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I did not end up as number one on the daily leaderboard like last time. It was however still quite an amazing run as I went to some places I’ve already been to and ones I’ve yet to explore.

While out mining I was also scoping out a couple of different areas I could hit up for possible hunting trips in the future. That is the fun part of enjoying both hunting and mining. Many times when I’m hunting I’ll drop a few probes just to see if the global information I have is lining up with some random fines. Those are however not true mining runs.

On the other hand, I did not do any hunting. Since this area was covered in some quite low aggression creatures they were not much of an issue. One of my favorite places to mine back in the day used to keep out a lot of people looking to mine as they just would see all the red dots and assume it was not possible to mine there without a lot of trouble.

size 8 of belkar.jpg

During my entire next run, I only ended up finding a single Belkar claim which I was a bit disappointed by. I was rather disappointed by that finding but I’d come back at a later date and give this area another chance.

One of the reasons I was disappointed with just a single Belkar claim was all the lower markup ores I was finding in the area. At the time Blausariam and Iron and I’m sure they still are I hate finding. They are rather worthless in terms of markup and suck to find when amp mining.

I however kept finding the stuff over and over again in the area. There were some other ores I was hoping to run into that might have swayed my mind about the area. I however was not finding any of them either with my F-105 finder.

Finding more Blausariam.jpg

It’s possible the mining depth I was hit was not yielding what I was looking for ore-wise for the area. While I have ok skills in this profession I do wish they were quite a lot higher but even when I have mined with (L) deeper depth finders the findings can be quite mixed as well.

It was at this point I was rather tempted to move to another area. I had far too many claims of just low markup ores. I was however here to gather some of my data. I was somewhat even considering removing the D-Class amps I was using and just going with normal mining.

I however knew better. You always just have that feeling you will hit something decent the moment you are not using an amp if you are someone who enjoys amp mining. So I contained on with the madness. Finding even further Blausariam and Iron as I went.

It at least felt like the area had a decent enough hit rate even if I was disappointed with the ores I was finding to keep me around. While many would have certainly left in a heartbeat. I started to get perception checks in an area I could not see any other people mining would want to be remotely close to.

size 10 of iron.jpg

Sure enough, a few probe drops later I found iron naturally. While it was not even close to being a global or anything that amazing it was at least a size 10. I ended up pulling in around 20 PED of iron in total. It was at least a lot better than what I was finding and I felt would help somewhat make up for the lack of markup I would be getting on this run.

I ended up finding quite a large area of iron. It was quite tempting just to leave it as I can’t stand the markup on the stuff. I however enjoyed at least getting a ore claim for every probe I dropped. I ended up following what felt like a vein for some time.

After a while, the iron turned into Blausariam which I felt was even worse at the time to find. After a while, I was coming up with lots of lysterium. I was also oddly getting perception checks yet again. If I had any thoughts about leaving before those were soon cast aside.

Finding a nice amount of Lysterium.jpg

I’m rather glad I ended up staying in the area. I ended up finding another Hall of Fame. Sure this time I was not even close to being number one on the daily leaderboard. A size 16 of Lysterium for 283 PED when the markets were still hungry for it at 106% was more than good enough for me.

You would think with all the Lysterium I had already found I’d have far too much sitting in my storage while I wanted to try and offloaded. With that would have been true for a lot of other ores it’s not for this stuff. I had already sold most of what I had found and so this felt like a perfect time to find a bunch more of it.

As I tend to do when I find a decent find I switched over to enmatter. Sitting right next to the lysterium claim was a size 9 of crude oil. Not amazing but that is a bit bigger than normal for an enmatter claim. At the time I was also getting low on oil anyways. So this would just save me some money from having to buy at a markup when I would run out anyways.

I did drop a couple of doubles in the area and after finding way too much oil I switched back just for searching for ores. Oddly enough this place was still not done with me yet. I was already happy with what I found other than it not being Belkar. Anything else I’d find would just be extra profits on top.

size 13 of lysterium.jpg

Toward the end of the run, I did find one more global. This one was quite a lot smaller with just a size 13 of Lysterium for 58 PED. I was just thrilled at this point it was that and not so many of the other ores in the area that had a lot less of a markup.

Final Thoughts

size 7.jpg

I was more than expecting my next couple of runs just to suck mining-wise. This however ended up being quite a pleasant surprise in finds. The day of slums and horrible mining would be coming at some point. For now, I was still riding quite an amazing wave of decent returns.

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