Protesters Protest Game They Were Not Going To Buy Anyways

In the world of gaming, it’s not that shocking yet another protest of a game has been underway for months now. It however seems to originate from non-gamers who were not going to buy the game anyways. They are angry because someone who did not work on programming the game at all years ago retweeted and said something they were unhappy about on social media.

Of course, I’m talking about Hogwarts Legacy set to have a full release on PC and many other platforms by February 10th. The protest is not about the developer behind the game Avalanche Software or even the publisher Warner Bros. Games.

It is also not about anything believed to be in Hogwarts Legacy. The game itself is being created by some of the biggest die-hards of the Harry Pottery universe. They wanted to create an experience that is not matched by any other game in the franchise. From what I can tell they are well on their way to proving such expedience.

The issue these people have is instead with the creator of Happy Potter-- J.K Rowling. They have been protesting for many years now anything she might even look at let alone have almost no direct involvement over for many years.

Why are these people so angry they have devoted such massive amounts of their life to protesting? Well J.K. Rowling once defended women on social media. This left some people unable to cope. Medically speaking and I’m no medical expert human women’s bodies do some things human men can not.

As a result, anything J.K Rowling will make some kind of money off these people lose their minds. They want to destroy anything and everything.

What is even more bizarre about the entire thing is that some people did not like the tone or the way J.K. Rowling said what she did. She has even made statements that she takes no issue with certain groups of individuals at the time. Yet, such statements are never enough for cancel culture.

It also appears this protest is coming from a lot of non-gamers. There are a lot of things gamers have been taking issue with regarding the rollout of Hogwarts Legacy. Yet those things do not matter to the protesters. Anyone's opinion differs from those people they don’t care about whatsoever.

So much so that the protesters in my opinion have been more vile and nasty than anything someone who was not banned off Twitter could have said in the first place.

Instead of a gamer being able to enjoy productive and enjoyable conversations about the upcoming game. They are met with harassment and some truly distributing in some cases comments. Far worse than anything once said on Twitter.

Gaming forums around the planet almost daily in many instances have been needing to go on the massive cleanup of the forums and banning of accounts. That is unless it is a woke gaming forum that is banning any topic about the game whatsoever.

If you want people on your side about something you feel is unjust. That is just not how you go about it. The number of people who were not going to buy Hogwarts Legacy as they had no clue what the game was. These people now know about the game and in spite are planning to buy it. It seems the protesters are having the exact opposite outcome than they might have expected.

I feel when people are protesting something they were not going to buy anyways it’s hard to have a huge impact in a way that is expected. I say give them no inch. Don’t bend to these people. There is a reason there are saying like “go woke go broke.”

The moment you bend to the mob that was never going to support you anyways. This is the moment you start to alienate your paying customer base. On top of that, there is just no making certain kinds of people happy. If you try they just find something else to be as equally outraged by in our world of cancel culture today.

With that said I do think there are many reasons as a gamer to protest a game. The first usually was the game making a bunch of promises there they fell short on. Since the game has yet to be fully released on the PC I can’t make any such comment about whether the game lives up to what they are selling or not.

The next thing and many in the gaming world have been calling this out forever are pre-orders. Pre-orders and exclusive content for doing so are both something going on. They even take it one step further. Certain platforms to play the game on are getting exclusives that the rest are not getting.

I won’t be per-ordering any game. Despite the fact they are also trying to give you a three-day head start if you buy the deluxe edition. Other than the head start seems to be in most cases just cosmetic items when it comes to the PC version of the game.

Pre-orders despite some people not liking them continue to be a trend seen as it keeps paying off and helping the bottom line. Not to mention even if you are unhappy about a pre-order gaming companies already know that won’t stop someone from buying the game on release.

Let’s just hope they don’t need to do a massive day-one patch to fix a bunch of stuff. Let the people who paid extra to play three days early be the ones who have to deal with that issue.

I just hope Hogwarts Legacy does not end up being some crappy port to PC. If that ends up being the case then you will start to see some real protests with real consequences for the game. As that is when the bottom line starts to feel the effects. Not some protest about something someone said on social media.


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