Entropia Universe | Halloween Mayhem 2023 A Bad Night

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During these kinds of events, there is always that period where things feel like they go from bad to worse. I was half tempted to just call it an early night which would have been the smart choice to have made. I’m however quite tight on time so I went for it anyway.

While things have not been going super great for me during this event. There has at least been an extra opportunity for some decent markup that kept me going. I’m talking about getting those TWEN tokens. So many are farming this event for them the market has taken quite a massive dive on the tokens. After this grinding session, I decided it was time to offload what I had for about .7 PED each about 70% of what I was hoping for.

This was however not unexpected in the long run. The good news at least is a couple of days later they ended up selling. With them having such a high markup on them the listing fee just to get them onto the auction house was a lot more than I'd have liked. At least they helped put a decent into just how bad this next part went.

Halloween creatures rank 2.png

There was at least some good news in all of this. Not that far into the evening I ended up finishing off repeat 2 of Halloween Creatures. Netting myself another cool 7.81 PED of Alertness. As far as math went it was still the best choice for the result of profession gains, I wanted. I was hoping to get this codex finished at least once or twice during this event. That was, however, before I ran into bad luck that transpired this evening.

Not that long after that I got my one of only two global for that evening. It then would be hours of me getting mostly nothing. Many times, in the past not getting a single globe for hours was not always a bad thing. Sometimes the loot was just on average good enough to make up for it. This was not one of those cases.

81 ped global.png

Perhaps even more strangely, my second global for that evening was right after the first. It was like after that the loot pool just died. Everything after that was quite small amounts of loot with every kill more or less being a loss.

If I had not just jumped into this event on an impulse due to the TWEN and cosmetic tokens. I would have been more prepared timewise as far as my schedule goes to just have called it a night a couple of hours into the instance.

I even considered just dumping the instance I was in and taking a short half an hour break. Then getting back in. I, however, thought I might as well finish off my daily ranks a couple of times. That was perhaps one thing I've been slacking on since I have not been logging in daily to work on grinding out this event.

The only thing worse than the loot was the number of points I was getting. Now, I was not expecting it to be a banger like the last runs I had. If I'd end up getting 1k to 2.5k points a couple more times this would put me quite near the end of the total grind I'd need to be doing.

boss kill.png

I had one boss that ended up giving me 100 points. Then for hours, the best point wises I'd be getting were a couple of random 50-point kills. Most things were zero points. It even felt like I had a period where I did not even get a single point in almost twenty minutes.

Once in a while, I'd even take a trip around the time we had for this event. Sometimes it just felt like that somehow made a difference. Nothing in the back of the instance that had gotten stuck and was not moving around was worth much of anything either.

Quite a few times in the past I'd head to the back of the instance and find a nice little cluster of loot. At this point, I would have just been happy to see some decent little mini loots of 20-30 PED but the creatures could not be bothered this time around to even award me that.

healing and resupplying.png

As always, every so often I'd make my way back to where the revival and exit of the instance was. It was yet again time to reload up on ammo, see how badly the night was going, and do some minor repairs of armor.

One thing I had underestimated slightly was just about the healing I'd need to be doing by only sitting in category 5 instances. I ended up repairing my Refurbished HEART Rank IV healing device a couple of times during this entire ordeal.

I’m at least thankful for the most part outside of fighting the boss. I have not had to use my main combat healing device while fighting these higher-level creatures than I tend to do during Mayhem. There have been weeks where the Vivo T20 (L) I use will not even be up for sale to replace on the market when that time comes around.

I’m sure at some point I'll be investing in something a lot better for healing. In the meantime, however, I'd rather spend that PED on having adventures, partaking in events, and putting it into other operations I have going on in the game.

Final Thoughts

250 points.png

Right around when I was looking to call it for the night and my skill booster was about to wear off, I got not only a global, but a 250-point kill within ten minutes of each other happening. This I'd consider to be the entire highlight of the run.

It was otherwise quite a tough one to keep fighting though. I had higher hopes since the first half of the time spent in the instance was just not looting or giving me many points when killing. That the second half was going to be amazing.

I even ended up sticking it out for quite a little while longer. It was just a rather dead session. There comes a point where you just have to call it a night. If loot had been amazing, I'd have ground till daylight. Instead, I opted to stop the suffering and get a couple of hours of rest.

It would end up being a couple of days before I'd return to grind further during this event. I wanted to make sure at least the TWEN tokens I was looking at would move on the market. Thankfully they did and it helped soften this rather brutal evening.

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