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I was flying around a solar system going from planet to planet doing some scanning. I was mostly looking to run into some trouble that I'd have to blow up myself. I ran into a few pirate ships along the way. What I was not expecting was to randomly run into the delinquent person who owed the bank some money.

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I think I'm not supposed to kill them, but I did collect and according to the bank the debt was quickly paid in full. The bank also did not want to know any details. I rather like this little arrangement we have, going where they pay me, and I just do what I want to do.

Along the way, I also found a few battles where the locals were in mid-fight with pirates. It turns out that when you help them, they offer you some kind of reward. Since I don’t have the salvage skill I am considering training up. I ended up going for a flat credit reward instead of salvage rights.

I was even informed of the high risk of encountering pirates if I jumped over the next solar system. Since I was not looking to leave a the time, I decided I'd leave that for another day to discover what that was all about. I did not quite trust the random ship that hailed me down to warn me, but it was at least an interesting encounter where I was not required to fire my lasers back at someone.

After taking out a dozen or so pirates they seemed to be scared off in the area. All the other planets and moons I checked in whatever solar system I was in at the time appeared to be clear of any further troublemakers. Perhaps the word got out.

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I decided to pay a little trip to my old superverse on Vectera to see how they have been held up. It turns out not so great. The mining operation was closed, further pirates showed up, and people went missing. Without expecting anything whatsoever in return I decided to try and help those taken by the pirates.

I first needed access to communications equipment on the planet itself to see if anyone got an alert about where they were being taken. This required picking a lock which I did not have any picks for and finding three power cells to power up the equipment.

stealing a plunger in starfield.png

I was hopeful everything I needed would be right on this planet. So, I did what I do best and went around and blundered everything. Yes, I even stole toilet paper and the plunger. It’s not like anyone is going to be needing this stuff once the final remaining people here leave anyway.

I quickly found the power cells I needed and even bagged myself a few extra for any future needs if I ran into this kind of issue again. The issue came down to not having a pick to bypass the lock with. I ended up double searching everything before I discovered an area, I had missed that had a single pick. Thankfully I did not fail and was able to unlock the door. I was somewhat tempted to leave the planet and hit up a city in hopes they had one for sale.

As expected, Barrett and Heller had gotten off a transmission before getting out of range of the planet. They left some data about where they were heading to. I quickly blasted off the planet and headed to a moon called Deepala. It was time to rescue trouble and hope this put an end to any issues for a while.

Moon was the very definition of a wasteland. Outside of some rocks and a crashed ship there was nothing else to be had. I did run around scanning some rocks however could not set up an outpost here it appears the weather is far too intense for anything useful to be made here.

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While I found one of the people, I was looking for Heller, he was in quite a mess. He was hopped up on any pain medication he could find to deal with the injuries he suffered from the crash. You know who was not here? Mr. Trouble himself –Barrett. It turns out he was the one who crashed the pirate's ship and some of their friends showed up and took him for what he did.

I ended up going back to Vectera and there was a second emergency transmission with further details about where to find Barret. This time, however, I had to head out to the solar system of Bessel III to find him.

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Unlike Heller who I had found abandoned and left for dead. Rescuing Barrett on the other hand was going to require a lot more work. It appears he was taken deep underground in quite a reinforced position.

It took quite a lot of shooting to get into that compound. Thankfully I had quite a long-ranged laser rile to do most of the heavy lifting. As there were quite a few snipers in the area I had to clear out before even getting any closer. Even then there was a lot of killing.

Once I had secured the top, I took a moment to loot anything and everything. I was getting quite low on laser ammo as it was. While using a long-range rifle might not be the best thing for in-door combat, I do enjoy the devastation it causes.

I was expecting a lot more trouble while inside. It was, however, a lot less than expected. I then came into the room that Barrett was being held in by some rather nasty pirate named Matsura. It turns out the Constellation has a bit of an insurance policy for dealing with hostage situations. I did not even need to kill anyone let alone pay with my own money.

I felt at this point there had been enough killing. Besides, the pirate was a bit out of my range to deal with. I let the Constellation fully resolve the issue. Then it was time to head on home to the Lodge for a bit of debriefing and some deserved rest.

Final Thoughts

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Another day of fund adventures that started off looking for trouble with random pirates in space that ended up turning into saving the person I've called trouble in the past. I did take a moment to go and sell at the shops and do some further exploring before heading back out looking for another adventure to partake in.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.