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It seems now I was more working for Sanon than I was for the United Colonies. I was tasked with hunting down a target Sanon gave. While they wanted me to bring that person of interest alive. I had a feeling it was not going to go down like that.

I was off to the system of Wolf. Before directly working on the task on hand since I was in Wolf, I stopped by the space station where I had some contraband stored away that I'd been slowly selling off for some nice profit.

While there I also got some further information that there was an unknown ship that seemed to be trying to avoid dealing with anyone. If you were on the run not only, would I expect you to be in a system like Wolf. I’d also expect you to be trying to avoid dealing with anyone.

They did not even know his name. They simply referred to him as “The Warlock.” This is also when I got to learn the current Den space station was not the original. The first one by its name had been abandoned.

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I quickly found The Warlock. He, however, was not going to be caught alive. By the time I was able to get access to the compartment he had sealed himself in I was too late. It seems Sanon got exactly what he wanted in the first place. This guy was taken out.

It felt even more like Sanon was running the show behind the scenes. After returning all remaining members of the team we needed to work with would end up showing up. expect one.

It turns out the last person is not a person at all. It was a robot and quite critical to get it back to the team that was supposed to deal with the Terrormorph. The only issue is people only had an idea of what planet it was on. Not exactly where on that planet.

One Of A Kind salvage.png

I ended up going down to a salvage station called 1-Of-A-Kind. Down there I ended up finding a guy named Gel who for the right price would be more than willing to help me out. While I hate having to spend a single credit. I also did not want to explore the entire planet either.

While Gel was not asking for that much I still decided to haggle for a lower price. I got him to go down by 25%. While not a lot it was more than making it worth my time just to spend the little bit of credits. Besides at this point I was sitting on over 200k credits.

kaiser the robot.png

After clearing out some nasty things on the way to the location where the robot was expected to be. I did find him. Some leeches had attached themselves and drained his power cells. The robot was not going anywhere without a replacement.

The issue is the kind of power source was not going to be a cheap one. Gel told me it was “military” grade and for over 12k credits he would sell me one. I was like no way am I doing that. There was a second option of going out and searching for everything myself to craft the power cell myself.

Since I had to unlock a new blueprint as well out of the deal, I took it. In exchange I was supposed to sell back any extra stuff I found while out looking for what I needed. Since a lot of it was worthless weight added to my inventory, I more than took him up on that offer and was able to craft the power cell.

I was really hoping the robot had a new power cell installed, we be getting out of this scrap yard of a planet. While I gave the robot commands to do so he refused to take my orders. Kept going on how he had to finish his current mission. A mission that had failed to finish after attempting for many decades.

I could not wait further decades let alone a few weeks. So, I offered to help the robot on his mission. He needed to kill something called a Siren. The siren also had quite a few friends that needed to be cleared out as well.

unit 99.png

These aliens were quite nasty high-level stuff. The amount of ammo I had to burn to take them out was quite a costly endeavor that was for sure. Thankfully once the Siren was defeated there was nothing else the robot demanded to be done before we were able to leave this planet behind and never think about it ever again.

Now with the whole team back together minus the one guy who was taken out by himself. The team was able to start coming up with solutions for dealing with the terrormorphs. Some of the solutions sounded like almost reasonable to do. They all, however, had quite a lot of risk involved from the best I could tell.

large ugly creature.png

One of the solutions was to bring back a rather massive creature that can kill Terrormorphs.I was told the creatures in question were peaceful towards humans. The fact that they could not only hunt down but kill Terrormorphs sounded like a bigger risk then I would have liked.

They also had another issue. They required breeding them and slowly shipping them out to every planet. While they could clone them to help speed things up. That did not seem like a very viable option. Even more so if what we know about how the Terrormorphs are spreading ends up being a lot worse than expected.

The other option was to create a bioweapon of sorts that could be aerosolized that would just target the DNA of Terrormorphs. That sounded like it would have some massive risks involved with it as well.

My biggest thought about using this solution was the fact that we are now dealing with civilization that could use warp drive jump and have mastered space travel. Surely, science has advanced far enough that they can do more than it it within reason to be safe not only towards humans but other species the galaxy.

Final Thoughts

forward base.png

Up to this point I was quite leaning hard towards using aerosolized weapons for eliminating the Terrormorphs. Thankfully no major decision has yet been made about which route we would end up taking. We still had one final mission and that was heading towards Londinion itself onto a forward base.

I was also thrilled I did not have to go have another meeting with Sanon. While I have no doubt, I'd have to be dealing with him in some way again shortly. At least for now we could move forward without him interjecting anything else into how we are approaching things.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

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