Valheim | A Rough Start

Valheim A Rough Start.jpg

It’s been ages since I’ve played Valheim and it appears quite a few things have been added. It would not be a survival game if I did not have a rough start just getting in. I thought it is more fun to start on a fresh character and see what I’ve all missed than just logging into my higher-geared one.

new character.jpg

It’s nice to see they still keep character selection quite simple. I’ve never been big on needing a billion options. A couple of hair, a beard, and colors are all I need. We are Vikings after all not freaks of nature.

I always find it interesting how a survival game introduces you to the world. Nothing like flying in on a giant bird without much indication of what is down below you to get things started. I kind of wish I had some kind of hint as it was not as soft of a landing as I would have liked.

greylings attack.jpg

In the expected tradition of a survival game, I was attacked within seconds of landing at the starting area. I was supposed to be talking with a bird and checking out the ruins around me. Instead, I was fighting for my life.

It’s not like Greylings are that hard to fend off. I however had nothing and it did not quite click in my mind fast enough to start using the torch. The first couple of the attacks I managed to fend off and kill. Another one and then another one however finished me off.

Getting killed this early on in a survival game just seems fitting. It’s like hello and welcome to the game moment. I can only hope it would be a while before my next death. I however was quite wrong in that thinking as well.

Talking with Hugin.jpg

Once things were clear I stopped for a moment to speak with the bird Hugin. He would show up quite a few times only as many steps with new trips or things you should know right away. Most of them I recalled quite quickly but I guess a refresher never hurt. That is when I was not being attacked.

While at some point I’ll put focus on killing Elkthyr the elk. I’m not in any rush. There are quite a few things I’d rather do instead. Like exploring the place and doing my best to stay out of the Black Forest. I would surely meet a quick death in there anyhow.

I then went around doing what I feel like I’ve done a million times before in every survival game. I needed a shelter and crafting stations so I set out to collect basing supplies. Stones, wood, flint, and anything off anything I could kill.

getting killed again.jpg

I was however not the only one doing the killing. I managed to meet another death not that far from the starting area. I quickly after that set out looking for food so I could boost my health and have some healing as well. Food is quite important in this game and it can be so easy to overlook.

After gathering some basic supplies I crafted up a hammer for building, a stone axe for tree cutting, and even a club. Out of all those things the club came in handy right away as I was shortly attacked yet again.

I rather welcomed it when it became daylight in the game again. It was easier to see and I know from personal experiences of playing this game in the past it can take a little while to get used to the graphics of it.

Once I had the basic tools I decided I wanted some basic shelter. I wanted to get familiar again with this game's building system. You also can’t use a crafting station when it’s out in the open.

What I did not have at the time was the tool to level or raise the ground level. So I kind of knew going into it thing was going to be ugly, with uneven walls, and a total disaster like the starting area.

I however did not just want a tiny shack for the crafting station. I wanted for now at least a place to put a bed, fire pit, and storage chests. I’m also not even sure if I want to develop this area into having flat land to build something might on. I still had a fair amount of exploring to do before I decided where I want at least for now a more proper base.

What I did need in the short term before another night was some basic walls around me. I’d need to be going afk a few times and it would suck to come back to find I got killed again. At least you get a tombstone marker on the map where to pick up your stuff if you can get back to it.

Gathering wood.jpg

I spent a little while chopping trees down, Breaking up the log into smaller bits for wood, and collecting that wood. I had no idea how much I’d be needing to get my little starting base going. I just knew I will always be needing wood anyways so there was no point in being lazy about it.

Naturally, I spent far too much time and it was nightfall before I got a campfire and crafting station up. I picked a location on a side of a hill that was not that far from the woods. Everything in this area was kind of hilly anyways so I was not too worried about not having a great place to build.

building the small starting house.jpg

After cooking some food and getting my health up to help in defending this area from the local attacks of Greylings that might be wandering around. I got to work placing down the first couple of walls.

I decided it would be two walls high. It was harder than I recalled getting a second wall to place on top of the first. Even more so with how uneven this area was. I even needed to make some trips to the wood area close by to collect more wood.

One thing I am always thankful for is just how easy it is to knock down a wall in this game that you placed. I had darn of a hard time finding a door placement that allowed me to fit through both ways. This hilly spot was a bit more of a nightmare in terms of stuff like that than I was expecting.

Is this my finest work? Heck no! I knew the roof was not going to connect but I went for it anyways. I just needed a “closed-off area” to have a working crafting bench. This would also allow me to get the resting bonus during the night when I was here as well.

Final Thoughts

a very ugly base.jpg

At some point, I’ll be knocking this entire ugly suture of a house down. At least for now, I have a place to craft, rest, and afk as needed. I also have not been attacked by anything so far. I know much later in the game this place would not stand a chance to all sorts of things that tend to ambush your towns. It will work for now.

For now, I had quite a lot of food to cook up. I’d be venturing out after that looking to see where the Black Forest was along with anything else interesting in the area. I was hoping to be a little further along by now but sometimes it’s best just to take time as needed and then go rushing into things.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Valheim.