Starfield | Assault On The Terrormorphs

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It was time to go on the offensive and strike that very nerve of Terrormorphs. I’d be heading off to Londinion to discover the truth about them. From there I had to pick which efforts we were going to fully back in exterminating every single Terrormorph in existence.

Londinion is on the plant Toliman II. It is quite a freezing planet where I would get frostbite for not having enough environmental protection from the cold. Making matters even worse despite how much gear and ammo we would get in our gear-up phase. There was a real lack of medical supplies I could use to resolve such ailments.

As soon as we touched near Londinion I made a b-line towards the indoors. It was still rather cold inside. It was at least an improvement from being out in the bitter cold. This place was a forward base with some supplies run by a skeleton crew that remained.

loading up on supplies.png

I was informed to take everything I could get my hands on. That was the only aid other than information they would feed over to the robot. Once we crossed the other side it was the point of no return. If things went sideways there would be no rescue attempts made.

The robot was updated with door codes and schematics of every building and inch of where we were going. If it failed to give the correct navigation to our small team going in our chances of survival would be near zero.

The place was just loaded down with ammo. Some of the more common types that I rarely use I have such an insane amount I might have to pick up some random guns just to use it up and stockpile the laser ammo I prefer to have.

It was then time to head out and be on our tip toes. The only thing more deadly than the cold was the Terrormorphs that could be lurking around. There were also further supply caches we were looking to raid along the way.

more loot.png

There were also quite a lot of locks to pick. I almost wished I had a bit more skill points in the security skill. While a lot of the time when you pick a lock open it’s not usually that great of loot. Here it seemed like everything was decent. If it was not worth using the value was more than worth holding onto for selling.

I’m rather glad I came out on this mission with as empty as an inventory I could get. I also wanted to still have loads of my weapons. It turns out I did not need it as I would end up finding a lot here. There came a point, however, when we would no longer be hitting any more supply caches to loot.

While some of them were in the building I had to search though. Others were in cargo containers tangling over a cliff. Meanwhile, it seems other areas were chosen as a place to try and hide ammo and weapons.

I was a bit shocked there were no more medical supplies. Perhaps those were the first things to get used up. I would just assume however they would want you loaded up with those with how dangerous this place is supposed to be.

underground bunker.png

At one point we ended up going into an underground bunker of sorts. It almost felt like a mix between a subway system and a sewer. It was clear no one had been down there for quite some time. The whole place was overgrown with plants, ice, and just frozen dirt on the ground.

This place, however, had a much deeper and scarier secret than any ammo or guns one would find. The truth about the Terrormorphs was here for us to discover. For forever now everyone always wondered how the Terrormorphs were able to get around to different planets. As anytime they killed one, they could not find any proof they had ever been in outer space.

It turns out the Terrormorphs are everywhere in the universe. The baby form of them has been going by a different name. Leading into one of the rooms there were a lot of heat leaches that are known for attaching themselves to the outside of ships and draining their power.

chamber of a Terrormorphs growing to full size.png

There was a chamber we came upon. It had heat leaches inside it. It then got hit with the plant chemicals that it gave off. The leaches instantly turned into a full-grown Terrormorph. This discovery would quickly put any doubt in my mind about the option we had to take to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

As if things could not get any worse. In a different room as we slowly explored forward there was a recording of Sanon. It turns out he not only knew of this discovery he wanted to possibly keep it for himself. He would be perhaps one of the views if only the living person remaining knew the terrible truth about the Terrormorph.

It did not take long before I decided to break my silence on knowing that was Sanon still alive. He was being held captive by the UC. It also made it very clear to us that he wanted us to be here. Everything he did despite being locked out was to lead us to this exact moment and to discover things.

I’d later go back to New Atlantis and confront him about that. For now, however, I have to focus on the task at hand. Getting out of this place alive. Which would require a whole lot of shooting soon enough.

back out into the cold.png

It was then time to head back out into the cold. We still had some deadly distance to make it back to the forward base to our extraction so we could get off this cold blasted rock. I was quite freezing at this time and would need to spend a short amount of time in a medical facility to recover afterward.

Before I knew it I was back at New Atlantis. Before another cabinet meeting, it was time to face Sanon for the last time. He in his twisted way tried to say it was all for the betterment of his family. He tried to talk me into believing that if I went along with his plan, I would be made a bigger hero than he already had made me. I did not buy any of it, but I was not going to let him on into that fact just yet.

a legacy forged.png

At the hearing, I more than informed them about Sanon's actions. It seems he had a lot more power even locked up than they were expecting. I also said that I felt going with the bioweapon was our best option. With how quickly Terrormorphs can be turned into adults I felt we had no other option that would be quick enough.

Once that was down while waiting for science to develop the weapon, I took on some quick and easy extermination missions. I would just have to fly out to a planet that had a Terrormorph on it and eliminate it for some quick credits.

Final Thoughts

the penthouse.png

Due to all my actions and how things ended up going. I was promoted from being just a citizen to being a class one citizen. This granted me a penthouse that I could now call my own. I was kind of expecting it to be a bit bigger for it being called a penthouse. It, however, sure beats having a tiny room at the Logue. I’m rather glad I did not spend any credits on getting my apartment.

I was quite shocked by how long this faction quest was. Even more so since it’s not the main story. I have somewhat forgotten about even working on the main story at this point. There are just so many other fun things to do I feel in no rush working on it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.