Entropia Universe | Halloween Mayhem 2023 The Points Have Arrived

Halloween Mayhem 2023 The Points Have Arrived.jpg

Perhaps one of the more exciting things is just how quickly a bunch of points can rack up in the Halloween Mayhem event. Things at the start were a lot worse than I was hoping for. That soon would be a thing of the past.

It was a bit sluggish feeling at this point only getting up to 50-point kills. I was expecting by now to have gotten at least a 100-point kill being in category 5. Granted there is the drawback of fewer kills per hour that I could be getting if I was just sitting in category 3. That, however, soon would not be in the back of my mind.

58 laster sniper hit.png

Shortly into my next run, I hit level 58 Laster Sniper (Hit) profession. That did not mean much to me. This was my leading weapon skill and unless I raised a lot of funds to dump into an unlimited weapon for the next tier up one day. It was doubtful I'd get much use out of it unless there was a decent markup price drop on limited weapons. Granted I do hunt some things that have higher than normal life regen were popping for the higher markup limited guns make since. However, as far as this event is concerned, I was good enough with my LR-45's.

Speaking of which. I did buy a couple more guns before jumping into this instance. Since I'm not quite sure how much time I have. I see no point in buying more guns than I need. I just hope I don’t end up regarding that if guns suddenly dry up in supply and prices spike. If, however, that happens I'll just switch over to mining since that would mean mining markup would be going up as well.

After about half an hour in I ended up finishing off the repeat of Halloween Creatures codex. Since I already had worked out the math for what reward would be best for what I'm aiming for. I ended up selecting Alertness and gained 157.79 of it.

It’s a shame it did not move my profession up a lot. One of them I think only gained 10% while some of the others went up 30% of a level. It at least did a lot more than the other options I could have selected. Of them, I would not be shocked if I gained only a couple of percent if that from selecting them in the first place.

58 global.png

I then got my first global for this run. It was nothing special yet again. With the way things have been looting however I was going to be needing some global to make up for it. It’s somewhat fitting I hit level 58 in a profession, and I got a level 58 PED in loot off a single kill shortly later.

You might have also noticed I'm now at 1,188 points. While still not much of anything. I was finally getting some 50- and 100-point kills. I even had a mini-boss that gave me 100 points. These amounts were more than welcome at this point.

I was also nearing the point where I'd drop out of the instance and remove my daily mission. At the pace I was going I was still trying to work out how many stages of the daily I wanted to do before using my reset for the day. It’s just a shame you have to leave the instance to take advantage of that.

500 point kill.png

Then it finally happened. My first decent point kill. It's always exciting when you see across the screen how many points you just got. That does not happen for the lower point-gained amounts. The 500 points were more than enough to finish off my first Silver Mission tier. This netted me a small number of rewards as I now sit at 1,901 points.

I seemed to be then in a nice little pocket of points. While a lot of lower 1-point amounts. I noticed a lot of kills were at least giving me something. I was, however, not ready for what was to come next.

points and global.png

At this point, I was just chilling near the revival area. At some point, I'd get bored of that and do a bit of walking around in the instance. For now, I'm glad I was not. I not only got a 76 PED kill I also got 250 points on top of it. I was now at 2,196 points.

Shortly after that, I decided it was time to duck out of that instance and restart. I needed to reset my daily and I wanted a short break anyways.

This next instance I hit a bit of a strange pocket of loot. I was getting quite a lot of 10 to 30 PED looters. With how often I had been looting around 2.5 PED or less. I was just thrilled to see this. I was also hopeful there was something much bigger lucking around if I saw these kinds of numbers.

I ended up clearing out the rest of the little area I was in. They had nothing more to give me at that point. At least there were some decent points to be had. I was still hoping for something much bigger both points and loot-wise.

1k point kill.png

At least one of these things ended up being granted to me. A single kill shortly later needed me 1k points and finished off the next stage of the Silver mission. In what did not seem like much time at all I was now sitting at 3,669 points.

It was starting like the points were just rolling in at this point. I even started to have some boss kills grant me 100 points. Along with some creature kills tossing in 100 points. If only it was like this all the time, I'd be done with the Silver Mission sooner than later. I still had a way to go.

The downside is loot was starting to just suck. The losses were now slowly starting to mount up. I kind of expected this could be an issue with going to category 5 instead of something much lower. At some point, I'm going to need a rather decent global or even HOF or I'll have to end up calling it. At least for the meantime I still had enough to keep going. I still was holding onto any sellable tokens I had till I needed to sell them to recover some losses later on.

I was in almost total disbelief when a short time later I ended up getting a 2,500-point kill. The very one used as the cover image for this point. That is the highest number of points you can get from a skill score. That was also more than enough to finish off a single tier in Silver.

Final Thoughts

killing a mob.png

It was not long after that I decided to call it for the time being. Loot was less than desirable, and it seemed the points started to dry up as well. At least in such as short amount of time now I was over 6k points in of the 17k I'd need. Another grinding session like this and it would not be long till I could see myself finishing things off with the time I have.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.