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Like all amazing adventures, there comes a time for the end. This has been one wild ride I’ve enjoyed for the past months. One I won’t forget anytime soon. It was such an amazing adventure I needed a few days after I finished the game to reflect. It was that amazing and something that most modern-day games fail to get even close to.

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It is only fitting in the final dungeon in Might And Magic VI would have the word Hive in it. This place truly feels alien. I am sent here to destroy a reactor, kill the queen, and try not to blow up the planet.

One thing that sets this place different from all the other dungeons I’ve been in is you can’t place a beacon inside. So instead, I put one outside next to the door. This however ended up being something I tried not to use.

lots of devils The Hive Might And Magic VI.png

On a few mana breaks the entire dungeon seemed to have reset. I can’t tell if that was a bug or if there was a trigger such as a system flushing itself (more on that in a bit). That ended up causing the reset if I was not in the dungeon.

Regardless that was a rather annoying thing to deal with. As one of the harder parts of this dungeon is at the start. The first area is filled with an inane and I mean an insane amount of devils. You also need access to that room so it’s not like you can just rush past them and not have to deal with them again.

The other thing is it seemed near impossible to be able to rest while inside the dungeon itself. While some dungeons I’ve noticed having quite a hard time not getting amused when trying to rest for a mana break. This place was quite unforgiving.

clearing out more devils The Hive Might And Magic VI.png

My tactic in the first area was just to get aggression on a few devils at a time. Then pull back towards the door and work on what followed. Then heal the best I could and go get more. I ended up repeating that process well over a dozen times. That does not include the full resets I had along the way as well.

This ended up being quite frustrating. Not just required my group to need mana breaks but I needed a break as well. It was rather hard to want to put the game down so close to the end. It is however only so much you can try and force something to occur within a short time frame.

Once they were all cleared out I could get access to the lower part and I jump down. There would be a door to the north that I could not open. Along with four different drop-down areas that were tunnels that I needed up clearing.

One thing I’ll admit was a bit disappointing about this place was the lack of loot. Not only do the devils not drop anything from you killing them. There is little loot to be found anywhere else. Even when you find some it’s rather disappointing.

tunnels The Hive Might And Magic VI.png

In each of the tunnels themselves, I was clearing till I found to find a switch to push. There is a fifth drop down area that had a door that I need to slide over so I can access it and get further into the dungeon.

Each one of the four main tunnels that I needed to clear always looped back to the surface either at the entryway to the dungeon itself or into the main room that had all the devils in it. I would always find a hidden wall that would open connecting the areas.

After I did get the main area cleared I did take a risk of going for a lot more mana breaks by heading into a town. It seemed once I made it this far into this dungeon the entire thing stopped resetting on me.

However, I could not beacon back inside the dungeon itself. I would always have to start outside where I did drop a beacon and have to run back. Thankfully this dungeon is set up in a way that it’s not usually a long run back at least for the first half. As usual, took a mana break after clearing out each tunnel.

blue title The Hive Might And Magic VI.png

While down in this dungeon there was zone-wide damage occurring from time to time. This would cause a small amount of damage and interrupt any attempt at getting rest while in the dungeon.

There was a way to try and combat that somewhat. Every time the system would “flush” I just needed to stand on one of these blue tiles I would find every so often throughout the dungeon. Often they were quite small and I would overstep missing them during the zone-wide damage.

One thing I ended up using less mana on than expected was healing. Unless the group was close to getting killed I would save the mana on that caster. That is because, in one of the tunnels, there was a barrel that allowed you to heal an endless amount of health from drinking it.

It is a shame there was not one for mana. At least I never found one. There was however a single room I never was able to get access to. Once you finish this dungeon you are not permitted to enter it again. For reasons, I’ll be showing further down in the post.

hive sanctum key The Hive Might And Magic VI.png

Eventually, I cleared out all four of the tunnels and I could not make my way down the middle drop-down hole. Down there I found a key, most of the loot I would find in the dungeon itself, and not much else.

I then came across a few more rooms that had a lot of devils in them. It was at this point however that they were not as big of an issue as that first room. For the most part, my high skill level in blasters made decent quick work of whatever I was running into.

reactor The Hive Might And Magic VI.png

After a short amount of clearing, I then found myself in the final room. There is a reactor in here that you must destroy to move forward. Once I got up to this point I made one final mana run and did my best to ensure my group was at full health when I destroyed the reactor.

As soon as the reactor is destroyed you get teleported further into the room. Quite a lot of devils spawn and you run into the Demon Queen in the final encounter. Trying to fight everything out in the open is a good way to get killed.

Demon Queen The Hive Might And Magic VI.png

While there is a dungeon exit it is locked. From the best I could tell the area you end up in also locks down. As such, I did not want to leave here my porting to town in case that caused some kind of reset.

I ended up running towards the door as if I was going to exit which I could not. It was in a very short tunnel and I had high hopes that very few devils would follow me into it. I killed what did follow me in. I then worked on blasting to bits the Demon Queen.

The hardest part of this entire encounter was getting to as safe a place as you could without getting aggression on too many things. It seemed all the adds would be what would be my downfall and not the Demon Queen herself.

big boom The Hive Might And Magic VI.png

Once she was dead it was time to leave. The entire building ended up blowing up. The explosion would have been so powerful that it would have destroyed the planet. I, however, had that one spell that put a protective bubble around the building keeping that explosion confined to a more local area.

After that, you get taken to a cutscene. With a bit of a celebration and some foreshadowing of what I can only assume is to come in the next Might And Magic. Then you get the end game completion screen and you are put back at the start of the game.


I have never been one to try and rush through this game. As such, I did not find it shocking that I took 2 years and 10 in-game months to complete the game. I ran all the dungeons I could find and did a lot of side things that are simply not required.

I also did get to quite a high level of level 86 across my four characters. I also did all their promotion quests as well. This is a game for most I take my time and enjoy what it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

10 back at the start.png

One thing I love about the ending is you still get to play if you like. This is not one of those games once you finish you can’t just keep playing with your current group, and so forth. The only thing you can’t do is go back to The Hive since it has been destroyed.

While I was grinding out the final parts of this game. A few months passed and quite a few zones had reset. It can be said to this day I still log in and go around blasting with laser guns goblins, spiders, and dragons.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.