Hogwarts Legacy Has a Brilliant Introduction

The intro moments in Hogwarts Legacy were magically brilliant that told me everything that I needed to know that this was going to be an amazing adventure. I could not wait to see where it would take me into the unexpected and unknown. This contains heavy spoilers about the intro to the game.

Please note this post will contain heavy spoilers as I discuss why I loved the intro moments of this game. If you are looking to play this game at all any time soon best to exit now out of this post. As I feel the intro was so amazing it’s best to experience it yourself firsthand if you can.

starting as a 5th year in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

With that out of the way I’m going to consider the intro to Hogwarts Legacy after you have finished setting up your character till the moment you arrive to be sorted at Hogwarts. This ends up covering a lot of stuff as the game was decently quick passed on the adventure you ended up going on. That adventure was however not a short one you end up going to a lot of places.

One of the first things you do end up finding out is you are starting at Hogwarts in the 5th year. Since I was avoiding a lot of the spoilers going into this game I was quite blown away that was even possible. This already set the game up to have quite the twist that I was not expecting to see so early on.

You also learn since you are so far behind you are going to get some extra help from professor Fig. you end up getting a lot of extra help from the teachers at Hogwarts that end up presenting you with a rather unique situation that the normal student would never find themselves. That however is a discussion possibly for another day.

Something for me about how good a game is going to be is how they end up teaching you the basics. I had feared that since you are going to need to catch as a starting 5th year and they have assigned Professor Fig that it was going to be a rather lame and boring tutorial.

Not that far in they let you know that is not going this is going down like that. As professor Fig states it was a shame you did not have more time to practice with him. That got my mind wondering a bit about how I was going learn a lot of the basics that every game starts with.

leaving in a carriage Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

You end up getting into a carriage and taken out of the scene. Since the books loved to play around with different ways you end up getting to Hogwarts I fully expected some kind of twist over just going there on the train. I however was not expecting things to get as crazy as they did.

I also love how much time they spent on making the little area you start in. There are quite a few clues about where you are from the large clock to the flag. Along with the details in the alleyway. This also set me up to have some high expeditions about the level of detail in the scenes this game was going to have.

You are also not alone in the carriage. A person from the Ministry of Magic is also there. This is also when the game starts feeding you some details that are going to end up being major themes of the game overall.

Ranrok in the newpapper Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

One detail you get is there is a goblin that is named Ranrok. He ends up being this rather nasty goblin. You end up seeing throughout the game a lot of the impact that is caused by this goblin as he works on trying to complete something unknown to you.

The game then introduces the idea of why you were able to get accepted into Hogwarts as a 5th year in the first place. Turns out you are not crazy you can just see ancient magic that others expect a very select few can.

seeing what others can not see Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The idea of that starts with something rather basic. A container only you were able to open out of anyone else in the carriage. It also contained a rather important item to keep the storyline moving.

Up till this point, I’m decently happy about the speed the game is moving along. It’s not giving me too much information. I’m also not getting bored either. I’m rather interested. My mind is however starting to wonder a bit about how this trip I’m now going on is going to end.

The reason for that is being in a carriage seems like quite a safe place to be. There are a couple of other people with you. You are high into the air. No one should have any reason up to this point in wanting to kill you.

carriage gets torn in half Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Right at that moment of thinking that-- BAM. A dragon comes along and rips the carriage in half. Also, the guy from the ministry is killed and now your character gets to see what is flying the carriage. How amazing yet terrifying.

This more or less puts you in what appears to be an impossible situation to escape. Expect, since you are just starting the game you realize rather fast it can’t all just end here. That would be brilliant in its way but things start to get even more interesting.

somewhere in a cave Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The container you could see ancient magic on that you opened ended up being a portkey. It ends up taking you what appears to be quite far away. This is also when the game starts going over some basic tutorial stuff like how to move around.

You end up finding some ruins and do a bit of walking around. As you move around more and more things are introduced to you in how to do many of the basic things. I felt this was a rather fun way to get a lot of the boring basic stuff out of the way.

I was already quite thrilled with how I ended up at this location. The things learned in the game have made it so there is a point in doing so while advancing the storyline. I’m loving it so far.

There was also a part of me starting to jump the gun if you were. I was thinking perhaps I’ll get to the ruins I’ll see more ancient magic that the professor can’t and then we will end up in Hogwarts. I was right on some things and 100% wrong on others.

strange wall Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

This game was only starting to get thrilling. We end up making it to the ruins and after some conversation and exploring I find a wall that is glimmering into another part of the game. This to me is quite a fun way of moving the character around the game. I’m glad this is not the last time they use this game mechanic either.

Before I step through I do start to wonder where is this going to take me? It looks quite fancy and not the kind of place I was expecting to go to while being in the ruins. I can also tell that is not Hogwarts which deepens the mystery of things going on.

Gringotts bank Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

As we get there we find a snoring Goblin Banker that we end up waking up. This left me a bit confused right away. You would never expect if this was Gringotts to find a goblin sleeping on duty.

It however turns out that yes you are at Gringotts. You are in a special little area that has been set up over a hundred years ago. No one was expected to come any time soon. Sounds like this goblin had quite the easy job till I showed up. Nothing ever to do but wait for an unknown person to come. No wonder he was sleeping.

This rather interesting twist seems to solve at least the way I see it quite something interesting. Gringotts is naturally in Diagon Alley yet we never get to go to Diagon Alley at least as far as I know. Even a little later in the game, all your selling and buying needs are taken care of in Hogsmeade.

This seemed like a brilliant way to get around the whole having to make a Diagon Alley. Not to mention I’m not sure I’d ever want to leave if you let me wander around into all the shops in Diagon Alley in the first place.

This also put things into an interesting perspective for me as a player as well. What kind of powerful and rich person gets such a private entrance into Gringotts? In the books no matter how rich, poor, or powerful you were you had to go through the front doors of the bank to get to your vault as far as I recall.

This got my mind racing into what was I about to get up to? So far nothing since the dragon attack was anywhere near expected of me other than I was expecting something other than getting to Hogwarts by train.

in the caves Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

After a short chat, you get taken away by the Goblin Banker to of the lower vaults—number 12. This was quite an insane little journey as it did feel like you were riding a roller coaster in a video game.

There was also not much to do but enjoy the ride and take a decent look around as the game started to unfold a bit more. Everything in this game is also voice acted so I did not even pay attention to the text as my eyes started to wander around.

Before you make it to vault 12. You end up getting stopped by another goblin and he ends up letting you pass. The game starts to give you quite an uneasy feeling that something is about to take place. While for me at least is quite unexpected with how secure Gringotts is supposed to be.

vault 12 in Gringotts Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Once you get into the vault which seems to be a bit boring and not worth all the trouble. The Goblin Banker informs you his last duty is to lock you in the vault and leave you. What a strange outpost this goblin had knowing he was leaving people he would assume forever locked in a vault. The vault door then closes for a very short moment.

Then the vault door gets opened up and dun, dun, dun it's Ranrok. The goblin that make me feel uneasy ended up being a spy. This is also when the Goblin Banker who had a life of easy gets rather angry as that vault door is not supposed to be opened again and Ranrok is not supposed to be there.

This entire part end up being so crazy I didn't even think of getting any screenshots. The Goblin Banker of all people gets murdered right then and there. This to me at least tells me a lot of goblins must hate Ranrok as the wizards do.

Naturally again you see some ancient magic that no one else can. You end up escaping near death yet again. OMG, my heart can barely take any more excitement at this point!

This whole part of the game seems to be going on for quite some time and I’m all for it. If fact I thought if I never make it to Hogwarts that be crazy but my adventure away from the books. That is not how it ended up but you also do not end up at Hogwarts either after leaving the bank.

You end up in this rather strange place. All I can tell is I must be somewhere underground. I’m even more thrilled as this game up to this point keeps showing me places that are not in the book and I’m all for that.

solving the puzzle Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

This is also where the game starts to show its puzzle side of things. Yes, Hogwarts Legacy ends up having quite a few mini-puzzles in it. Most of them so far from what I’ve played not that hard to solve. They can sometimes take me a moment or so to work out.

As someone who is not a massive fan of puzzles in video games. I feel Hogwarts Legacy has enough of them that I don’t mind them at all. I have even been finding them more fun than annoying in trying to work out what I need to do. Even more so once you start to unlock more spells that add further complexity to such situations.

You end up finding a way out to another space through a glimmering door like the first couple of times. At this point, I was expecting it but I’m quite fine with how that is being used.

You then find a pensive and some memories and the game starts to give you a lot more backstory and introduces a few characters. This is where for me at least I’m fully understanding now just how important finding more about ancient magic is going to be.

This is also part of the game where I finally get to take a much-needed breather. While I did a little bit of that when we got to the ruins. It has been quite a wild ride up to this point almost getting killed by a dragon and then a goblin so early into the game.

After that, you get a little cut-sense of the Hogwarts train and get to see Hogwarts for the first time in the game as well. You then appear late with the Sorting ceremony just ending. They decide to let you get sorted anyways.

I almost wonder how much more interesting it could have made things since you were starting as a 5th year anyways if you never got put into a house. I’ll admit I seldom go up to my house's common room anyways.

At least they did give the player the thrill of getting sorted and picking a house. While many players are disappointed about how classes are set up in the game I do feel I don’t think they could have gotten away without at least giving the player the sorting ceremony. Although that would be quite interesting.

Final Thought

getting sorted in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

It has been quite a long time since a game's intro period provided me with this much thrilling entertainment and insanity. While I don’t think it’s been as long as Skyrim I got say I have suffered through far too many lame intros into games over the years.

Hogwarts Legacy at least tried to make up for so many other games. I had a blast. It also put me into a mind-frame that a lot of things that you would expect from the books are not how this is going to go in this game. Something you quickly learn from how much freedom you are given as a 5th year at Hogwarts. As I would not have expected the level of freedom that this game has.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.