Entropia Universe | Enjoying The Terrain While Mining

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This is one of those mining runs in Entropia Universe where it just felt it was going to be an amazing day. So much so that I ended up going back and getting even more mining amps than I was expecting to use for the day.

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Like most days the first order of business was price-checking D-Class Amps. Those auction house prices just don’t sit quite well with me. If that is really what I got to pay then what I’m mining is just not going to cut it.

Thankfully at the time had a place to buy a few at a time at a discount. This is why I already had 11 amps in my inventory. I at least wanted to know what kind of supply was on the market in case I needed to extend my mining session and my other buying opportunities were not around.

Many times I’m just mining in some rather unusual areas. I do love going along the sides of mountains and cliffs. I’ve had some decent luck finding things that way and if the more hilly an area is the more fun I find that element of the terrain to be to try and mine in it.

summing a claim.jpg

My first mining claim for the day ended up being the size of a mountain. There was no way I was going be able to sit on the claim where it was and mine up a size 9. Thankfully I was within range to just summon it to the top. I just had to wait a short amount of time to do so.

I was also in an area where I did not think the enmatter had anything that interesting as I recall. So I decided to just focus on ores. I had a couple of hits but it was not long before the first D-Class mining amp was about dead.

Things differently went from I had a good feeling about this run to I’m not so sure anymore. Like many of my runs, I was checking out an area I don’t normally go in. My opinion however started to shift a bit after a while.

Lysterium stone spot.jpg

At one point I ended up hitting a massive pocket of Lysterium. While many like to roll their eyes at this stuff some large buyers were gobbling up the market at the time increasing the price.

I ended up carpet bombing the entire area to pick up every single ounce of lysterium I could find. I had twenty or thirty claims of the stuff in the area. With just a basic extractor this stuff can take some time to mine up so I ended up spending a decent amount of time in the area.

The great thing was I did not run into another single player out here either. It was just nice to be alone. After a while I did map out all around getting a bunch of nothing founds for the most part and continued on my way exploring the area.

There was a point where I was quite weighed down mostly from all the Lysterium. I had filled and recalled to my storage two cars with a full inventory of the stuff. I decided it was time for a short break and to see how I was doing.

Thanks to that large area of Lysterium I was doing quite decent. I decided due to the current prices to refine up and sell the stack I had. It did not even take long to sell it either. For many different ores, I might end up having to sit on a stack of it for quite some time before I have enough to sell. Lysterium, on the other hand, it’s quite common and I took advantage of the prices at the time.

mining durulium.jpg

I ended up returning quite a few hours and it was now nighttime in the game. While that makes it a bit harder to spot things like creatures and any ground spawns like fruits I might come across. I do find it rather tranquil when I’m not getting attacked to be mining during the night.

Despite the age of this game, I do enjoy so much the terrain of it. It’s not trying to be over-hyperrealistic to the point it looks fake. It’s just some older school graphics in a video game and I can dig that a lot more than a lot more modern-day stuff.

nice area.jpg

At one point I found myself mining along a river that was between two different mountains. While some times I try and avoid following naturally occurring terrain. That night I was just in the mood to enjoy some river views.

This area did come with some creatures. Thankfully these are quite low-level and for the most part, left me alone. When I was not running by foot enjoying things I could use spawn my Sleipnir to jump it and fly off to drop aggression on anything if needed anyways.

After a while, I ended up finding a size 13 of copper. It was only 64 PED before markup. Nothing that exciting. I did at least however already have some in storage and this allowed me to sell off a stack of it freeing up some liquidity.

That is often the issue I ran into in things like mining. At least when I’m mining all over the place and not just focusing on a single region and ore table. You just end up with a bunch of a lot of little stacks of stuff. Many of it not worth trying to list on the auction but you also don’t want to just sell it off to the vendor either. So you end up sitting on it for a bit.

Final Thoughts

daily token.jpg

While it would be nice to have gotten more globals during this run. I had no idea at the time things were about to get quite interesting. I was not down by a lot either. I was however in my mind slowly moving the bar over to not seeing the point in using amps of any kind. They do add a lot more fun to the mining run.

It just did not seem worthwhile for the kinds of ores and the markup I was expecting to get from them at least in this area. There would be much later into my mining journey my attempt to go after a lot better ores. Those however can be quite the double edge sword as there are caps for how much gets found of certain stuff that tends to keep the economy for those ores within a certain range of prices.

It was at least nice since I was mining on Calypso to finish off a daily mining mission. Work towards some mining missions I’ve had forever and slowly see my skills increase from it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.