Might & Magic VI | Caves Of The Dragon Riders

It might not look like much from the outside but I can already smell the phat loot in this place. Caves full of dragons and doom knights. I could not wait to get into this place.

1 Caves Of The Dragon Riders Might And Magic Vi.png

My heart does an uptick just seeing this door into this place. While it can be a bit challenging. I just want to run this dungeon 50 times over if I could.

The only downside is this place is out in Kriegspire. If it was not for that I would have run here sooner and just popped into the dungeon to get the timer till it resets started. If I’m not mistaken sadly this place has a two-year in-game reset timer.

There is no other reason to come here except the loot, experience, and a good dang time. It is rather shocking I did not fly here many levels ago to give this place a try. Granted it would have been rather tough. At least I got elsewhere in the game to go dragon hunting if I feel like it.

3 entry into Caves Of The Dragon Riders Might And Magic VI.png

When you first walk in you got a bunch of different tunnels to choose from to go down into first. I decided I would first go far right and then far left. After that, I’d see which tunnel was the shortest and take that next.

4  fighting wyrm Caves Of The Dragon Riders Might And Magic VI.png

I ran down the sloping tunnel into the first wide chamber and it was filled with wyrm for me to hunt. There was enough in there that I would not be able to clear them all out on my first attempt.

I had two of my characters loaded up casting incinerate which was doing a decent amount of damage per hit. My cleric was casting group heals trying to keep us alive from all the hits we were taking.

After a short teleport trip to a town and buying some quick healing for health and mana. I teleported back into the Caves Of The Dragon Riders and finished off the couple remaining creatures left in the room.

Looting the dragons would usually yield between 500 to 1k gold each. On top of that, there was a high chance of looting leather or plate armor among other things. I would end up pulling a couple of upgrades just off the creature kills alone.

5 looting a chest in Caves Of The Dragon Riders Might And Magic VI.png

This first chamber had two chests in the far back. They were loaded with gold and other loot. These ended up being some of the best treasure chests I’ve looked up to in this part of the game.

6 cuisinart Caves Of The Dragon Riders Might And Magic VI.png

I then headed off to the far left tunnel and it was filled with doom knights. There was also a dragon or two in there as well. They must have been leftovers from clearing out the first cavern. They chased me quite far out back to the entry of the dungeon.

While I did my best to try and limit how many of these went after each time. These were always a bit annoying to deal with. Nothing like landing a few 150 points of damage from incineration to quickly remove them.

This tunnel also had another two chests just loaded with loot. At this point, I was grinning ear to ear as my bags of loot weighed me down more and more.

7 mix of dragons and doom knights Caves Of The Dragon Riders Might And Magic VI.png

I then went off to the second far-right tunnel. It was filled with dragons and have a few more chests in the back of it as well. It took a mana break or two but I managed to clear them in the end.

This is when I noticed I had filled my group's inventory full of chest armor. I had to go make a trip to town to sell off some loot.

It was then time to head up the main branch of this underground network. There would be another three caverns to clear out before I was finished with this place.

The next one up had a mix of dragons and doom knights in it. I ended up getting aggression on what I could. I then pulled back and waited for the doom knights in there to get up and over the hill that dips down into this cavern and chase after me.

After that, I had to be a little careful. As I moved up to try and clear one of the caverns I ended up getting some aggression on another one. I had a bunch of doom knights chasing after me. Their loot was amazing.

After a lot more killing and another crazy five chests looted. This place was cleared. I was somewhat sad to have already been done with it.

8 increased effect of all water spells Caves Of The Dragon Riders Might And Magic VI.png

The best piece of loot I got out of Caves Of The Dragon Riders had to have been this ring. It increases by quite a lot the effects of water spells. I just wish the game would show you once you put a ring like this on by how much.

I did however notice a difference when I was testing out different water spells on the caster I gave it to. I also find it rather odd now that I don’t recall ever looting a ring like this for anything other than the different types of magic. You would think there be some for bows and other skills

While there were no quest rewards to turn in from clearing this place out. I almost made 300k gold off this place. I love it so much I wish I was clearing right now as I write this up. I find this place just so thrilling.

Final Thoughts

I’ll have to go dragon hunting in a bit in an outdoor zone where it will be far more challenging. As I won’t be able to just fight a couple of them at a time but entire large herds of them.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.