Diablo IV | The Poor Souls Of Kehjistan

It turns out when you are in the middle of the deserts of Kehjistan. You are not as much looking for rituals to be performed or your enemies to be assassinated. Nope, that would be too easy as I have way too much experience doing that in Diablo IV. Instead, people just want to be rescued.

Let’s just say my role as a hero saving lives is not always batting 100%. Since this is however the last region I needed to finish off renown in. I’d give it my best shot. Even if it was in the middle of a desert that I would rather be far away from.

Attempt Number 1: Mahjoob

saving a horse.jpg

One of the many poor souls I ran into got bitten by something nasty. At least that is what was claimed. At first, it looked like their horse had taken the brunt of it. I would later find out things ran much deeper than that.

I was tasked with finding some kind of flower. Do I look like an herbalist? You bet I don’t. That however did not stop me from going out and trying to find a ghost palm. You would think the person who consumes way too much of them would have known if the one I got was good or not.

I’m starting to think the flower was not so much for medical use. Even more strange the person claimed they had more of it back at their hideout. They needed assistance getting back and finding it.

This whole thing set off all kinds of red alarms in my book. If you just now got bitten by something nasty and are not suffering from some kind of long-term thing. How is it they have some of the “cure” hidden away?

After consuming even more of the stuff things did not end so well. I guess we can just chalk this one up I tried my best. The person could not be saved. Don’t mind the dead body on the floor. What dead body?

Attempt Number 2: Neema


I was minding my own business just traveling along. Suddenly someone comes up to me and tells me they have lost their camel named Neema or some nonsense. If there is any reason to wander around the desert after interacting with a strange it’s to rescue a camel!

I found it a little odd I just happened to find the camel right in the area I was told it was in. Even more, so that it was already tied to a palm tree. That was just a little too easy. I however love easy gold so I let my greed get the best of me.

Besides it was not all easy. I had to clear out quite a few creatures while looking for the camel. There were just piles and piles of bodies off-screen. I then had to create even more since I had to lead the camel back by dropping oats onto the ground for it to follow.


Thankfully I was able to bring Neema the camel back home. It’s all nice and safe now. IT'S ALL NICE AND SAFE NOW. Nothing bad happened while walking back. I just had to light lots of fires using magic to clear a path is called. Ok?????

I’m now at a 50% success rate. I get to charge double my hourly rate now right?

Attempt Number 3:

I don’t want to talk about this one. Trust me no one will be missed. I’m not even sharing a screenshot of this one.

Attempt Number 4: Yasir


You won’t believe this one. There I was just watching the tide rise. When just in earshot someone who was buried was on the verge of drowning. I rode up on my horse and I saved that poor soul.

Oh, they gave me everything they owned to their name? It’s not like I demand every single piece of gold in exchange for helping them not drown. That would not be becoming of a sorcerer of my caliper. I would NEVER!

It also turns out this Yasir has an entire family that has been captured and needs saving. I do love repeat victims, I mean customers. Needless to say, I ran as fast as I could towards the sound of my gold bag getting bigger.

Attempt Number 5: Saving An Entire Family


I get it before I can save an entire man’s family there is a whole lot of murdering that needs to go down. I was not at first led into a clear ambush with such a bad disguise that I was discovered within seconds of entering the garrison.

It was nothing. A few lines of fire and a bunch of fire-breathing hydras were spawned and that situation was solved. I also saved another person! There were however quite a few others.

So I went on quite a bloody crusade to find and save the rest of the family. It turns out that when you do that the bad guys no longer need to hold people captive as that is not working out for them.

I still think I’m at a 50% saving rate. That has to account for something right? I mean the entire family did not all die other than the first couple I saved. More were saved along the way.

Just not the extended family. When you think about it. Who can stand their extended family anyways? The holidays are now for this family going to be filled with a lot less drama. If anything I should have charged them double the rates!


tomb lord.jpg

It was not all fun and games. I can’t just be standing out in the open desert saving lives all day long. That kind of work is exhausting. I’d need to retreat at some point to a nice cool dungeon. I needed to finish off the last remaining renown anyways.

I thankfully had already done some dungeons in the region in the past collecting Grim Favours. So I was quite close to just needing to run a couple more to finish off what I needed.

I even ended up getting myself a new amulet as well. No, I did not take it off the corpse of one of the people I failed to save. It dropped while I was clearing one of the dungeons I swear. My last one was 12 levels under my current one. Oddly enough not all the stats on it were upgrades. It was however quite a solid enough upgrade I went for it.

Final Thoughts

region progress for kehjistan.png

While this was the last region on my list to finish off. I had quite an adventure and a lot of fun. Before I knew it I was collecting the last renown reward for another 4 paragon points. This now means I’ve picked up 20 extra paragon points. That has gone quite a far way to some powerful nodes in the paragon tree.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Diablo IV. This was during the early access beta. Things are subject to change.