Diablo IV | Rituals And Unpleasant Souls

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It seems I needed a good desert to cleanse my soul and gear from all the blood-soaked action of the last region I was working on for the campaign. While I would be doing quite a few other things in between I was now ready to hasten my progress with better overall damage and some protection to boot.

hes still around.png

You always know it’s a good sign when the person you are looking for is “still breathing”. I suppose if I was trapped in the desert there would be massive booze requirements to get me through the constant dry heat.

While out exploring the desert for some side questing, I managed to finish off a couple of further events. One of them was called Insatiable Hunger where you need to keep any of the creatures marching forward in the ritual from getting close to them so they can sacrifice themselves. Zero of them made it so I ended up getting a mastery reward for that event.

I then found myself on a short horse ride, later having to slay demons spawning in from a hell rift. They barely did a scratch at me and with the improvements to my gear, my flurry quickly downed every single elite and anything else that dared come forward.

looking though a house.png

Sometimes this game just has you in quite a bazar situation. I would never want to be caught close to such a horrific crime scene-looking place. Yet, I needed to search for clues and there were many objects inside that gave some insight.

I just can’t help but be amazed every time I play this game by how dark and bloody this one is over Diablo III. You would think now I'd just come to expect it and not notice it as much. Yet, it’s all set up in such a haunting way you almost want to look away but can't.

The result of finding those clues led to me crashing into yet another ritual as if I were some kind of wedding crasher. Sadly, there is never cake and only death to be served as the main course. It is what it is and this time two demons slay.


After a while, I got rather tired of being outside in the desert. At the very chance to enter a monastery, I almost welcomed the opportunity. I however knew there be nothing good to come of it for what must be lurking inside. Such a former holy place is now defiled in so many ways I dare not speak of them.

All of this was just to capture a demon and go through its guts to see what it had consumed. The clothing items pulled from within at least indicated where the demon had been. Quite a horrific manner to discover information but that is how it’s down in this realm. At least it was all worth it in the end.

As if the impossible tasks I've had to accomplish up to this point were not enough. I now needed to go through an entire city that had been raided and was running amuck with demons and other unpleasant souls.

getting across an area.png

I ended up scaling some walls and using a tip rope to get across to a section of buildings. I was hoping the person I needed to rescue assuming they were still alive in this dreadful place. The dead lay in the streets without anyone caring to bury them.

While the soul we sought was not where we had hoped. They did end up being still alive locked away in a jail cell. This however required a lot more killing before the day was done with me.

All for the hopes that the knowledge they had of a tunnel would be empty of trouble. It was anything but that. It seems evil has spread far and wide into the realm nowhere was left safe even places hidden from most.

a cave.png

I at least got to have some fun crawling through a cave system. I’ve been having a blast with being able to turn up the graphics settings. The water affects fog, and rocks with everything on them are quite a thing to take in.

I did during moments of silence of combat stop and enjoyed this place. While it might be yet another dark place, I just can’t help but love the overall cave theme. I can almost smell those rocks covered in earth as if I were in the cave myself.

altar of terror.png

The next part of the campaign I'm looking forward to again not seeing. You are not killing much. Instead, you are running from alter to alter. You are saying each of the prime evil's names for the most part. The experience vs. the time gained is just not worth it.

Even more so when you end up having another run-in with the wolf. His realms are almost always not worth the time. It’s also not as fun now knowing who the wolf is and how it all ends up regarding him. So, his encounters this time around were not as interesting, to say the least.

Final Thoughts


It all of course ends up ending with yet another ritual on some poor soul. At least now I'm getting closer to the end of the campaign. While it’s tempting to just want to rush through everything. These are the parts I've spent the least amount of time on. As such I've been taking my time and even letting many of the cutscenes play out.

Before calling it a night I ended up running around finishing off some side questing. I also had some strongholds to run to gain 100 renown so I could get some progression on that front done as well.

While I did stop a couple of times and check what gear I ended up looting along the way. None of it was worth my time in attempting to keep and move aspects around. So, I made some quick decisions to just salvage it all for now. When I get low on gold then I'll switch over to selling things for gold instead.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Diablo IV.