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Alien outbreaks and dealing with pirates are my kind of fun. Shortly after being let go from my part-time work as a security guard, it was time to go bigger and better than last time. This one ended up being quite a wild ride.

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My first task was quite a simple one. They had a dead drop they felt was compromised and they wanted me to go pick up the package for them. I find it a little strange that the package was hidden in the Galbank booth. I can only guess they have access to all the cameras that you would expect to find around ATMs.

With how underwhelming things went the person who had me do that recommended that I'd join up and enlist with the vanguard. I have been putting that decision off for quite some time. As I was not sure at the time how that was going to impact anything I’d decided to do later in the game.

After some careful thought and time, I decided to join the vanguard at the United Colonies. The good news is joining a faction will not limit you from being able to join other factions. There are also a couple of perks along the way you get to unlock, and I wanted to see what the United Colonies had to offer me.


They sent me to go down to the orientation hall where I could sign up to enlist and learn about the vanguard of the United Colonies further. I watched a couple of short narrations before getting a bit bored with the history of things.

I wanted to go out and fight some bad guys. I do not want to spend all my time indoors learning about the history of things that happened long ago. It turns out there would be quite a history lesson in it all for me in the end. At least by then there was enough killing to keep me entertained.

The next course of action was to visit a flight simulator. This might be an activity I return to at some point. Not because I want to get an improved score. Rather kills and damage while inside the similiter were counting towards objectives on skills I wanted to level up further. While I think it would be more fun to go out and hunt actual pirates this could be a second option if I needed to speed things along quicker.

the sim.png

While inside the simulator you face off against not that hard enemies in waves. With all the piloting and some skills, I have on ships it perhaps made things a bit easier than they would have been.

You only need to make it a couple of waves before you have reached a passable mark on flying. I decided, however, that it was yet to be challenging enough and ended up defeating every single wave the flight simulator had to throw at me.

I’m rather glad I did as well. Afterward, I had to go up to my commander for my flight score and he was in utter shock over clearing every wave out. I on the other hand did not find only six tiers, as he called them rather impressive.

This apparently would help fast-track me to becoming a citizen in only three years. On top of that, I got a nice phat signing bonus. Needless to say, it was not very long at all before I'd not only be considered to become a citizen, but I'd get many more benefits as well.

flying to tau ceti.png

After being sworn in and given some money I was told my first official task would be to go to a planet called Tau Ceti II. There was a processing plant there that they had lost communications with. With the age of the place, they just assumed the communication equipment with that outpost just needed to be repaired so they sent me with some supplies to do such a task.
Once I landed on the planet, I scoped out from a distance the processing plant. I noticed from a distance there seemed to be quite a lack of anything living moving around.

checking out the place.png

This made me rather concerned that they were having more than just some basic communication issues. At least from the outside as I got closer and closer to the facility, I did not notice anything hostile. At least not right away.

Once inside I was shocked to find there was only one survivor of the place left. Someone named Hadrian. Hadrian and more importantly her family I would quickly start to find out they have quite an interesting past. It’s not every day you get to meet people who are involved with studying and using aliens.

Turns out not known to me there is this nasty creature out there called a Terrormorph. It’s been known for wiping out massive parts of the human population from a single city to something as large as a planet.

They also tend to only appear once humans have settled for almost a hundred years on a planet before showing up. This time around that was not the case since Tau Ceti II had only been settled for half that amount of time if not less.

fighting a Terrormorph.png

I attempted to fight the Terrormorph without any aid. At least for this one, I could barely do any damage all by myself to it. I even attempted a couple of times and almost got killed once.

After that, I decided to trust my second option a lot better. The place we were at like many has some automated defense systems. Those systems were, however, down at the time.

I’m not sure why they did not save the little colony that was here the first time around. I also have no idea how they became knocked out. I have my speculations that sabotage was afoot. There was, however, no evidence to back up that claim at the time. I also needed to quickly report my findings to my superiors as well.

terrormoprh was killed.png

After quite an intense fight I had bagged my first Terrormorph kill. The turrets did most of the work. I then went up to collect a sample to give to Hadrian. Who would attempt to analyze it using the laboratory on that planet.

The facilities there, however, were rather lacking in powerful enough tools required to do a proper analysis of the DNA I had collected. We would have to go elsewhere and get others involved as well. Just the two of us were not going to be enough to solve the mystery of how a Terrormorph ended up here in all places.

Final Thoughts

 talking with Hadrian.png

Things are about to get wild on this one. The mission arc for this ended up being quite a long and exciting one as well. This was also just one fork of the ark that seemed to be more focused on this alien creature called a Terrormorph. At some point, I'll be going back to check out the pirate side of things as well.

In the meantime, buckle up the next post on this is going to be an exciting one. Attacks on New Atlantis and me being sent all over the place by information given to me by cold-blooded killers. The twists and turns in this were quite thrilling.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.