Splinterlands: A Daily Catch Up Mechanism


As soon as open battle beta went live and they announced that a reward system was introduced based on the rating you had many eyeing 3700 rating for 20 packs. It is only natural people want max tier with as little games played as possible. Then people start to look at how much they were earning per match and thinking it’s going a lot of hours. Which I think is how it should be since we still have over 15 days remaining. Right now the top guy has almost 400 battles at 1800 rating. So that a lot of games to be played.

When it comes to gaming you tend to have those who either have time to grind but not a lot of money or those loaded with cash but not a lot of time. Yes, I understand there are those in the middle but that just something also to consider. Whatever your case is if you don’t have a lot of time that number looks quite impossible even if you have a decent deck and will not be playing 24/7 like a bot. Granted we still have over 15 days and gamers do tend to want everything right here and now instead of thinking of having it in 15 days.

The last thing you want happening is everyone feeling like the game is just one long grind to get anywhere. That is easy to happen in games like these where you can just go on one long losing streak and lose days or more worth of points. Since I assume this is a short season as well long term we could be seeing some numbers changing even more so once they work out what the actual number of players being able to hit certain rating and just how many packs that is giving away for free.

Catch Up Mechanics


Catch up mechanics are nice to have for those who are not going be hardcore grinning the game for an insane amount of hours per day. It encourages everyone to least log in daily so you just have more people around making a more diverse pool to be matched with. It can also just keep someone from burning out if they are not into grinding.

While these numbers could be more than changed to whatever they see more suiting on the rating it would be carried out the same. You log in and your next 5 matches you can earn triple the rating points on a win or lose 1/3 the normal amount of the loss. It does not take that long to play 5 matches a day. For many, this might be all the time they will be making for the game once the new feeling wears off.

If they are concerned with rewarding bots or giving grinders with an endless amount of hours to play this game an even bigger lead. They could if it was cost beneficial to them keep track in some way active hour played per day. While I’m not a developer since everyone is leaving custom json maybe they could search for and add up whole hours you did nothing on the blockchain regarding Splinterlands. If you played less then X amount of hours you got the bonus the next day. Depending on their target demographic perhaps it turns into just a weekly bonus instead with the next 10 matches or next 5 wins. Many different ways they could play around with it.

Either way, this might help take the sting out of that grinding feeling many are already thinking about. While those who “have a life” as they say can still have a goal in mind and try to reach it. This might also make things more reasonable for new people getting onboard that don’t have hundreds of SP worth of RC to consume. Granted I don’t think 3700 is something everyone should be aiming for either. Me personally I would be happy around the Gold League of 1900 rating or whatever the number ends up being.

Happy battling!

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