple already in the week I took this screenshot. I’ll then replenish these eggs from the daily gift trading that I do in my daily routine. So far that tends to be my main source for restocking my egg supplies.

This is not the only weapon I’m looking to add to my arsenal either. At some point, I’ll be looking into getting a state or nation pass and start going on some hopefully rather grand adventures.

The Adventures


This all naturally leads up to what I’m really doing. I will always love gaming but I miss being out in nature and doing things in the real world. This is perhaps the worst time for me to try and be doing these things so clearly it’s the best time!

While some things like my backpacking backpack need some repairs that I’ll be working on soon as it has been sitting in the closet for over a decade. I at least think I can salvage it as a decent one of these is not exactly cheap these days.

At some point, I’ll be taking all the photos I’ve been taking on my adventures and rolling out a new series of content. That content won’t be anything about Pokémon Go as far as I’m planning. Pokémon Go is however something I’ve been doing during all of those adventures.

It might be a while before I start to release content on those adventures. I’ve yet to write up more than one of them as I’m still trying to find my way around writing about such things. I also want to have quite a few so the series is released in a constant matter for quite some time. Even if I’m not able to go out on any adventures for weeks or even months at a time.

This all brings things back to that photo of pizza at the start. I was just about wrapping up another adventure. I had spun a couple of Pokestops, caught some Pokémon, and went in for some pizza to end that adventure on.

Final Thoughts

my best pokemon so far.jpg

The fun part of all of this is when I start to go on some longer adventures my progress in the game is going to skyrocket like crazy. I’ve been slowly leaning into this getting my plans together and testing some ideas along the way.

As always I have no clue when the next update I’ll post about my adventures in Pokémon Go will be. As perhaps this now sheds some further light there is a lot more at play than just going out and hatching a couple of eggs and catching Pokémon.

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The content was written by @Enjar. Unless otherwise stated screenshots are from Pokémon Go.