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I somewhat knew going into this I might not have finished off the main mission. I had quite a limited budget and quite a few bad runs like I was having would be more than enough to have things end early. This is just one of those games where you need to have a hard stop in what you are doing.

At least in the final hunting sessions things went better than my average runs loot-wise. Points on the other hand were still quite lacking. It was quite tempting to just drop down to a lower category and see how long I could go. I however really wanted to stick with it in category 5 this time around.

With the way things were going, I was going to need quite a lot of global over my next grinding sessions or one massive one. At the point of starting, I was looking at my spreadsheets to see if I had some rounds of 40-50% losses before markup. Granted not all of them were that bad but that becomes quite hard to overcome with the amount I was willing to budget.

141 ped global right away.png

At least things did not end as early as I was expecting them to go into my final hours. It started with quite a bang. Just a kill or two in I got a 141 PED global. Since I was quite low on shrapnel to convert into ammo and had been buying off the vendor with PEDs. This was more than a welcome sigh

I even decided right then I'd convert some of that shrapnel over into ammo for 101%. Then I'd sell off some of the ammo I bought with PED back into PED. That way I’d not have to be selling any shrapnel I got just repair and buy further guns. At least not right away and get a small amount of return.

next mission phase done.png

I was even just a couple of points away from hitting the next phase of the Silver mission for the event. While getting 26.60 TT of Universal ammo is not much of anything. This was quite a clutch moment with how little I had left remaining and every little bit I could get would help.

The gun I had would need to get replaced soon. After that soon later the amp as well. The very short-term goal was to grind out in this instance for a couple of daily levels. Then I'd drop the instance and the daily and pick up a fresh one in a new instance.

73 ped loot.png

I could not believe my luck in almost no time later I got a 73 PED global. I was now up another 130 points in just a couple of kills. With one kill alone getting me 100 points. Things were starting to look up at this point.

Even more shocking to me ten minutes later I landed a 250-point kill. At this point, I'm feeling my luck has quickly turned around from the other night. I even feel somewhat foolish for not just calling it early in my last grinding session. It was such a difference.

Not even within an hour of this instance did I then get my third global. I was also up over 500 points now. I at least knew my current cycle of ammo would be a positive round. I even had enough shrapnel to convert into ammo for the normal amount of ammo amount I prefer to have before resupplying and repairing during this event.

starage 6.png

My gun was then nearly breaking. I had finished yet another daily stage and felt now was the time to use the decent amount of PED I'd be up for my current round to a new gun and reset the daily.

At the time I felt it was quite a shame I did not have enough to have brought in further guns and gun amps. It is, however, what it is.

At least the next instance was still running a bit hot like the last one. I was getting quite a few 50-point kills. Within the first half hour of it, I even got a 58 PED kill. Followed by a couple of decent 20-40 PED looters.

another global.png

Before that hour finished off, I landed one further global kill and at the same time finished off a daily. I was now almost up 1,200 points for the day. A bit of a smile on my face as well as this kind of point gain were my expectations for grinding in category 5.

I even managed to hit level 29 in the Mutant Looter Profession. While mutant creatures are not the majority of what I hunt. I was starting to get rather thrilled. At level 30 I'd unlock a new skill that has a 10% effect on that profession's gains.

Since I already had an animal looter past level 30, I had the other skill that can also be unlocked at that level which is called Xenobiology. Since I don’t use many science skills this is one thing that I get very little use of. Perhaps at some point, I'll try and find a cheap way to grind gaining some of this skill, but it only has a 2% impact which for me is not worth it.

After all that the loot took a decent noise dive. At least I was still racking up some decent points. I was just not getting anything massive. I at least wanted to make it to my next Silver stage for the next reward before deciding if I was going to call it or not.

next mission phase done.png

That ended up taking a couple of hours. Once I got to 10,200 points, I would just be 6,800 short of finishing off the Silver mission for this event. The good news is I still had a couple of days left to grind it out and I'm more than certain I could have.

The downside was that I was nearing the amount of money I was willing to be out for this event in terms of liquidity. I at least thought I'd keep going for a bit and see if I could finish off the next codex level.

After quite some further bad loot both my gun and gun amp were nearing the breaking point. While I had enough liquidity to replace both of them. I’d have so little ammo I doubt I'd last another bad hour of loot if I did not end up getting something decent.

Final Thoughts

mount laser.png

At least I was being realistic with myself when I entered into this event that I might not finish off the Silver mission. I am at least glad I went with Silver over Bronze despite not finishing it in the end. While it’s always so tempting to toss more money at it to finish things. For now, all know the next couple of days could have been some further bad loot for me.

This is one of those instances when I was getting some decent markup on paper. What I was not getting was enough TT (base) of loot to keep me going. Since not everything I was looting could be sold directly to another player or take time to move if I was even willing to sell it at current prices. It was time to call it here.

While I'm quite down on liquidity from running this event. I’m quite near breakeven once markup gets added in. If I was getting better loot as I can see in my data that I was doing quite poorly I'd be decently up in the green.

While it’s so tempting to want to keep going. The Halloween event is somewhat rather a shorter Mayhem one. Perhaps I'll move some items in bulk if I can get a decent price for them and make a massive push for Christmas or other Mayhems. For now, I lack the liquidity to keep going.

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