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As if things have not been getting strange enough my characters are about to find some rather strange kinds of weapons for the time era this game is in. The standard weapons and magic The Oracle foretells are not enough for my final encounter.

It has been up to this point I’ve been waiting for. Each of my characters has 100 skill points that I’ve not spent yet. I had two main goals when going into the second to last dungeon in the game. The first was to find the blaster skill for each of them to learn. The second for to loot all the blaster weapons I could find.

This is also where it feels like the game starting to slack a bit. Moving forward there are no active quests. Just things I’ve told you I need to finish the game. On top of that acquiring a bunch of upgrades outside of new weapons from the Control Room and forward is not something that is going to happen.

I returned to The Oracle and after a quick chat and leaving and coming back. I now had the option to enter the Control Room. The Control Room itself is where powerful individuals of high-ranking status have always been invited out to view.

 sign talking about a room use Control Room Might And Magic VI.png

This is a place the general public you could say would know nothing about. The entire place however felt more like a tour if it was not for the robots trying to murder my group. There would be signs on occasion on the walls all over the place talking about what each area of this dungeon was used for.

The place now is however in a state a mess. We are viewed as intruders despite doing what was required to be granted access to this place. On top of that the dungeon itself keeps warning that is trying to shut down certain floors.

This is also one of those dungeons you don’t have to go far in if you don’t want to. I however decided to clear the entire thing out. Even though it did not take long to get enough blaster weapons for my entry party. To the point I had quite a few extras, I would never use much use for.

The game also wanted to make sure you did not feel like you were on something built on the planet. It was more like walking through a spaceship at times. One might have even been mistaken for thinking they were playing a different game altogether.

 a strange place Control Room Might And Magic VI.png

You also could not be blamed for thinking that. There are quite a few different games from back in the day a setting like this could fit into and no one would question it. This place was also quite hard.

The biggest issue of this place came down to what is called Terminator Units. They have quite a high chance of blasting you with a death laser. Every couple of hits they would kill one of my party members.

They also have over 1k health. So trying to take a Terminator Unit head-on would quickly end in my death. Even if I enabled turn-by-time time and tried to revive as quickly as I could. Sooner or later my cleric would end up getting terminated. The revival spell also has quite a long cool-down before the cast can take another action.

This place required me to go extra slowly and pay a lot of attention to what was going on. Many times I would be using Ring Of Fire to destroy what was lurking behind closed doors and in other rooms. To the point, I was almost tempted to train my third magic use in my party on fire just to get some extra damage out.

Things had a lot of health in this dungeon. Almost every room was filled with a terminator which takes a lot of hits with Ring Of Fire if you are only dealing 6 to 12 damage a hit. Needless to say, there were a lot of mana breaks.

Even trying to be as careful as I was. There was still a lot of my party getting destroyed. This is just something that can’t be helped when you have such things as the terminator units in a dungeon. While I have been in other dungeons where such a thing could happen those other creatures usually had such a low chance of success it rarely happened.

getting killed in Control Room Might And Magic VI.png

I ended up having so many party members get killed in this single dungeon that if you added up all my total single-member deaths outside of this dungeon it would have been less. With the amount of gold I spent on that revival spell at this point I got my money's worth.

This also strange room I was in had a few drop-downs to a lower section of the dungeon. Thankfully if you realized you could hit from above through the flooring what was down below for the most part? So I ended up running around just casting fire spells to see if I’d hit anything down below.

 memory crystals Control Room Might And Magic VI.png

This place also just shoved it in your face how worthless things were starting to become in the game for you. For instance, I would open chest after chest and find nothing but an inane amount of memory crystals.

I’ll admit I looted them all despite them having zero value to me now. Just thinking how much effort each one took to acquire in the normal world. Meanwhile, in this dungeon, there was just chest after chest of these and control cubes. Rather insulting!

Thankfully there is a sign not that far from the entrance of the dungeon where you end up learning the blaster skill. The only warning you even get that you learned the skill is when you click on one of the signs and it goes over basic blaster usage.

Even then I did double-check that I had learned the skill. I then put in something like 12 or more ranks into the skill. I also had a lot of horseshoes that granted +2 per use on a single character stacks up. I came somewhat over-prepared.

Once I was done with the dungeon I went off to find the trains to increase my blaster skill. That is when I learned that only my knight was permitted to learn it at a mastery level. Despite that, it did not seem like he was doing triple damage compared to the rest of the group only doing double damage with the blasters.

Before entering the final dungeon there was one last thing I needed to do. I had to head over to Ironfist to acquire a spell that would allow me to protect the planet from getting blown up and everyone getting killed.

While I suppose I did not need to go do it since there was no quest. I’m not about to end an entire existence of a planet just because I was too lazy to go talk with some NPCs and do a short quest.

To acquire that spell however I needed to get it from Archibald who was turned to stone and rests in the Ironfist library. I did not dare mention any of this to the king of Ironfist himself. Instead, I walked with Nicolai Ironfist who agreed to help in stealing two of the three stones needed to free his uncle.

I however needed to quire the third stone. One which was shocking I had not yet looted during my entire time playing this game. Thankfully I did not need to go and clear a dungeon or anything like that. It was hiding in the water well behind the castle.

release archibald Control Room Might And Magic VI.png

It was then time to free Archibald. I get the idea that doing so was quite a bad idea I however needed the spell. I also wonder if the next game in the Might and Magic series had to be around him. The game gives you a kind impression that Archibald was not a good person while playing.

Final Thoughts

blaster weapon Control Room Might And Magic VI.png

I now had everything to run the final dungeon of Might & Magic VI. This game has been such a long journey that I could not wait and quickly started to make my way to that dungeon.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.