Trending Is A Joke Meme About it And Tell Them

Steem Trending.jpg

I have recently dropped a meme on one of those daily posts that fill trending. You know the type. Where our trending is filled with every other post about burning this or burning that. You would think this platform has no remaining content creators left as the automated posts take over where the bid bots are not permitted to vote without a pound of flesh being demand as price. They themselves have become the bots.

These people could have set up a voting trails and delayed voting by a few days. As to not make the entire platform look like utter shit every single day. They have been trending long enough even the people who live under rocks are aware.

While I don’t think these spam posts are doing much I can understand they are trying to do something. If the elites want to blow all their voting on bot-generated posts well there is little we can do. While we don’t have enough voting to remove them from trending. We can at least have some fun. Cheer this place up a little and stop looking dead in the water.

The platform has been far to gloom since they have taken over trending. While trending was never that great this is not an improvement. I think we deserve better than automated posts bitch-slapping the very hard-working content creators that have chosen to remain on Steem during these times.

There are lots of things you can meme about when it comes to trending.

I’m not even asking for you to go and flag them. I understand many fear retaliation. It’s just funny when they want us to change our behaviors they are quick to flag. Yet they don’t come to the table when they descend with only a handful of votes to spam trending for weeks and months on end.

Make a meme poking some fun at a trending post and drop it off on said post as a comment. We might as well make their posts lively and fun for the rest of the platform to enjoy.


Content was written by @Enjar. The meme was generated using Imgflip.