Entropia Universe | Halloween Mayhem 2023

Halloween Start.jpg

Before any announcements for the upcoming Halloween Mayhem 2023 event in Entropia Universe, I thought I would more than skip these years. I just have too many things going on in other games and life to have such free time an event like this would take up. That, however, changed after they stated how this year's event would be.

Since 2023 has been a year-long special celebration for the game one could have guessed they might change things up slightly. It was then announced for the Halloween event this year not only is a new cosmetic token dropping. The newer token they added a little while back called the TWEN token would also be dropping in the event.

One thing I have been meaning to do is a lot more massive grind to take advantage of the price these newer TWEN tokens that have been dropping just on normal creatures are worth. It has more or less ensured every single hunt I do with what the current price was at the time was in the green and profitable. I even have some hunting I'll be posting about at some point but that is going to have to wait now.

As far as the TWEN token. If you get enough of them, you do need a rather sizable amount. You can get some crazy high-efficiency weapons. Many of them even seem to be doing slightly more damage than their limited counterparts that have to be replaced once they break.

I don’t have enough funds to even attempt to get myself enough tokens on my own to get one of these crazy guns. It is, however, an opportunity I want to fully take advantage of while there is still a decent markup on the tokens.

token drops.png

So, what does this mean for 2023 Halloween event? We can get the normal non-trade Mayhem normal and rare tokens. We can also new get a new Cosmetic token that is dropping in the event. Along with the new TWEN token.

The only thing I'm uncertain of is if the Unreal Token is still dropping. I have not gotten one of them in quite a while now. There is also no confirmation by the developers in the announcement post that I've noticed. I have also not looted one in the Halloween event.

There is now, as you can tell, quite an insane number of tokens dropping. The Mayhem tokens are one of the main reasons every year people farm every single one of the Mayhem events. While I was not planning to do many events this year like Mayhem. It’s hard to say no.

I did not have any major preparation for the event. To my shock, a few gun crafters have been moving around into some better shopping in recent months. They have been undercutting my normal price for limited guns and amplifiers for those guns. Which for me means getting weapons to use for this event cheaper than I was expecting. I also did not have to tie up a large amount of the liquidity I have in this game in weapons.

I have decided I'd be signing up for Silver Mission rewards yet again. Since I'm not even sure I'll be fully finishing it I felt going any higher which would require a lot more points were out of the question. I also felt a couple of lucky point gains and the bronze mission would be finished far too quickly to give me ample time to grind during this event.

That is also another thing to take into consideration for this event. While these missions reward themselves, nothing is amazing. It all adds up. Every 1700 points I gain hunting in this event which you get at random per kill between 0 and 2,500 points. Will net me at least 26.6 PED of ammo and things like codex progresses, tokens, Halloween candy, and stamina skills.

codex skill rewards.png

There is also no interesting aspect going on. I had the Halloween creature codex “finished” last year. That, however, does not mean I'm doing it. It’s now at a point where it simply repeats, and I get an insane number of different skills to pick from as a reward every time I finish it.

While it’s tempting to want to go for the biggest PED reward for the biggest value gain. There is a reason they have it set up like this. The rarer skill gains from rewards that tend to be worth a lot more in general you also get the least amount if you pick them.

Since I'm looking for the biggest overall skill gain and not the highest return in value in rewards for each time, I repeat this stage of the codex. I ended up running all the numbers on any skills I've been targeting as Codex rewards over the past year.

With the way, the skill system works in Entropia Universe. The higher the skill the less per PED of skill gain you get it increases in levels. It was not any shock the lowest PED in reward amount would give me the highest amount of skill gain. As those skills are much harder to gain in general. They would also do the most for me.

One thing I would not be doing for this event is starting right away and I expect I won’t be around at the very end. The Halloween event is however only running from Oct 26 (it has already started) and ends on November the 9th. This is not a very long event either.

cat 5.png

This year I also decided I'm going to stick to farming in Mayhem Annihilation category 5. While it would have been better off if I was using a bigger gun than LR-45 (L). The next tiers up cost a decent chunk higher in markup to buy since they use higher markup crafting materials and therefore the crafters charge a bit more. So, I decided to save a little on markup and just go with a lower-tier gun despite not long ago having the skills to move up to the next gun.

I also have that ring I bought not too long ago that will help a lot this year. The reload speed and other stats I can see make a huge difference. I also just have a lot of Mayhem boosters from all the events I've been to over the past two years. That if I needed to, I could use them as well.

On top of all that I have more than enough skill pain pills. I have a couple higher than 10% skill gains ones that last for quite some time. I have plans on using it at this event as well. So, my skill gains should be rather decent during this event.

The only thing I'm quite light on right now is in-game liquidity. Hopefully, I won’t have a day where I make time to grind things out that go rather sideways loot-wise. That could be the thing that puts me off from wanting to do a lot of ground this year other than my limited amount of time.

Final Thoughts

Mayhem Halloween Exit.png

Overall, it was quite hard to turn down running in this year's event. While I'm rather pressed for time and resources to do so. The markup and many other opportunities that might exist during this event I decided are worth going for.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.